14 Best Long Winter Coats for Women of 2021

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Despite having lived in the northeast my entire life, I’ve never quite acclimated to the cold — give me 70-degree weather any day! That said, one thing I look forward to once the air gets chillier is the excuse to purchase a new, warm and stylish winter coat — and since the climate I live in can get pretty frigid, you can bet I’ll be reaching for one of the best long winter coats for women. Looking to get a head start on your winter wardrobe? Keep reading to learn which of the best long winter coats for women is the one for you, and get ready to take on the plunging temperatures like a pro!

What is the best long winter coat for women?

Which type of coat is best for winter?

Just like practically any type of garment, winter coats come in many forms, and the best one for you depends on your style and comfort preferences. For instance, do you prefer a fluffy puffer coat, or a heavier parka? Down or vegan insulation? Detachable hood or fixed hood? The options are endless!

That said, our list focuses on the best long winter coats for women, as a coat with more length provides extra coverage, which equals more warmth. As a bonus, longer winter coats tend to have a sleeker appearance, making them super stylish in addition to being incredibly toasty — win-win! Since winter often brings with it myriad wet conditions — slush, sleet, snow, and the oh-so-dreaded “wintry mix” — it’s wise to look for coats that are water-resistant as well, especially if you live in a climate that’s prone to these elements.

Lastly, I think we can all agree that as much as we want our winter coats to keep us warm and comfy, we want to look good in them, too! Style-wise, some people love puffer coats, while others find them a little bulky — you just have to determine the silhouette you like best. As far as colors go, classic black and neutrals are always a safe bet, but if you prefer a bolder hue or pattern, go for it! Winter can be dreary enough as it is, so any opportunity to brighten things up is a plus in our book.

What is the warmest long winter coat?

As the temperatures start to plummet, finding one of the best long winter coats for women will ensure our bodies stay as warm as possible. Sure, there are plenty of cute winter coats on the market that hit at the waist, but if you’re anything like me (who gets chills even if a fan is blowing on me in the summer!), having some additional coverage can go a long way.

In addition to length, features such as insulation material, hoods, pockets, and more play a part in the warming factor of a winter coat, so you’ll want to consider these as you shop. For instance, down is considered by many to be the best when it comes to insulation, but if you’re vegan or want to steer clear of down, there are high-quality coats with down alternative fillings that will keep you toasty all season long.

While the idea that we lose the most body heat through our heads has been debunked over the years, it’s still important to keep our heads and necks covered, as even a little bit of exposure can affect our body temperature. With that in mind, the best long winter coats for women will have hoods for extra protection, though many can be removed on those much-appreciated milder days.

To prevent hypothermia, a condition in which body temperature drops to dangerously low levels (below 95 degrees Fahrenheit), you’ll want to wear layers under your winter coat on extremely cold days, and make sure you stay dry. If you live in a climate that’s prone to freezing temperatures and wet conditions, look for a water-repellant or water-resistant coat to help keep moisture from seeping into your coat.

Which brand is best for long coats?

Certain brands have become synonymous with cold season outerwear, and when shopping for the best long winter coats for women, you might want to consider them first. For unrivaled warmth, Canada Goose tops the list, thanks to its premium down insulation. These coats are go-tos for people living in frigid climates, and while they’re among the pricier options out there, they strike just the right balance between being incredibly warm without looking bulky.

Another household name in winter coats is The North Face, which we love for its cool, modern aesthetic and heat-trapping designs. And if you’re looking for more affordable options, Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean are trusted names in cold weather gear, and make durable, high-quality winter coats for under $300.

Our list of the best long winter coats for women also includes lesser-known brands, like Woman Within, which has an extensive selection of plus-sized outerwear, and NOIZE, which makes 100 percent vegan winter coats for those looking for warm, down alternative options.

For even more winter coat inspiration, be sure to check out our picks for the best winter coats for women, the best plus size women’s winter coats, and the best women’s winter coats for extreme cold. Being bundled up has never looked so good! Keep scrolling to see our picks for the best long winter coats for women of 2021!

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14 Best Long Winter Coats for Women of 2021

L.L. Bean Women’s Ultrawarm Coat

Best overall long winter coat for women
best long winter coats for women
L.L. Bean

Buy from L.L. Bean, starting at $279

Why we like it:

  • Falls at mid-calf
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Comes in regular, plus, and petite sizes

Premium 650-fill-power down makes this full-length coat super warm while also being lightweight. It’s equipped with a water-repellant and stain-resistant fabric to keep you dry (and clean!) no matter what winter brings. A removable hood with detachable faux-fur trim, protective mid-calf-length design, and regular, plus, and petite sizing (with six color options) make this a long winter coat with everything you need!

