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The Best Tasting Protein Powder: Top 15 Options Ranked

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Protein powders are easy and very convenient but most importantly, are full of nutrients that are essential to the human body’s health. Whether you use protein powder as a supplement or a method for gaining muscle, nobody can deny protein powder’s benefits!

As useful as all of these benefits can be, sometimes the biggest hurdle to get over when it comes to purchasing and using a helpful ingredient is the taste.

Fortunately, today’s market is flooded with flavors from peanut butter to vanilla!

The question is, what are the best tasting protein powders of 2022?

We have the answer! Make sure to keep reading.

After spending a lot of time, money, and effort trying dozens and dozens of different protein powders, we’re here to show you what we found to be the best tasting protein powders of 2022

  1. Huge Whey Protein – click here to shop
  2. Protein Series Grass-Fed Whey
  3. Huge Vegan Protein
  4. Gold Standard 100% Whey
  5. Ascent Native Fuel Whey
  6. Dymatize ISO 100
  7. BSN Syntha-6
  8. Pro Jym Protein Powder
  9. Musclepharm Combat 100% Whey
  10. Naked Whey
  11. Animal Whey
  12. Garden of Life Grass-Fed Whey
  13. Muscle Milk Protein Powder
  14. Ghost Whey
  15. Nutricost Whey Protein Concentrate

You can’t go wrong with any of these; let’s dive right into our list and start with the most delicious product!

1. Huge Whey Protein


This is the very best tasting protein powder currently on the market. It is absolutely delicious, not to mention responsible for providing a massive 25 grams of protein in each serving. Huge Whey Protein comes in six amazing flavors, meaning there is always one that you’ll like.

After trying this product’s flavors and benefitting from the muscle building and recovery effects, we can’t sing Huge Whey Protein’s praises or recommend it enough!

The flavors include Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and some of the most creative options: Blueberry Muffin, Fruity Cereal, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

The price is also very fair! It is also good to know and helpful to remember for peace of mind that Huge Whey Protein has been backed by hundreds and hundreds of reviews from people who can confirm the amazing taste and quality of this protein powder.

If you are looking for a protein powder that can jam-pack your daily intake of protein with nutritional elements while tasting better than any other offerings on the market in 2022, you should definitely order Huge Whey Protein as soon as possible!

Huge Whey Protein is available in all six fantastic flavors on the Huge Supplements website, but you can also conveniently find it on!

2. Protein Series Grass-Fed Whey


The Protein Series Grass-Fed Whey powder is another fantastic option if you’re looking for a taste that really hits the spot while taking in plenty of nutrients. This product’s claim to fame is the 100% grass-fed American Cows that were involved in the production of the powder.

These cows were not given any hormones and the product is not infused with any unnatural substances like fake sweeteners, gluten, food dyes, or preservatives. Transparent Labs goes to great lengths to make sure that this Whey Protein is completely legit and natural when it comes to beneficial ingredients!

Not only can it increase the muscle protein synthesis that helps boost your pumps after a workout, but it also comes in a few unique flavors! The one we enjoyed most was the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie, but other options include Mocha, Vanilla Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Cinnamon French Toast, Milk Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter!

Although these flavors aren’t quite as tasty as Huge Whey Protein’s options, they are a great second-place winner on our list if you are not interested in a vegan option.

3. Huge Vegan Protein (Plant-Based Option)


If you are vegan, this is the best tasting vegan protein powder. Huge Vegan Protein Powder packs 20 grams of protein in each serving and, much like it’s predecessor on our list, comes in five amazing flavors. Our research discovered tons of positive reviews; several buyers particularly enjoyed being able to mix this particular powder with their oatmeal and yogurts.

It is no wonder Huge Vegan Protein sells so well and makes so many people happy, either, with flavors like Cookies ; Cream, Cinnamon Crunch, Birthday Cake, Graham Cracker, and our personal favorite, Marshmallow Madness! Each of these flavors transforms water into a delicious protein shake with a unique taste that is enjoyable all on its own.

