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15 Photos That Will Transport You Back to Your Childhood


Even if you clock in a lot of time with the grandkids, you probably haven’t felt like a child in a while. Kids today spend so much time glued to their phones or iPads that they can’t quite relate to the simple pleasures of splurging on corner store candy (you could get so much with a dime!) or getting tan from pogo-ing in the sun for hours on end. It’s the way of the world, but it makes you nostalgic for the ’60s and ’70s, for a simpler time of toys, treats, and record players (which we thankfully hear are making a comeback).

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So why don’t we flashback to it properly? While some items are timeless and others are very of-their era, if you grew up in the ’60s and ’70s you’ll definitely remember begging your parents for these products!

1. Slinky

It’s that infectious theme song that made us want to watch those springs zoom down the stairs. Of course, it took a little bit of practice to make it travel the entire journey, but once you did it was such a triumph!

2. Spring Horse

hobby horse

(Photo Credit: Ebay)

A wonderful invention that allowed you to bounce and watch TV all at the same time.

3. Pogo Sticks

pogo stick

(Photo Credit: Ebay)

Speaking of bouncing, hopping on pogo sticks was great summer fun… and sans adult supervision, a good time in the living room, too.

4. Easy Bake Oven

Bless our parents for eating all of those countless little “desserts.”

5. Monkees Lunchbox


(Photo Credit: Etsy)

Obviously you needed a matching soup holder, too, how else would people know about your love for Davy Jones?

6. ThingMaker

creepy crawlers thingmaker

(Photo Credit: Etsy)

If you had a brother you probably got more acquainted with the creepy crawlers set, but there were plenty of molds to play with. Fun Fact: Mattel is rereleasing ThingMaker as a 3D printer!

7. Shrinky Dinks

It was in the same family as Thingmaker and Easy Bake Oven, and it’s still pretty magical watching it deflate in the commercial!

8. Portable Turntable

children's record player

(Photo Credit: Ebay)

Because you had a gazillion records that needed to be played over and over and over again, even if that meant constantly adjusting the needle.

9. Clacker Balls

clacker balls

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

A little dangerous if you’re not careful, but good, simple fun otherwise!

10. Blow Pops

blow pops

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

Remember when the marriage of gum and a lollipop felt like a novelty? Thank goodness these have stuck around.

11. Play Doh Fun Factory Jr.

play doh factory jr

(Photo Credit: Etsy)

You made creations that looked good enough to eat, although unlike the Easy Bake Oven, you probably shouldn’t have eaten them (ok, there may have been one or two incidents).

12. Pedal Cars

pedal wagons

(Photo Credit: Ebay)

Especially fun if you got the firetruck version and could pretend you were saving your siblings from a blazing inferno.

13. Spin Art

spin art

You treasured every splattered masterpiece, and oh, there were dozens upon dozens.

14. Pot Holder Looms

pot holder loom

We can’t remember, were these actually safe to hold anything warm? They came out very pretty regardless.

15. Lite-Brite

Not for impatient younger siblings, but there was nothing more magical than finishing up a Lite-Brite picture and basking in the glow of your creation. Those were the days!

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