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This Simple Trick Can Determine How Tall a Child Will Grow to Be!


Figuring out the future height of the kids in your life just got much easier, and it’s all thanks to a special formula that you’ll want to share with all the parents you know—especially ones with youngsters in tow.

According to Professor David Ravine, the head of Medical Genetics at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR), there is an easy mathematical equation that can forecast the future height of any child with reasonable accuracy.

For boys: Combine the height of both parents, add five inches and divide by two.

For girls: Combine the height of the parents, subtract five inches and divide by two.

Note that there is a more complex formula accounting for extremes in parental height.

In a post for baby brand Huggies, Prof. Ravine said that genes had a 70 percent influence on your children’s likely adult height (No huge surprise there!).

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“There’s a long list of genes which have an influence on our height. Typically a person’s height reflects the heights of their parents,” said Prof. Ravine.

But Ravine also said environment plays a significant role as well–roughly 30 percent of the reason people end up being the height they finally are is due to nutrition, particularly in early childhood.

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Ravine said: “Nutrition has an effect on how our body forms and grows, so at crucial growing phases in the early years our bodies need the right nutrients to fulfill long-term growth potential.”


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