You would never suspect that the brown rice, peas, mung beans and Fave beans that keep up the vegan integrity of the ingredients pack so many nutrients, either. Many people who are vegan find it difficult to discover vegan ingredients that actually taste delicious; this product manages to rise to the challenge and pass with flying colors.

Not only is it beneficial and incredibly tasty no matter which flavor you decide to try, but the Huge Vegan Protein is easily mixed for shakes or any dietary recipes.

For all of this value, the pricing of this vegan protein powder is also very fair. The product, like it’s predecessor on our list, can be purchased at Huge Supplements’ website or, conveniently, on!

4. Gold Standard 100% Whey


The Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder may not measure up to Huge Supplements’ options in either price or flavor, but it is still a great option if you are looking for whey protein that actually manages to taste good.

Created by the GNC company, Gold Standard 100% Whey is a protein powder that offers a wide range of yummy flavors. 

We appreciated the Chocolate Malt option the most, but for those of us who prefer something else, other flavors include Vanilla Ice Cream, French Vanilla Crème, Double Rich Chocolate, Extreme Milk Chocolate, Cookies ; Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberries ; Cream, and Chocolate Hazelnut.

The Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder does contain slightly fewer grams of protein than either of the Huge Supplement options: in each serving, only 24 grams of protein are included. However, this whey protein powder does contain quality ingredients like glutamine and glutamic acid as well as highly filtered whey protein concentrate.

What this means is that the Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is still capable of boosting muscle building workouts and helping those on a diet to lose weight without running out of energy. Though it might not win first place in terms of taste, it is still an enjoyably-flavored Whey Protein option.

5. Ascent Native Fuel Whey


This whey protein is tasty even if the flavor options are not as creative as some of our other listed powders, like the Huge Whey protein powder. The Lemon Sorbet is the most unique, but other options include Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Bean, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Cookies ; Cream, Strawberry, and even one unflavored offering.

Native Fuel’s Protein Powder is simply more expensive than some of our better-tasting protein choices, but it does pack 25 grams of protein per serving and is celebrated in customer reviews. Another claim that the Native Fuel Brand has to fame when it comes to this product is the lack of processing used for their whey, as well as a lack of artificial ingredients.

6. Dymatize ISO 100


In a single gram of Dymatize’s ISO100 blend of protein powder, you will find plenty of leucine and BCAA benefits with comparatively small amounts of sugar and calories! With 25 grams of protein, this powder certainly helps to build up the recovery process of muscles after a workout.

It is also, most importantly, pretty tasty! Dymatize partners with companies like Post and Dunkin Donuts to provide flavors like Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Pebbles Birthday Cake, Dunkin’ Mocha Latte, and Dunkin’ Cappuccino. 

Their other, more commonplace flavors to choose from are the usual: chocolate, cookies ; cream, Gourmet Chocolate and Gourmet Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Fudge Brownie.

Even with all of these yummy flavors and benefits, Dymatize ISO 100 Protein Powder is still in 6th place and is a touch more expensive than our other options. However, it is a good choice if you’re looking for a protein powder that can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and taste good at the same time.

7. BSN Syntha-6


Created by the BSN company, the Syntha 6 protein powder formula is delicious, though it only offers 7 more basic flavors. These are the ones you might expect: Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookies N Cream, Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, Banana, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Cake Batter.

Though it does not pack as much of a protein-boosting wallop as the options placed higher on our list, like Huge Whey, Syntha 6 still offers 22 grams of protein in each serving. It is marketed as and designed for those who prefer to mix their protein in milkshake form, and this is more than noticeable in the sweet taste!

8. Pro JYM Protein Powder


Created by JYM Supplement Science, Pro JYM Protein Powder is a great addition to our list because each tasty flavor is slightly more unique than the last. For example, fans of dessert will be pleased to hear that the flavors offered include Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mousse, Rocky Road, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Root Beer Float, Banana Bread, and even Strawberry Milk!