One satisfied shopper wrote, “This coat is lightweight and extremely warm,” and said, “When our temps were -25 degrees Fahrenheit, I was very comfortable.” She added, “I love the length because my legs never get cold… I can’t say enough about how much I love this coat!

Moncler Moka Water Resistant Long Hooded Down Puffer Parka

Best down long winter coat for women
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Nordstrom, $1,600

Why we like it:

  • Warm and stylish
  • Removable hood
  • Water-resistant

When it comes to warm winter coat fillers, down is one of the most sought-after — and for good reason. It acts as insulation for birds like ducks, geese, and swans, so you know it gets the job done. That said, some down coats can be a bit bulky, which is why we like this ultra-sleek design by Moncler. Not only is it filled with down to keep you nice and cozy in the cold, it’s also incredibly chic, with its black lacquered nylon shell and cool sleeve pocket. Speaking of pockets, it has zippered front pockets to keep your hands warm, and their angled shape helps accentuate the A-line silhouette. Plus, this coat is water-resistant, and comes with a hood that you can remove on milder days.

Marmot Prospect Coat

Best long winter coat for extreme cold
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Zappos, $549.95

Why we like it:

  • Insulated with 800-fill down 
  • Zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Removable hood

If you live in an area where the temperatures can border on arctic, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for winter’s chill with the best long winter coat for extreme cold. Our pick? This unassuming Prospect Coat by Marmot, which is made with 800-fill down that features Down Defender insulation, and is designed to be highly water-resistant to keep you nice and dry. It also has zippered hand-warmer pockets and interior wrist cuffs for extra protection, while a stand-up neck and removable hood help seal the deal.

Canada Goose Mystique Parka

Best Canada Goose long winter coat for women
best long winter coats for women
Canada Goose

Buy from Canada Goose, $1,195

Why we like it:

  • Warm without being bulky
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Use the backpack straps to easily carry it when the temperature rises

This is one of the best coats for extremely cold weather because of how adaptable it is. For the days when the temperature starts to rise, there are backpack straps inside this Mystique Parka to avoid having to carry around your coat. The long length helps keep your body warm without the heavy bulkiness of other coats — one reviewer recommends this parka to “anyone wanting head-to-toe-warmth without the bulk of having to wear multiple layers!” This jacket was made to withstand even the coldest temperatures, with a thermal experience index rating of -22 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Keep this coat forever with its durable design that will keep it looking brand new for years.

One reviewer, who called it “the warmest coat I’ve ever owned,” said, “I bought my Mystique last February and made it through the entire winter without feeling a moment of cold.” She went on to say that the coat “held up to bitter cold temperatures at the Ice Hotel in Quebec City, many snowshoe excursions in Ontario cottage country, and freezing Toronto city weather.” According to her, “The best part of this coat is the length… I find the fit flattering and the stretchy cuffs are a nice touch. Additionally, the bendable wire around the fur helps keep my hood in place and looking polished.” She ended her review by saying this coat was “the most amazing purchase I made last year and I can’t wait to bust it out this winter!

The North Face Sierra Long Down Parka

Best North face long winter coat for women
best long winter coats for women
Dick’s Sporting Goods

Buy from Dick’s Sporting Goods, $400

Why we like it:

  • Available in 4 colors
  • Removable, adjustable waist belt
  • Insulated with 600-fill recycled waterfowl down

It’s not every day you come across an incredibly warm winter coat that also looks cool and chic, but when you do, it’s not surprising when it turns out to be from The North Face. One of the most popular brands in winter outerwear, The North Face strikes just the right balance between form and function, and this Sierra Long Down Parka is no exception. It comes in four lovely colors, and features a removable, adjustable waist belt to add some definition (something that’s often missing from thick parkas!). You can also remove the hood, depending on how frigid it is, as well as store small belongings in the interior zippered chest pocket.

Eddie Bauer Sun Valley Down Duffle Coat

Best Eddie Bauer Long Winter coat for women
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Amazon, starting at $197.40

Why we like it:

  • Available in regular, plus, and petite sizes
  • Comes in black, green, or navy
  • Insulated with 650-fill RDS down

Eddie Bauer is another first name in winter gear, and we love this Sun Valley Down Duffle Coat, which comes insulated with 650-fill RDS (Responsible Down Standard) down. Available in black, green, or navy, it also comes in regular, plus, and petite sizes — which, for someone like me who stands just five-feet-tall, is very much appreciated! Other features we love about this coat is the fact that it comes with a zip-off hood and removable faux fur trim, and that its zippered pockets will keep hands warm and belongings safe. Plus, a mini sleeve pocket adds a cool utilitarian look, too!

