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Man Who Grew Up Without a Father Gains Millions of ‘Kids’ With Heartwarming How-To Videos


A lot of important factors go into being a good father, but two things that make them particularly special: solid advice and corny dad jokes. A man from Washington state has recently gained a lot of popularity by providing plenty of both those in his new YouTube channel called Dad, How Do I?

Rob Kenney wasn’t close to his father while growing up, but his own kids inspired him to share his words of wisdom. He explained to Good Morning America, “My daughter and I talk all the time about ‘adulting’ and about how to do stuff, and so I had mentioned [making YouTube videos] to her and she said, ‘Dad, that would be brilliant.” 

The videos were originally only meant for his son and daughter, who are in their 20s, with tips on things like how to jump start a car battery or fix a running toilet. But Kenney quickly found himself becoming a “dad” to over 2 million “kids,” which is what he calls his many subscribers.

Take a look at his first video on how to properly tie a tie (and not make it look “dorky”).

Kenney knows he isn’t the only person providing helpful how-to’s on YouTube, but it’s the paternal touch that really makes them hit such a significant chord with his viewers. “There’s so much more to being a dad than running around fixing things,” he told NPR. “I walk alongside them and spend time with them and encourage them, share my wisdom that I’ve learned through hard knocks.”

In fact, one of the channel’s most popular videos doesn’t provide any advice at all, just Kenney telling whoever might be watching that he is proud of them. “The comments are overwhelming because a lot of people have never heard their parents say that to them,” he said to NPR. “I can’t even fathom that.”

Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day with your own dad this weekend or just looking for some extra paternal guidance, head over to Kenney’s YouTube page for more of his charming fatherly advice, encouragement, and, of course, dad jokes.

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