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Spicefruit Works Like New Weight-Loss Drugs to Speed Slimming — And It Tastes Like Root Beer

“My doctor was amazed I was able to lose weight in menopause!" — Susan Kenney, down 54 lbs

Ozempic and other weight-loss drugs may be making all the headlines. But if you’re looking for help slimming down without needing a prescription, best-selling Glow15 author Naomi Whittel suggests you learn about “spicefruit.” Native to West Africa, the plant tastes like root beer and comes from a small tree giraffes love to snack on. In one new study, taking a supplement made from spicefruit (scientific name: Dichrostachys glomerata) helped folks lose over 17 times more weight than those given a placebo. “Scientists have discovered it actually enhances metabolism in 10 different ways,” reveals Whittel. Read on to learn how spicefruit for weight loss could help you.

What is spicefruit?

Experts tell us spicefruit grows at the edge of Africa’s many forests and jungles, where fruit pods that aren’t eaten by wildlife are often collected, dried and ground into seasoning. This spice is especially popular in Cameroon, where U.K.-trained biochemist Julius Oben, PhD, grew up. He was conducting research at universities abroad when he first heard reports about spicefruit’s potential as an aid in controlling diabetes, obesity and other health conditions. Intrigued, he returned to his homeland and began setting up double-blind, placebo-controlled experiments at Cameroon’s University of Yaoundé. Today, Oben is the world’s leading expert on the spice. “What we’ve found is amazing,” he says. “Just amazing.”

How spicefruit compares to Ozempic and Mounjaro

The Dubrow Diet author and Botched star Terry Dubrow, MD, agrees that spicefruit can be a powerful tool. Dr. Dubrow even compares it to Ozempic and Mounjaro, saying the spice has incredible benefits “very similar to the new prescription weight-loss drugs but with minimal cost and no unhealthy side effects.” 

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Key ways spicefruit fights fat

Does spicefruit work exactly like Ozempic or Mounjaro? No. But here are a few reasons experts make the comparison…

It boasts ‘nature’s Ozempic’

That’s what TikTok has dubbed berberine, a bitter yellow compound abundant in spicefruit. “Berberine binds to cells and asks them to open up for blood sugar,” explains Columbia University–trained nutrition expert Fred Pescatore, MD. Lab tests show this can lower excess sugar in the bloodstream up to twice as much as the common diabetes drug metformin.

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Oben says berberine is likely just one of many compounds in spicefruit that helps the spice protect us against belly-fattening blood-sugar issues. The overall impact is impressive. His experiments have found that overweight folks given 300 mg of spicefruit a day saw blood-sugar issues improve 35% as their waists shrunk up to 5.5 inches in eight weeks.

It helps quiet hunger and “food noise”

Like Ozempic, spicefruit helps eliminate blood-sugar spikes and crashes that trigger intense hunger and cravings. Spicefruit has also been shown to boost levels of adiponectin, “a hormone that takes the edge off of appetite, turns more carbs into energy, reduces inflammation and speeds metabolism,” says Dr. Pescatore. On top of that, there’s evidence that spicefruit makes our bodies more responsive to leptin, a stop-eating hormone.

So it’s no wonder both clinical studies and real women taking spicefruit report an improvement in appetite. Take Valerie Daniel. “Right away, I noticed I had less hunger and desire for sugar,” shares the Vermont grandmother, 67. Valerie says spicefruit made it easy for her to shed 20 pounds.

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It revs metabolism

The latest findings show spicefruit activates an enzyme called AMPK, “which is a metabolic master switch,” per Dr. Pescatore. Once turned on, AMPK tells cells to gobble up all the fuel they can. Energy and metabolism soar, and there’s evidence fat loss increases by up to 636%. New research from Johns Hopkins shows AMPK activation is “particularly valuable for elderly individuals who struggle with obesity and diabetes,” notes Whittel. Dr. Dubrow adds that, no matter your age, “spicefruit appears to have a significant effect on the ways in which we store and break down fat.”