However, Pro JYM Protein Powder offers just a bit less protein per serving than some of our other picks do at only 24 grams. Despite this, Pro JYM Protein Powder is still a great choice for its nice flavor choices and because it can help build muscle and digest fats while doubling as effective workout fuel.

9. Musclepharm Combat 100% Whey


Manufactured by the Muscle and Strength company through MusclePharm, the Combat 100% Whey is famous for its use in combatting weight gain by adding very little fat in its own mixture and boosting muscular performance during a workout. Not only that, but it tastes great!

MusclePharm Combat, 100% Whey, packs less protein than Huge Supplements’ options at 24 grams per serving, but it does have some gluten and artificial-dye-free flavor options that are satisfying if a little sparse.

These flavor options include Chocolate Milk, Vanilla, and Cookies N Cream.

10. Naked Whey


Given great customer reviews and the added benefit of sourcing their ingredients from all-American farms, Naked Whey is another satisfying choice to taste in your protein shakes. Sourced from hormone-free, grass-fed cows, it packs 25 grams of protein and even more grams of branched-chain amino acids to help you get your muscles growing!

Without added flavors and fake sweeteners, Naked Whey might have placed higher on our list if not for the smaller selection of flavors. Though you can only get an unflavored blend or vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry when purchasing this product, it is still a tasty choice for protein powder mixtures.

11. Animal Whey


One of the most exciting things about Animal Whey is that, unlike some other Whey products, it is not made from cows but from microflora. This means that it counts as one of the vegan options on our list: lactose-free, gluten-free, and hormone-free!

Animal Whey’s protein powder doesn’t manage to be quite as satisfying in taste as our other vegan option, Huge Vegan Protein, but it is still an excellent source for unique flavors when it comes time to mix up your protein powder. Each serving offers 23 grams of protein.

Some of those flavors include Mixed Berry, Chocolate Brownie, and Vanilla Sundae! For convenience, all flavors can be ordered together in a 6 pack.

12. Garden of Life Grass-Fed Whey


The Garden of Life Company’s Grass-Fed Whey offers 24 grams of protein in each serving, 6 grams of BCAAs, and 4 grams of glutamic acid and glutamine. All of this without any hormones or antibiotics! The company prides itself on a holistic protein-sourcing approach, gaining whey from family farmers in Ireland.

This protein powder can help repair and energize your muscular system and boost the immune system, and it comes in a few tasty flavors. These include Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Strawberry, and a nearly-unflavored option slightly sweetened with Stevia.

13. Muscle Milk Protein Powder


The Muscle Milk Company’s Genuine Protein Powder does pack a whopping 32 grams of protein for the growth of muscles, but it is one of the more expensive options we found. In addition, although this brand offers many Vitamins, including A, C, and D, it also contains up to 4 grams of added sugar.

Still, there’s no denying that the taste of this product is good, even if we did not find it as satisfying, as well as a bit more costly than our top pick.

The flavors offered by Muscle Milk Protein Powder include the usual Cookies N’ Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Vanilla Crème. However, it also includes Cake Batter and Banana Crème as more creative options.

14. Ghost Whey


One of the most eye-catching and exciting things about Ghost Whey is that the company partners with the Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookie companies to offer more unique flavor options. Fans of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip, Nutter Butter, and Oreo will be excited to try Ghost. Other options include their popular “cereal milk” flavors.

However tasty Ghost Whey is, and however beneficial 25 grams of protein in each serving may be, it is more expensive and does contain slightly more carbs and calories than some of our more preferred protein blends.

15. Nutricost Whey Protein Concentrate


The Nutricost Whey Protein Concentrate styles itself as the “King of Protein” thanks to the hefty amounts of amino acids in its blend. The flavor choices may be basic, but they are tasty, coming in the standard Unflavored, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake, and Chocolate Peanut Butter options.

