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Delicious DIY Crafts Made With Peeps to Prep for the Easter Holiday


With Easter just around the corner, we’re ready to get our egg-hunting game faces on. But before we do that, we’ve come up with a couple crafts to do with the little ones you’re celebrating with this holiday. And they all use Peeps, those delicious marshmallow treats we’re obsessed with in the spring (and, to be honest, all year round). Not only are they fun to eat and completely adorable — those little chicks and bunnies just steal our hearts — they’re also fun to play around with. So feel free to get a little creative.

Want an idea of what we’re talking about? Ready to get your hands messy with the kiddos? We’re making tasty snacks, yummy drinks, and some pretty cute DIY decorations. Forget making a big brunch for the family this year, all you really need is the feast below (and maybe some real food for the adults). Why dig last year’s streamers out of storage when you can try out this colorful wreath and get your hands messy with a little slime? These crafts are all seriously simple to make, not just for adults, but for kids, too. Check out the ideas below for a little festive fun.

Peeps Easter Ice Cubes

Peeps Easter Crafts Ice Cubes

They make the perfect garnish for any drink, whether you’re sipping iced tea, lemonade, or ginger ale. Adults might prefer something stronger, but any light colored liquid will work. The best part? These ice cubes are big blocks of ice, so they’ll take longer than normal to melt. That means that you don’t even have to worry about your beverage of choice taking on a distinct marshmallow taste — unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Want to give it a try yourself? All you need are Easter Bunnies Peeps ($10 for 24, Amazon), a large square ice cube mold ($8.75, Amazon), a glass, some pink sugar, water, and your chosen drink. From there, it’s pretty straightforward to put the whole project together. Just make sure you start early enough that the cubes have enough time to harden in the freezer. Follow the instructions in the video below.

Peeps Easter Slime

Peeps Easter Slime

We’ve got others ideas, too, like edible Peeps slime that you can squish and snack on with any little ones in your family. Kids are obsessed with slime these days, whether it’s making it or just playing with it — and it’s a great way to get a little messy without making too much of a mess. If your little ones can handle making cookies, they can handle this.

Plus, this fun slime only takes three ingredients to make: Peeps, oil, and cornstarch. Considering the season, you’ve probably got all of that in your kitchen cabinet already. And if you don’t, well, it seems like every corner store is stocked with our fluffy marshmallow friends. A quick trip or a few clicks on Amazon will have you ready to get started in no time. Watch our Peeps slime tutorial below to try it out.

Peeps Easter Wreath

Peeps Easter Wreath

(Photo Credit: Tried & True)

This Peeps Easter wreath is colorful and cute. Beyond that, it’s even easier to make. Whether you’re looking for a decoration to hang on the front door to greet guests or something to hang up outside while the kids go egg hunting, this wreath is perfect. Make one together with the family or help out as everyone makes their own to take home later. Or, hey, you can always just hang one in every room in the house. How’s that for seasonal spirit?

Other than the Peeps, it just takes a few extra materials. The main thing you need is a 10″ styrofoam wreath that you can find on Amazon or at your local craft store. Beyond that, you’ve likely got everything else somewhere around the house. And a tip as our friends pointed out in their breakdown of the full project: you’re going to want to prep the Peeps a few days in advance. Head over to Tried & True for the step-by-step instructions.

Peeps-Flavored Easter Milk

Peeps Flavored Milk

(Photo Credit: Sugar Swings)

Peeps-flavored milk is easy and fun to make. Better yet, it’s delicious to drink. But we’re not just getting creative with the craft — we’re also getting creative with our recipes. Since Peeps come in all kinds of flavors these days, you can try new treats like Pancakes & Syrup Peeps, Cotton Candy Peeps, or Party Cake Peeps. Yum.

Want to give it a shot? Just grab some Peeps and milk. You can order the more exotic flavors on Amazon or the Peeps website if you don’t see them in your neighborhood stores. But the basic brand works just as well if you don’t need a variety of tastes. And when we say it’s super easy to make Peeps milk, we mean it. The recipe from Sugar Swings is basically two steps and won’t take long at all. What could be better than that?

Peeps Easter Pudding Cups

Peeps Easter Pudding Cups

(Photo Credit: Chic ‘n Savvy)

You know those dirt cup desserts kids love at restaurants? These pudding cups are a lot like those, only cute instead of creepy-crawly. Marshmallow bunnies replace the typical gummy worms, upping the adorable factor. And they’ve even got their own tiny candy carrots to snack on. How funny is that? The chocolate pudding makes for some tasty dirt too, especially combined with an Oreo cookie crumble on top.

When it comes to putting them together, the kids will love making their own little bunny ecosystem. And they’ll love eating them even more. Just grab some Easter Bunnies Peeps, chocolate pudding, Oreo cookies, orange Starburst candies, and Apple Straws or green Rips Candy. Chic ‘n Savvy’s Quick and Easy Peeps Oreos Pudding Cups recipe is super easy. Assembling the carrots is the most advanced part of the recipe, but still shouldn’t be too tricky.

Peeps Easter Kabobs

Peeps Easter Kabobs

(Photo Credit: A Thrifty Mom)

Yep, it’s just as straightforward as it looks. Whether you’re using bunnies or chicks, the Peeps make the perfect topper for some marshmallow kabobs. All it takes is white chocolate, sprinkles, and straws. A Thrifty Mom‘s recipe has just a few steps to follow to create this chocolate, marshmallowy goodness. Who needs s’mores?

So this season, forget that messy task of trying to dye Easter eggs. As pretty as it ends up, we almost always end up accidentally staining a tablecloth, favorite shirt, good pair of jeans, or pretty much everything you own. Instead, try one of these sweet little Easter treats for a new holiday tradition everyone will remember.

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