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New Year, New Detox: The Hormone Diet Helps You Shed Pounds in 3 Steps

If you want to lose weight but don’t want to memorize a bunch of complicated rules, you might consider the hormone diet as a possible option. Created by natural health expert Natasha Turner, ND, the hormone diet can help you shed pounds and feel younger — if you do it right.

According to The Hormone Diet ($14.56, Amazon), the eating plan includes just three simple steps. The first step is called “renew and revitalize,” which involves doing an anti-inflammatory detox and catching up on sleep. The second step is dubbed “replenish your body and balance your hormones.” As you might imagine, this involves a nutritional makeover, but it also includes the addition of some great supplements that can help support your hormonal balance and fat loss. The final step is named “restore strength, vigor, and radiance,” and it empowers you to stretch and exercise to see the best results on the diet, while taking care of your skin along the way.

All three steps of the hormone diet are designed to help you balance your hormones to achieve weight loss and overall great health. So, in order to reap the best benefits of the eating plan, it’s important to keep the book close to you as a guide so you can follow all the rules properly. For example, while you’re on the anti-inflammatory detox part of the diet, the book comes equipped with a detailed “detox shopping list” (how convenient!). This list includes items such as healthy grains like brown rice and millet, and beneficial proteins like eggs and goat cheese. As you might imagine, healthy veggies and fruits — especially greens and berries — make a major appearance all throughout the hormone diet.

Similarly, the book is prepared with a list of hormone-friendly foods for after your detox, which include a wider range of grain products as well as low-fat cheddar cheese and plain yogurt. If you have difficulty with the idea of cutting an entire food group from your diet (such as carbs or fat), you’ll be pleased to know that the hormone diet does not force you to go to such extremes. You can enjoy many types of meat and certain kinds of pasta (post-detox) on the hormone diet.

Even better? The book also includes a variety of hormone-friendly recipes you can eat while on the diet. A detox smoothie might include a blueberry-avocado blend, or a detox meal might involve a lentil soup or a curried tuna-chia salad. Meanwhile, after you’re done with the detox, you might enjoy a sweet potato, squash, and ginger soup or a beef fajita with a side salad.

The neat thing about the hormone diet is that it doesn’t focus purely on food and what you can and can’t eat. You’ll notice that it emphasizes health in many other aspects as well, including exercise tips, suggestions for getting better sleep, and skincare recommendations. Unlike some other eating plans, the hormone diet truly looks at the whole picture.

Remember: Always talk to your doctor before starting any new diet.

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