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14 Unique Products That Will Make Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner More Fun


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Having to prepare dinner for the whole family on Thanksgiving can be pretty stressful. After all, it’s not easy to make several dishes in a matter of hours. Many of you probably know that all too well from setting your alarms early in the morning before anyone else is awake to make sure your turkey has plenty of time to cook properly. Plus, there are tons of side dishes, casseroles, and pies that need to be whipped up in order to make sure everyone’s belly gets good and stuffed.

All of which means it’s understandable if you’re one of those cooks who could use a pick-me-up to make the process a little easier. If that’s the case, you should definitely take a look at these creative products that will make cooking fun and lift your spirits in no time!

Scroll down the page to see unique items that will make your Thanksgiving celebration even more fun.

Thanksgiving Item 1

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

1. “Gobble ‘Til You Wobble” Wine Bottle Labels

These hilarious wine bottle labels will make your guests smile before they even start sipping! They come in a set of four and can fit perfectly over your favorite red, white, or rosé — or maybe you like to go the extra mile by splashing out on some champagne for your loved ones to enjoy after the meal. Budget-friendly tip: These are also great at keeping nosy family members from looking at the original wine labels and perhaps judging you for buying the cheap stuff. What they don’t know will still give them a nice holiday buzz. We can cheers to that!

Where to Buy: $8.99, Amazon

Thanksgiving Item 9

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

2. Thanksgiving Wine Glass

Of course, those wine bottles will be filling up plenty of wine glasses, too. You might as well keep the theme going with this acrylic wine glass with a humorous (and helpful) reminder to put your “fat pants” on when it comes time to chow down. It even has a handy lid and straw to make sipping your wine even easier as the dishes get passed around the table. You’ll be especially thankful for this if you’re hosting a big brood like a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 or more. If you’re not a fan of wine, you can always fill the cup with your favorite pumpkin-spiced beverage instead.

Where to Buy: $14.99, Amazon

Thanksgiving Item 2

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

3. Funny Thanksgiving T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a fun seasonal play on words, am I right? This cute T-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes for women. If you’re afraid of scandalizing your family on the big day, it can be the perfect choice for any “Friends-giving” you might be attending instead. It also pairs well with both of the wine-related products listed above! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few rounds of wine with your hearty feast, of course, but it’s probably a good idea not to get more “sauced” than the cranberries on your Thanksgiving serving platters. Luckily, all the casseroles can help you keep an even head.

Where to Buy: $26.00 – $28.00, Amazon

Thanksgiving Item 12

(Photo Credit: CafePress)

4. Thanksgiving Chef T-Shirt

This is great for any of the cooks in your family to take their job seriously — but not too seriously — on Thanksgiving. After all, whipping up all the delicious food to serve up is undoubtedly the most important job of the day. This shirt can definitely make sure they get the respect and peace of mind they deserve, whether they pair it with pajama bottoms like the photo suggests or the “fat pants” most folks take out for the big event. Anyone who helps with the meal obviously deserves as many judgment-free helpings of the yummy dishes as they’d like!

Where to Buy: $39.95, CafePress

Thanksgiving Item 7

(Photo Credit: CafePress)

5. Thanksgiving Apron

You can protect that bossy shirt with this silly apron, too — especially if your basting technique is indeed unstoppable! The task of making sure turkeys stay perfectly juicy on the inside and delightfully crispy on the outside is no small order. Even if you prefer to go the deep-fried route with your bird on Thanksgiving, an apron is probably still a good idea for any turkey frying. Just think about the potential for hot oil splashes as you carefully dunk the bird into your fryer. Even though it’s a holiday, that doesn’t mean you can forget the most important rule: safety first!

Where to Buy: $17.95, CafePress

Thanksgiving Item 5

(Photo Credit: CafePress)

6. Thanksgiving Onesie

Little ones can get in on all the Turkey-day fun with their own outfits, too. If you’re not looking for a DIY Thanksgiving onesie (or already attempted one that didn’t go so well), this option from Amazon can be a perfect fit! Although a baby’s chubby little legs can sometimes resemble a turkey drumstick, this reminder that they are not, in fact, on the menu will give every guest a good chuckle. Plus, it’s perfect for taking plenty of photos celebrating any tiny one in your family’s first Thanksgiving! Especially if you add on any of the other funny accessories listed below.

