9 Impressive Optical Illusions That Make People Look Super Tiny


If you love optical illusions where normal-sized people look tiny, you can thank forced perspective photography for the laughs. Although the phrase “forced perspective” admittedly doesn’t sound enjoyable at all, this special technique is responsible for one of the oldest (and still most entertaining) camera tricks out there.

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What is forced perspective photography?

forced perspective leaning tower of pisa

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Forced perspective is a popular optical illusion in which an object appears smaller, larger, nearer, or further away than it actually is. As PetaPixel explains, this illusion can be achieved in photography by controlling both the distance and vantage point of the camera. As pretty much anyone who’s ever taken a photo knows, when something — or someone — is far away, it will generally look pretty small on camera. However, if you position objects — or people — a certain way in a snapshot, you can actually control how big and small they both look. The best techniques for forced perspective vary widely depending on the size of the subjects in the photo as well as the background of the whole pretty picture itself. The best way to learn how to do forced perspective photography without a teacher is to get experimental with your pictures — and then get snapping!

As you can imagine, the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy is an extemely popular spot for many folks to try to create this optical illusion on their own. However, it’s not necessary to book an expensive trip or even buy a super-fancy camera to try some pretty awesome forced perspective photography of your own. These funny optical illusions of normal-sized people looking teeny-tiny on Getty Images prove it. Scroll below to take a look through them and see if you aren’t inspired to try this in your own backyard today.

forced perspective

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

optical illusion funny

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

forced perspective photography

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

forced perspective images

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

forced perspective photos

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

forced perspective pictures

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

forced perspective optical illusion

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

optical illusion forced perspective

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

optical illusion small people

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

It just goes to show that it pays to look at the big picture!

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