One Amazon shopper wrote, “I never write reviews, but I was very impressed with this coat.” She went on to call it “very light but incredibly warm,” and said, “It has fake fur inside the cuffs, pockets, and back of the coat, which keeps it very cozy… The mid-calf length keeps your legs warm and the fit is excellent.”

Woman Within Arctic Parka

Best long winter coat for plus-size women
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Amazon, starting at $131.61

Why we like it:

  • Extra long length keeps legs warm
  • Water-resistant outer shell
  • Adjustable waist

Woman Within makes a popular line of clothes in plus sizes, and when they say this is the warmest coat they offer, they aren’t kidding! It comes to your calves, is filled with cozy down, and has a hood with removable faux-fur trim, as well as a plethora of pockets, knit storm cuffs, and a water-resistant outer layer. Fleece-lined pockets add another element of warmth, and there are four great colors to choose from. Check out the whole Woman Within line for more great plus-size clothing!

One Amazon customer calls it her “below zero parka!” and said it’s a “super heavy, warm, comfy coat.” She also appreciates that it has “lots of pockets, great two-way zipper, [and a] flap over [the] zipper,” and that it’s “windproof [and] waterproof.”

Orolay Puffer Down Coat

Best long winter coat for women on Amazon
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Amazon, $139.99

Why we like it:

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Unique modern hemline
  • Geometric stitching

You may be familiar with Orolay as the brand behind ‘The Amazon Coat‘ that took the world by storm (and is featured in our roundup of the best winter coats for women!), but they have plenty of other fabulous designs, like this lovely puffer down coat. Filled with a mixture of 90 percent down and 10 percent feathers, it’ll keep you warm without looking like a marshmallow, thanks to its sleek, contemporary silhouette. We absolutely adore the geometric stitching and unique (in a good way!) hemline, both of which are designer-like touches that make this garment look way more expensive than it actually is. That being said, this coat offers far more than just aesthetics, thanks to its water-resistant and windproof material, and a roomy hood that allows for a hat and/or earmuffs for easy layering.

One happy customer wrote, “This is my second Orolay coat and I’ve loved them both,” saying “If you run cold or live in a cold environment, the coat is perfect.” She added, “I love the inset cut on the bottom that makes for an unexpected silhouette… Great quality and lovely color.”

Lauren Ralph Lauren Quilted Down Parka

Best long winter parka for women
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Nordstrom, $360

Why we like it:

  • Sleek design
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable hood

If a fluffy puffer coat isn’t your thing, a long parka is a great alternative. This quilted down parka by Lauren Ralph Lauren is filled with down insulation for superior warmth, and comes with an adjustable drawstring hood to protect your head. We love its gorgeous simplicity, zippered pockets, and the fact that it’s water-resistant to help keep you dry when the elements are less than favorable. Plus, its bib liner adds an extra layer of protection to your neck area, which tends to be among the most vulnerable once temperatures start to dip!

One Nordstrom shopper described this coat as being “stylish and warm,” and wrote that it’s “not too puffy, so still very attractive” and has a “fantastic long length.”

Fjällräven Expedition Long Down Parka

Best long winter puffer coat for women
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Zappos, $599.95

Why we like it:

  • Available in black, red, or blue
  • Extra-large buttoned pouch pockets
  • Internal waist drawstrings

So technically, this jacket has ‘parka’ in its name, but it’s so incredibly fluffy that we feel it fits best in the puffer category. Whatever you want to call it, this billowy coat by the trendy Swedish brand Fjällräven will do the trick if it’s winter warmth you’re after. Available in black, blue, or the bright pictured red, it comes with extra-large buttoned pouch pockets for storing gloves, your phone, and anything else you might be taking on the go, as well as internal waist drawstrings to give you a more defined silhouette, if you prefer. A snap button flap over the zip-up front provides extra reinforcement when it comes to keeping the cold wind out, and the elasticized cuffs are fitted with buttons to adjust to your size. As far as insulation is concerned, a filling of 90 percent down and 10 percent feathers ensures you’ll be nice and snug even in harsh conditions.