Where to Buy: $16.95, CafePress

Thanksgiving Item 6

(Photo Credit: CafePress)

7. Thanksgiving Shirt for Dogs

Of course, fur babies deserve to be included in the holiday festivities, too! Whether or not you decide to share any of your meal with your pooch, there’s no doubt they would love the job of official taste tester for each dish. However, you should always be careful about what treats you do actually give your dog. You don’t want your meal ruined by an emergency trip to the vet when certain food items don’t sit well with your pup — and your local vet probably wouldn’t be too happy about it, either. (A bite of turkey probably won’t hurt, though.)

Where to Buy: $19.95, CafePress

turkey tie

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

8. Turkey Tie

When it comes to festive ties, don’t settle for just a quirky pattern or design. It’s a big holiday, which means you should go even bigger with this hilarious homage to Thanksgiving tied right around your neck. Just look at how cute its little face is! It might be a little difficult to manage eating the actual turkey while wearing this big fella, though, so we wouldn’t judge you for removing it before digging in. Turkey and gravy are a great combination, but not necessarily in this case — especially if you plan on busting it out on an annual basis!

Where to Buy: $9.88, Amazon

pumpkin pie earrings

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

9. Pumpkin Pie Earrings

For those who prefer a more subtle approach to their Turkey Day accessories (which is also totally fine), these super adorable earrings will be a perfect match. How great is it that they even include a tiny dollop of whipped cream on top? I mean, what kind of monster would have any slice of pumpkin pie (or pretty much any other pie) without that delicious detail added on top? And you don’t even have to wait for the big Thanksgiving meal to put these earrings on — just like all things pumpkin spiced, they’ll be a big hit all fall! 

Where to Buy: $23, Amazon

turkey hat

10. Turkey Hat

Looking for ways to stay warm while you run the annual “turkey trot” in your hometown? This silly roasted-turkey-shaped hat will certainly do the trick — and put a smile on everyone’s faces at the same time! You really can’t get any more ridiculously fun than running around with a fake turkey on your head. Plus, it’s always important to maintain a good sense of humor while pushing your body to trek the long distances. Keep scrolling for even more awesome ways to turkey-ify your outfit and surely make you the most bold and unique runner during the holiday-themed marathon.

Where to Buy: $46 for 10, Amazon

turkey socks

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

11. Turkey Socks

Another great way to stay nice and cozy while you run — or just for relaxing at home while someone else takes over cooking duties for the day. The adorable cartoon turkey will get you in the mood to gobble up as many helpings of family dinner either way. They’re also cheap enough that you can purchase enough for the whole family, no matter how many members you might have coming over for the big meal. That would also make for a great family photo of everyone lined up together showing off their holiday socks! That is, if they don’t pass out right after the meal.

Where to Buy: $3.90, Amazon

turkey sunglasses

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

12. Turkey Sunglasses

Whether you’re running in a marathon, parked on the couch watching the pups parade around the dog show, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, these cute sunglasses are a kitschy way to add some fun to your day. After all, your Thanksgiving menu looks so bright, you have to wear shades! Parents and grandparents can start wearing them before the holiday to embarrass the little ones they might pick up from school, too. Is anyone else getting an Elton John vibe from them, too? We’re sure the “Rocketman” would approve of adding these glasses to your turkey-day attire.

Where to Buy: $7.98, Amazon

thanksgiving banner

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

13. “Fat Pants” Banner

Such a classy looking banner for such a hilarious (yet relatable) recommendation. Posing in front of this — especially if you have the wine glass with the same phrase we listed above — will make for the most memorable “Friends-giving” party ever! And hey, maybe you can roll it out for even more of your parties in the future. There’s no reason to only encourage “fat pants” for Thanksgiving, after all. This would make a great addition to dinner parties and potluck dinners, too! You have to love decor you can use for more than one occasion — especially when it’s this funny.

Where to Buy: $19.95, Amazon

thanksgiving photo props

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

14. Thanksgiving Photo Props

These goofy props will make your family photo opps even more delightful for everyone, but especially any of the little ones you’ll have sitting at the kids’ table. The unique Thanksgiving quotes also range from silly phrases like, “eat, sleep, football, repeat” and “oops, my button just popped,” to more heartfelt ones such as, “stuffed with cuteness” and “I love you, pumpkin.” It also comes with a sign of instructions so everyone knows what’s going on without a lot of repeat explanations necessary. Any photo with your family is priceless, but these cute little designs will make them all the more unforgettable! 

Where to Buy: $13.99, Amazon

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