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12 Names from the Bible That Should Make a Comeback

Choosing a name for a baby is a huge responsibility and one of the first major decisions parents make for their kids. Although there are plenty of places to find inspiration while mulling over monikers, you can find some of the most timeless and heartwarming options in the Bible. 

Classics like Adam, David, Mary, and Rebecca have been popular Biblical names for centuries, but the “good book” has so many more to offer. Whether they’re based on admirable individuals or a holy location, each of the names shown below is an amazing way to embrace spirituality at the start of a new life. Plus, they’re all so darn cute!

Take a look to see which classic names from the Bible should make a comeback today:

Bible Names for Boys

  • Abel: As one of Adam and Eve’s sons, this name also comes with the meaning “breath.”
  • Asher: Any little boy should feel lucky to be given this name, which means “fortunate, blessed, happy one.” 
  • Enoch: Meaning “dedicated,” this was the name of a man who “walked with God” in Genesis.
  • Titus: This was the name of one of Paul’s disciples and means “title of honor.”
  • Zion: Although this name can work for a boy or girl, which is taken from Mount Zion in Jerusalem and means “highest point,” we think it’s especially fitting for little boys. 
  • Zeke: As a shortened form of Ezekial, this name is a tribute to one of the prophets from the Old Testament with just a few less syllables to worry about.

Bible Names for Girls:

  • Ada: Several women in the Old Testament had this charming name, which means “noble.”
  • Elisha: This name, which means “Gold is my salvation,” was a male prophet in the Bible, but it probably works better for little girls today.
  • Jemima: This name, which means “dove, ” belonged to one of Job’s daughters who was always described with much beauty.
  • Junia: Paul has many kind words to say about this person, who may have been a man in the Bible, but we think it’s a lovely spin on the classic June for a girl today.
  • Phoebe: Another friend of Paul’s from the Bible (she delivered a letter for him), this name means “radiant, shining one.”
  • Shiloh: This name, which means “tranquil,” comes from the ancient city of Samara and can work for a boy or a girl, too!

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