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3 Colorful Halloween Drinks to Whip Up With the Kiddos


If you’re looking for Halloween drink ideas that can be a treat for all of the kiddos in your family, you’re in the right place. Sure, they’d probably be happy with a big stack of candy from the grocery store, but these Halloween drinks are so much more fun for everyone — especially if you whip them up together! You don’t have to be a potions master to create a creepy (and still cute) refreshment last minute.

We concocted Halloween-ified drinks that anyone can easily create by using the most simple blends of items straight from your pantry (OK, with maybe a quick drive to the dollar store). You really don’t need more than three ingredients to execute any of these deliciously spooky drinks. Can you imagine the look of absolute surprise on your grandchild’s face when they visit and you serve them up a Vampire’s Kiss? Scroll down for a breakdown on how to make each of these easy and spooky drinks!

Witch’s Eyeball Brew

Halloween Drinks 3

This is the only drink that requires a little extra prep work, ideally the night before any kids arrive. You’ll need to peel and freeze green grapes, but then you’ll have already tackled the hardest part of this drink. You can keep plenty of these in the freezer throughout the holiday season to have ready whenever your youngest family members pop by for a visit! 

When you’re ready to start making the drink, you’ll want to rim the cup with sugar sprinkles. We used fuschia for contrast, but matching it with a deep green or using some bright orange sprinkles would work, too! Dust a dish with whatever color you like, then dip the rim of your glass in a bowl of shallow water. You can also add a drop of corn syrup to make it stick better, if you feel like it. Take the glass, turn it upside down, and dip the rim into the sprinkles until it’s reasonably coated.

Then, pour ginger ale into a glass, add a drop of green food coloring (kids will love to watch it dissolve!), and stir it thoroughly. Lastly, drop in a few of your frozen “eyeballs” and serve it up with a festive straw. We promise it’ll be a real “eye-catching” experience.

Vampire’s Kiss

Halloween Drinks 1

This one is perfect if your little ghouls also happen to love the taste of strawberries. The frosty beverage is essentially a classic strawberry milk, but with some spooky twists to make it perfect for the holiday. It works best with a tall, milkshake-type glass, but anything you have in the cupboard will work as long as it’s clear enough to see the drink inside.

After pouring almond, soy, coconut, or regular milk into the glass, add a few drops of strawberry syrup and stir vigorously. If the color isn’t dark enough, keep adding and stirring in more drops of the strawberry syrup until you’ve reached a darker pink. Then, take the bottle and drip the syrup around the rim so it looks good and “bloody.” Don’t worry about it oozing too much — that just adds to the festive look! Besides, life’s more fun when it gets a little messy, and you can clean up any syrup spills on the counter or kid’s faces fairly easily. Finally, before you serve, add a pair of plastic fangs (easily found at many dollar stores) on the edge of the glass, and top it all off with a straw. Let your kids know that their treat has some bite to it!

Graveyard Ghosts

Halloween Drinks 2

This drink is similar to the Vampire’s Kiss in that it’s essentially a regular mug of hot chocolate, but going heavier on the chocolate to make it darker than usual. The only potentially difficult part is creating the marshmallow ghosts, but you don’t have to be a professionally trained artist to doodle these adorable supernatural friends! Just buy a big bag of jumbo-sized marshmallows and pick up some edible ink markers ($7.80, Amazon). They’re totally safe to eat and will make adding faces to the marshmallows so much easier. 

To draw a ghost, all you need is three circles — two for the eyes, and one for the mouth. You can vary it up a bit with winky faces, sunglasses, or other pops of personality, depending on your artistic ability. Once you’ve prepared all of the marshmallows, you can either plop a few of them into the hot cocoa so that they appear to be rising from their muddy, chocolatey graves, or you can have the kids drop them in themselves! The faces might melt as they enjoy the warm beverage, but those oozing, gooey ghosts will just be all the more appropriate for Halloween fun.

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