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7 Low-Cost DIY Dog Toys That Your Best Friend Is Sure to Love

Make your own snuffle ball, rope toy and more!

Rover is always a bundle of energy — and you love that about him! But sometimes his enthusiasm means he goes through toys incredibly fast, and they aren’t always cheap to replace. Luckily, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to ensure he stays happily entertained and out of trouble. Try any of these six DIY dog toys that are a cinch to make at home and will guarantee Rover has a blast.

DIY dog toys to make at home

1. Towel puzzle toy for your dog

One of the easiest DIY dog toys to make, all you need are a towel and some treats!

Simply place a zigzag of treats or kibble across a towel, then roll it up. Your pup will have a ball figuring out how to unroll the fabric while sniffing out the goodies. Just make sure to monitor playtime so he doesn’t chew up and ingest any fabric.

See how simple this is in the video below:

2. Doggy muffin tin treat puzzle

DIY dog toy: Muffin tin treat puzzle

Grab a few rubber balls, a muffin pan and some treats for this easy DIY dog toy!

To do: Place four or five puppy treats in the wells of a muffin pan and cover several of the wells with balls, then place the pan on the floor. He’ll be so wrapped up in finding the tasty bites under the balls that he won’t have time to get into mischief.

You can also use tennis balls if you have enough on hand, like in the the TikTok from @tikka_the_cockapoo below!

3. T-shirt rope toy for your dog

If your pup absolutely loves to play tug with you, no need to shell out for rope toys. You can make your own using an old-t shirt that you don’t want or pick up cheap one at a yard sale.

“It’s durable, long-lasting and great for any pet,” says a Houston Humane Society expert in the video below. They walk you through how to cut up the old shirt and braid the pieces together to form a rope.  (Click through for more fun ways to spoil your pup).

4. Recycled jar puzzle toy your dog will love

DIY dog toy: Jar treat puzzle

Puzzle games are a great way to sidestep destructive behavior, but they can be expensive. A simple way to make your own: Use scissors to cut a quarter-size hole in one side of an empty peanut butter jar. (Use a nail file to make sure there are no sharp edges around the hole.)

Pop three balls or other toys and a few dog treats inside, close the jar and give it to your pup. She’ll be able to see and smell the treats, but she’ll have to figure out how to get them around the balls, which will keep her busy — and out of trouble.

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5. Snuffle mat for your dog

If Rover likes to work for his food or needs a way to keep busy indoors, a snuffle mat is a great option!  “It’s an interactive dog toy where it has a whole bunch of fleece strips and you hide treats underneath the strips,” explains Melissa of Proud Dog Mom in the video below. “And your dog has to use his nose and that tracking ability to go find the treats. Really a brain game for our dogs.”

Many options can be pricey, but thankfully it’s easy to make your own using just a handful of items, like old blankets.

Find out how to make it in the video:

6. Your dog’s new sock pull toy

DIY dog toy: Pull toy with socks

Your sweetie loves to toss around her favorite cuddly plaything, but those soft toys never seem to last very long. Instead of buying more, make her a fun chew toy at home using items you already have on hand.

First, gather three clean orphan socks. Using scissors, cut the toe off each sock and roll it inward to create a ‘doughnut.’ Finish by slipping the doughnuts onto a rope toy (use one you own or pick one up at the dollar store) and toss it over to Daisy to enjoy. It will be sturdier than a stuffed animal, but as with any cloth toy, be sure to supervise your dog’s playtime, especially if she’s the type to eat fabric.

7. Snuffle ball for your dog

DIY dog toy: Snuffle ball

A snuffle ball is incredibly easy to make and can be a great way to give new life to an old dog toy that is no longer used.

To do: Cut a fleece blanket into 10″- to 12″-long strips (they can be of varying size), then repurpose one of Fido’s old roller balls (or any ball with holes) and thread the strips through the holes. Then knot the strips and push some treats into the ball. This encourages your dog’s natural foraging skills so he’ll feel like he’s accomplishing a fun task, plus it will keep him busy and out of trouble.

This video shows the easy how-to:

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