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Spicefruit for weight loss success story: Susan Kenney, 52

Before and after photos of Susan Kenney who lost 54 lbs with the help of spice fruit for weight loss
Scott Stewart

Like many of us, Susan Kenney’s weight gain accelerated and her health slipped downhill as she neared age 50. When Susan got an at-home blood pressure monitor, high readings soon had her panicked about her family’s history of diabetes and heart disease. “I knew I was headed in that direction,” she shares. Doctors said weight loss would help — but as a lifelong yo-yo dieter, she had no idea how to set herself up for lasting success.

So Susan hit the internet and found Naomi Whittel. She loved Whittel’s health advice and was particularly drawn to spicefruit. Still, she was skeptical. “My whole life, I’ve tried things that didn’t work.” Ultimately, she was swayed by “the studies showing people losing inches and losing pants sizes.”

Susan began taking 300 mg of spicefruit extract a day, using OMI’s GloSlim Spicefruit brand. Within a month, her cravings were vanishing and “the scale finally started to move!”

When salon clients asked how she was doing it, she told them; many asked if the supplements made her jittery. They didn’t, which makes sense since spicefruit contains no stimulants. Susan says she actually slept better as she steadily dropped 54 pounds. “My doctor was amazed I was able to lose weight in menopause,” reveals Susan, 52, who also boosted her energy and lowered her blood pressure from 163/90 to 120/80. “Nothing is inflamed. I don’t hurt anymore, even when I’m on my feet all day. People still think I’m 40 years old!”

Using spicefruit as a supplement and in recipes

To experience spicefruit’s slimming and healing benefits, get your doctor’s blessing to add 300 mg daily to any healthy diet. (Always get your doctor’s okay to try a new dietary strategy or supplement.)

To make it fun, Whittel suggests chopping GloSlim gummies and adding to yogurt or salads. You can also open GloSlim Spicefruit capsules and use the ¼ tsp. of spice inside — which has hints of nutmeg and root beer — to add exotic flair to many summer meals. “It’s delicious!” says Whittel. We’ve got some recipes to inspire you.

Spicefruit sample recipe: Spiced Tropical Whip

Yellow Indian mango yogurt drink Mango Lassi or smoothie with turmeric and saffron. Healthy probiotic Indian cold summer drink on blue background

Whip 1 cup frozen tropical fruit blend, 1 cup coconut milk, ¼ cup protein powder, 1 Tbs. chia or flax and ¼ tsp. Spicefruit.

Spicefruit sample recipe: Kicked-up Chicken Salad

Homemade Healthy Chicken and spicefruit Salad in a Bowl

Mix 4 oz. cooked chicken, ¼ cup diced onion/celery, 2 Tbs. mayo, 2 Tbs. yogurt , ¼ tsp. Spicefruit and dash salt. Serve on lettuce.

Spicefruit sample recipe: Fat-burning BBQ

Spice grilled salmon and spicefruit with mango-avocado salsa on a white plate

Mix Spicefruit to taste in any barbecue sauce or spice rub, then prepare chicken, fish or steak as usual.

Bonus recipe: Spicefruit Snowballs

Coconut praline on a wooden background

Spicefruit gives this healthy chilled treat a fat-burning boost


  • 1 ½ cup unsweetened coconut
  • ½ cup almond flour
  • ¼ cup allulose or healthy sweetener of choice
  • ⅓  cup coconut milk
  • 3 Tbs. coconut oil
  • ½ tsp. Spicefruit
  • pinch salt
  • More coconut flakes to garnish


  1. In a food processor, blitz all ingredients except garnish, 1-2 minutes. If needed, as 1-2 Tbs. water until dough is pliable enough to roll.
  2. Form balls; roll in coconut to garnish.
  3. Freeze on parchment-lined sheet. Enjoy cold or frozen.

Serves 16

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