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What’s Your Romance Style? Astrologist Weighs in Based on the Valentine’s Day Movies That Best Resemble Your Sign

Figuring out what to watch has never been easier! 


Whether you’re an opposites attract kind of gal or prefer a more friends to lovers relationship, you may be surprised to learn that your astrological sign has a lot to do with the choices you make in love. What better way to get a keen sense of your romantic side (or the side of someone you adore) than by equating it with the most common rom-com tropes. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we consulted with Astrid Bly, a premier astrology expert with California Psychics to break down the quintessential Valentine’s Day movies that are best associated with your Zodiac sign. From workplace romance to enemies to lovers, this list has it all! 

Valentine’s day movies trope for Aries: Love at first sight

Valentine's day movies: The Notebook

Impulsive, passionate, and just a little bit impatient, the Aries-born are best represented by those who tumble head over heels into love, leading with their hearts. Of course, in any rom-com, real love may take time to bloom regardless, and Aries’ natural enthusiasm means that they’ll be ready! 

Movie recommendation: The Notebook (Watch on HBO Max)

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For Taurus: Friends to lovers

Valentine's day movies: When Harry Met Sally

Loyal Taurus will stay by their friend’s side through thick and thin. Additionally, even-keeled as they are, Taurus is a master of the slow burn. They’re best represented by romance movies in which love is already present (even platonically) and eventually takes a new form.

Movie recommendation: When Harry Met Sally (Watch on Prime Video)

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Valentine’s day movies trope for Gemini: The makeover

Valentine's day movies: Pretty Women

Whether it’s for a party or just for kicks, rom-com protagonists often find themselves given a new look that represents a different side of their personality! It’s not necessarily better than their original look, just different. That makes this trope perfect for Gemini, which wears two faces with the same ease that most signs wear one.

Movie recommendation: Pretty Women (Watch on Hulu)

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For Cancer: Seemingly unrequited love

Valentine's day movies: Pretty in Pink

Devoted and nurturing Cancer will care for their crush even when they’re under the impression that it won’t be reciprocal. Any rom-com character who longingly dotes on a love interest who doesn’t seem to notice them back? That might just be a Cancer — including the bit where they get fed up and lose their temper. Of course, “seemingly unrequited” is the operative phrase here.  

Movie recommendation: Pretty in Pink (watch on Paramount+)

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Valentine’s day movies trope for Leo: Royal romance

Valentine's day movies: Roman Holiday

Whether they take place in a fantasy world or in an alternate version of modern times, movies with this trope are filled with glitz, glamor, fancy clothes and drama. This fun type of romantic comedy is a perfect match for Leo’s bold and charming self.

Movie recommendation: Roman Holiday (Watch on Paramount+)

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For Virgo: Fake dating

Valentine's day movies: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

This may come as a surprise given Virgo’s diligent and sometimes serious manner. However, the fake relationship trope is all about a ploy, which is meant to be illusory, turned into something real. Though the protagonist might deny their feelings at first, perhaps out of a sense of duty, reliable Virgo can’t help but support their loved ones when it comes down to it. In these rom-coms, they inevitably catch those pesky feelings.

Movie recommendation: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (Watch on Paramount+)

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Valentine’s day movies trope for Libra: Opposites attract

Valentine's day movies: Beauty and The Beast

The sign of the scales is all about balance. In rom-coms, they’re well-represented by the couple that couldn’t seem more different (and, in fact, could not be more different) but somehow comes together anyway, equalizing each other out and harmonizing perfectly.

Movie recommendation: Beauty and The Beast (Watch on Disney +)

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For Scorpio: Enemies to lovers

Valentine's day movies: 27 Dresses

One of the most popular rom-com conventions is all about two people who can’t stand each other eventually learning that their old rival isn’t so bad after all. The intensity of this trope makes it a perfect match for the enigmatic Scorpio, which feels everything deeply.

Movie recommendation: 27 Dresses (Watch on Hulu)

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Valentine’s day movies trope for Sagittarius: Workplace romance

Valentine's day movies: Two Weeks Notice

While they’re philosophical and intellectual, Sagittarius is also optimistic and naturally funny. This blend of traits makes them a perfect match for this trope, which typically balances cleverness and seriousness with humor.

Movie recommendation: Two Weeks Notice (Watch on Prime Video)

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For Capricorn: The one who’s too busy for love

Baby Boom

In many modern rom-com movies, the love interest or protagonist may be focused on their career and other practical matters, having assumed that their responsibilities preclude them from romance — until they visit a small town or other locale and meet someone special. That preoccupation (followed by a whirlwind romance) makes this the perfect trope for a grounded, ambitious Capricorn.

Movie recommendation: Baby Boom (Watch on Prime Video)

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Valentine’s day movies trope for Aquarius: The girl (or boy!) next door

Valentine's day movies: Sixteen Candles

Sweet, friendly, yet sometimes stubborn in their own way, Aquarians are best represented by this trope, which promises that love can be found in those who are kind, open-hearted and (more often than not) simply hidden in plain sight.

Movie recommendation: Sixteen Candles (Watch on Netflix)

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For Pisces: Soulmates

Valentine's day movies: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Dreamy and easily the most spiritually aware of the zodiac signs, Pisces possesses a natural attunement with and knowledge of their own soul. Their romantic trope is all about soulmates; that perfect spiritual match that is just intuitively right.  

Movie recommendation: Crazy, Stupid, Love (Watch on Hulu)

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