Each serving of Nutricost Whey Protein Concentrate contains 25 grams of protein. It is easily digested, and customer reviews praise the lack of an artificial taste in the sweetness of the blend.

Rating the Best Tasting Protein Powders

We’ve gone through many products to find the best. We chose these products by looking at specific criteria: let us go over these sets of criteria to help you understand how we chose the best tasting protein powders.


Of course, the most important element for us was the flavor. We tried the products to taste them. We also looked at how many flavor options a product had to choose from. We only included the best-tasting ones!

Some of the most standard protein powder options are the best, which we’ll look into further down the line in this article. You can’t go wrong with a simple Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry! However, sometimes it is fun to find flavors that are more specific, like the Graham Cracker option in the Huge Vegan Protein powder blend!

Having options to choose from is especially helpful when you don’t have time to mix your protein powder in with more elaborate recipes that already contribute flavors of their own, like yogurt or oatmeal.

With something like the Graham Cracker flavor, all you need is some water to mix the powder in and the flavor will make the drinking experience all the more enjoyable.

For these reasons, we always made sure to test each product’s taste and variety as part of our judging process. 


Besides tasting good, it was also important for us that the product has good macronutrients. Macronutrients essentially mean that the product should be high in protein but very low in carbs and fats.

Macronutrients are named for their function: they are the nutrients your body needs in great, big amounts. Typically, these nutrients can be gained from carbs, fats, and, of course, proteins! 

If your macronutrients are low, your body will not be able to output the correct amount of energy to maintain good health. When you control your macronutrients with the help of a good dietary supplement, like protein powder, you also control your own energy levels.

Macronutrients like protein found in protein powder can repair your muscles after a rough workout while also bolstering skin cells, blood cells, and your organs in general. In fact, most of your body is made up of different kinds of protein. Basically, the best source of macronutrients found in protein powder are is grams of protein themselves.


Of course, we did not want to be overpaying for a good-tasting protein! So not only do these products taste good, they are also easy on the wallet.

A good product’s value is not always measured by the price tag itself. In fact, if you recall from our list above, some of the most delicious-tasting protein blends, like Huge Protein, are actually less expensive and pack more protein in each serving than the more expensive options further down the list. 


We also looked at what other people had to say about the flavor to ensure we weren’t the only ones that loved it. Not only is it important to measure our own experience against others’ opinions for objectivity’s sake, but we can also learn a lot from a wider pool of people!

For example, some reviews helped us to see that flavors we tried could be used in more interesting recipes or added to foods we may not have considered before.

Ultimately, the reviews of others helped us to see which protein powders rise to the top in a competition for best taste and overall benefits!

The Best Protein Powder Flavors

There are lots of flavors out there, but we will show you our favorites!


Ask any culinary expert: the flavor of chocolate goes well with just about everything, whether it’s nuts, cheese, fruits, or salty snacks like pretzels! The popularity of chocolate at all ages and across all walks of life is undeniable, but did you know that chocolate also comes with some health benefits?

It is true: chocolate contains potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and even selenium, all of which is nutritious for the human body. In a protein powder, chocolate flavoring can be used in a variety of creative ways even more creative than a simple protein shake (although those are undeniably tasty!)

For example, chocolate protein powder can be used as a flavor element in a mug cake and topped with chocolate shavings as a healthy dessert.

It can also be combined with strawberry or raspberry milk to add a pleasing layer of flavor to the resulting milkshake. If you are hoping to satisfy your ice cream craving, you can even freeze a protein scooped into water with some blueberries for a chocolate-covered-fruit-style popsicle!

All in all, you can’t go wrong with chocolate protein powder.


As popular as chocolate is as a flavor, the warm, creamy notes in a good vanilla protein powder are just as tasty as they are comforting! Vanilla is often used as the base to build more flavors on top of it, and the uses for this pale ingredient are just as varied when it comes to protein powder.

One of the most common ways to team vanilla up with other flavors is to include fruits, particularly tropical ones! If you decide to try satisfying that ice cream craving with a good whey protein powder popsicle again, try including small pieces of pineapple or even some good coconut shavings.

