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The 123 Diet Can Help You Lose Weight While Still Enjoying Starchy Carbs


When a mom of four from the United Kingdom found herself frustrated with her attempts to lose weight on various trend diets, she decided to take the reins and craft one for herself. As Terri-Ann Nunns explains on her website, “I was spiraling out of control, comfort eating, feeling guilty then comfort eating again… I hit rock bottom!” After reflecting on all of the other diets she had tried, Terri-Ann spent five months experimenting with adding and removing different food groups from her daily meals. When she noticed she was finally losing weight without feeling hungry, she knew she had found the answer.

Terri-Ann started by sharing her methods through her personal social media feeds when friends would comment asking for her secrets for shedding pounds. They passed the word along to even more friends, and Terri-Ann was soon overwhelmed with people contacting her for help losing weight. That’s what led her to officially launching the TerriAnn 123 Diet Plan. She splits the diet into three categories, hence the name.

Stage 1: 10 Day Boost

The initial stage involves limiting the intake of starchy carbohydrates and focusing on proteins, vegetables, dairy, fats, and other “cupboard essentials.” This is meant to kick-start the weight loss.

Stage 2: Introducing Extra Foods

After 10 days, you can re-introduce more starches and also increase your fruit intake. You’ll continue to eat normally otherwise.

Stage 3: Keeping Weight Loss Moving

In the final stage, you go back to lowering your starches, but can continue enjoying plenty of sweet fruit.

Once you’re done with the first round of all three stages, you alternate between them on a weekly basis. Although this diet has you scale back the amount of starches you eat (much like other low-carb weight-loss plans), it does allow you to enjoy wholesome carbs in each of the stages. Terri-Ann lists examples like sweet potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, and wraps. She also allows for indulgences with up to 12 cheat days of eating “naughty treats” spread throughout the year — but no more than two consecutive days in a row. 

Terri-Ann offers lifetime membership to that includes expert advice and support from dietitians when you purchase her book, but also includes several free guides and even recipes on her website. The diet has become hugely popular across the pond with several success stories. One impressive example comes from a mom who not only lost excess weight, but lowered her blood pressure to the point where she no longer needed medication, according to a report from the Daily Express. Before diving right in yourself, however, you should discuss with your doctor whether it’s the right option for you before giving it a shot.

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