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Man Says He Lost 110 Pounds in One Year By Eating Only Potatoes


A balanced diet is supposed to be one key to losing weight, but what if that “balance” is just between different varieties of potatoes? An Australian man recently set out to see if he could lose weight by eating only potatoes, and after a year he dropped an astounding 110 pounds. At the same time, he’s introduced the world to a diet that has us all intrigued.

If you’re asking yourself “What about the fruits, veggies, good fat, and lean protein? Heck, what about the green juice?” don’t worry! Andrew Flinders Taylor, who lives in Melbourne, Australia not only researched the health benefits of potatoes, but he also worked with a doctor and dietitian to map out a meal plan. He believed he could get all of his nutrients simply by eating a mixture of sweet and white potatoes.

“I’m getting over 600 percent of my daily iron requirements and over 400 percent of vitamin C, as well as heaps of fiber — all things that so-called experts have said I’d be low in today,” Taylor told The Independent during his challenge.

“The only thing of concern was calcium. Potatoes have calcium, but maybe not enough. To be sure, I’m using a calcium-fortified organic soy milk to make mashed potatoes.”

Taylor went from 334.4 pounds at the beginning of the diet to 223.7 pounds in just one year. Pretty spud-tacular results, right? Terrible puns aside, potatoes are, according to some nutritionists, not the worst food you could restrict yourself to while dieting.

Rhiannon Lambert, a nutritionist, told The Independent that potatoes are a “nutrition powerhouse” full of fiber and essential amino acids. While white potatoes on their own will leave your body with vitamin deficiencies, a sweet potato can replenish your stock of vitamins A, C, and E.

In his first month, Taylor didn’t even exercise! Today, he still enjoys potatoes — and how can you ever tire of their steamy, creamy goodness? — and says his health is still on the rise.

“My health just continues to improve. I had high cholesterol but now it’s low, my blood pressure has dropped and my sugar level has dropped,” he said. “Every time I get a new blood test, it just gets better.”

h/t The Independent

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