On the other hand, vanilla is such a versatile flavor, it can be used in many bakery or breakfast dishes, too. Try a scoop of vanilla protein powder in a mixture of cinnamon, water, and a dash of coconut sugar to create healthy and protein-packed icing for your oatmeal, making a cinnamon-roll type breakfast.

Remember, vanilla is extracted from a plant compound which is a great anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, and even anti-cancer ingredient when ingested by humans. So not only does vanilla taste great with just about everything, but it is full of health benefits!


Out of all the fruits in the world, the flavor of strawberry has proven to be the most popular no matter where you look. Strawberry’s sweet tang matches up with just about every other kind of fruit one can think of, making strawberry-flavored protein powder a great choice for those who enjoy adding protein to smoothies!

Not only that, but strawberry flavoring can be paired with several healthy veggies to add a layer of sweetness, too. As popular as strawberry protein smoothies and strawberry protein shakes are, these two drinkable options aren’t the only ways strawberry protein powder can be used in a great recipe.

For example, throwing a few scoops of strawberry protein powder into our oat flour muffins can not only add that fruity sweetness to them, but often change them into a delightful pink color that makes you feel like you’re eating a dessert. 

If you’ve decided to eat nonflavored Greek yogurt, adding a dash of strawberry protein powder to the mixture can satisfy your craving for less healthy foods while boosting the amount of nutrients in your yogurt, too.

Altogether, strawberry protein powder is simply one of the best, most versatile fruit flavors you can select when looking for a protein powder that tastes fantastic!

How Often Can You Take Protein Powder?

You can take it every day, if you want. Usually, we aim for between one to two servings per day to boost our protein intake and enjoy a healthy shake. Remember, even the tastiest protein shake is no replacement for a healthy diet!

How to Use Your Protein Powder to Make a Delicious Shake

If you’ve never used protein powder before, or if you’d rather take the simplest method of preparing it, you might be wondering what you will need to create a delicious protein powder shake!

Not to worry; we have prepared a step by step guide for you down below. Let’s get to mixing!

Step 1 – Grab Your Protein Powder

The first and probably most obvious step to making your protein shake is to choose the right powder. You have a list of the Top 10 Best tasting ones above, but we like to use Huge Whey Vanilla Milkshake flavor because we believe it is the best tasting choice!

 After evaluating pricing, ingredients, and macronutrient content, try selecting a flavor that would appeal to you most in a regular ice cream milkshake for starters.

Step 2 – Throw it in the Blender With Ice Cubes

You can decide to make your protein shake using milk, almond milk, or any other type of liquid. We made ours with 200 mm of almond milk for added protein and taste.

If you don’t want to add milk or water in its liquid state, that’s fine! All you really need is a blender that can chip through around one cup of ice, which amounts to about six large ice cubes for one serving. Scoop out the recommended dosage and grind the ice up until you have a slush-like consistency.

Step 3 – Mix the Product

Even after the product has changed from a pile of loose ingredients into one liquid state, we recommend letting the mixer run or shaking up your protein shake container a little while longer for the best results. This will ensure that any clumping breaks up before you take that first sip!

Step 4 – Enjoy!

That is all there is to it! With the above ingredients followed, all you need to do is enjoy your protein shake and spend the rest of the day feeling energized and fueled.

The Best Protein Powder Flavors in Summary

In conclusion, the best protein powder flavor we found after evaluating taste, macronutrients, pricing and other people’s experience was Huge Supplement’s Whey Protein!

Protein powder can give your body the fuel it needs to regulate energy and go into the day or a workout with the power you need. However, this does not mean you need to sacrifice a great taste!

Even if you are looking for a vegan recipe, Huge Supplements’ Vegan option provides a fantastic flavor.

All in all, the best tasting protein powders on this list can give you the best of both worlds: health benefits and an enjoyable taste.

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