One satisfied customer said it “fits perfectly with ample room for walking” and “hits mid-calf, which is perfect for a long parka.” She went on to say the “offset baffle box construction makes this coat exceptionally warm and very light,” and also appreciates that it includes “two large pockets outside and two large inside designed for easy access.”

Canada Goose Alliston Parka

Best luxury long winter coat for women
best winter jackets for women
Canada Goose

Buy from Canada Goose, $1,095

Why we like it:

  • Available in 4 neutral colors
  • Hits at mid-calf
  • Made with feather-light ripstop

If you live in a region where the temperatures get downright brutal come winter, finding a coat that will keep you warm and protected is a worthwhile investment. Canada Goose, while one of the pricier brands in the winter clothing space, is also a go-to for cold climate dwellers for a reason, and reviewers often mention that these coats are well-worth the money. This Alliston Parka, for example, is ideal for someone who wants to stay toasty without sacrificing style. Even though it’s filled with down insulation from head to toe (or, mid-calf!), its ‘feather-light’ ripstop material keeps it from feeling too heavy or bulky, and its streamlined silhouette even looks quite chic. With four exterior pockets and two interior pockets, you’ll have room to store all of your essentials, and just like the Mystique Parka, we love that this one comes with backpack straps, so you can wear it rather than having to schlep it around.

One Chicago resident wrote, “I absolutely love my parka!” and said, “I’ve been looking for a long jacket for quite a while, as there are not that many out there and the styles aren’t that great.” That said, she was happy to find that “When [this] Canada Goose parka arrived, it was love from the first sight! It’s long, beautiful and warm!” Furthermore, she said she “traveled to Niagara Falls this winter, and was able to walk around the park for more than two hours and never felt cold!

Mara Long-Length Parka

Best down alternative long winter coat for women
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Noize, $290

Why we like it:

  • Available in 6 colors
  • Comes in sizes XS-XXL
  • Vegan

While down is considered one of the best insulators for winter coats, some people avoid it due to allergies or its controversial sourcing practices. Luckily, this super-cute Mara coat by Noize is 100 percent vegan and will protect you from temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit! We love that it’s available in six lovely colors, comes in sizes XS to XXL, and includes a waist belt that you can adjust to your liking. Other convenient features include a detachable hood, storm placket for extra reinforcement, and the fact that it’s machine washable! All of Noize’s products are cruelty-free, so be sure to check out their other offerings for clothing and accessories you can feel great about wearing.

One happy reviewer wrote, “This coat is PERFECT!!!!” She went on to call it “super stylish, warm, and practical,” and said, “It contours in all the right places. How did they actually make a coat sexy?!” According to her, “The most impressive part is that it’s cruelty free and made from recycled materials. This coat is a dream come true!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Maxi Length Belted Down Puffer

Most stylish long winter coat for women
best winter jackets for women

Buy from Zappos, $251.95

Why we like it:

  • Calf-length
  • Adjustable push clasp belt
  • Detachable collar with faux fur trim

Let’s face it: It’s a lot harder to look cute in the winter when we’re all bundled up and trying to keep warm! That said, this maxi-length coat by MICHAEL Michael Kors proves you can have it all. It goes all the way down to your calves for extra coverage, and is filled with a mixture of down and feather insulation to keep you cozy. Function aside, can we talk about how beautiful this coat is?! Faux fur trim adorns the detachable hood, while an adjustable push clasp belt allows you to adjust the waist to your desired comfort and style. It’s also got a chic upright collar, with zippers on each side of the bottom that you can open for easier movement.

Steve Madden Long Chevron Maxi Puffer Coat

Best affordable long winter coat for women
best long winter coats for women

Buy from Amazon, starting at $72.65

Why we like it:

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Fleece-lined
  • Prices start at under $70!

While proper cold weather gear is worth the investment in our book, there are budget-friendly options out there that will get the job done. For instance, this maxi puffer coat by Steve Madden is an absolute steal (select styles and sizes start at less than $70!), and it’s stylish to boot! Choose from one of five colors, all of which feature chevron quilting that keeps the insulation evenly distributed. For extra warmth, this coat has a soft fleece lining, along with a snap closure over the zip-up front to keep the elements out. It’s also water-resistant, and comes with a removable hood and comfy pillow collar. What more could you ask for?

One Amazon shopper called it a “great coat for the price!” and said, “I’m trying to stay away from down, and it’s surprisingly hard to find a good, warm winter coat without it. This coat is GREAT!” She went on to say, “I live and work in Chicago — so I walk outside a LOT and commute on the train. This coat is nice and long and very warm… I highly recommend!!!

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