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Natural Pain Relievers That Actually Work


Turns out, there’s a good reason green tea should be your new favorite hot beverage – and not just because of its soothing, herbal taste. This magical tea is also a natural pain reliever that can alleviate your worst aches, no matter where your sore spots are or how long they’ve been bothering you.

What is a natural pain reliever?

Usually, when we have a headache, backache, toothache, or any other type of ache, our first impulse is to head towards the medicine cabinet without thinking about the consequences. Over-the-counter medications come with unwanted side effects, however, so instead of searching through the junk drawer for your last ibuprofen, you should consider natural painkillers.

Natural pain relievers are plant-based products that have been proven to treat pain. Natural pain relievers fall into the “alternative medicine” category.

Natural Pain Relievers

“No matter how well you prescribe medication, chronic sufferers don’t get complete relief,” James N. Dillard, MD, author of The Chronic Pain Solution told Prevention. “It’s an enormous problem, and the medical community is doing a bad job solving it.”

Fortunately, we have an alternative – natural painkillers, which can help you feel better sans prescription.

“Almost always, if we find pharmaceuticals doing the trick, we’ll find a plant doing the same trick – and doing it more safely,” botanist James A. Duke, PhD, added.

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger root reduces inflammation, the culprit behind many illnesses. According to The Journal of Arthritis, consuming a small amount of ginger each day is more effective at reducing pain symptoms and inflammation than most over-the-counter painkillers.

is ginger a natural pain reliever?

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Fish Oil with Omega-3

Eating fish low in mercury and high in omega-3 fatty acids is a great way to reduce joint, neck, and back pain. Salmon, sardines, and herring are especially high in omega-3 fatty acids. If eating fish isn’t for you, consider taking a daily dose of fish oil supplements. And, as always, consult your doctor before taking any new medications or supplements.

is fish oil a natural pain reliever?

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Turmeric for Inflammation

Turmeric, often used in Indian cuisine, has several anti-inflammatory properties. This is because turmeric contains curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory compound. If your taste buds can’t quite handle curry, try sprinkling a little bit of turmeric on your soup, salad, cooked grains, or vegetables.

is turmeric a natural pain reliever?

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Peppers with Capsaicin

In addition to lowering cholesterol, hot peppers can also reduce pain levels. “We don’t know exactly how capsaicin works, but it’s thought to stimulate the release of substance P, a chemical that helps transmit pain signals from sensory nerve fibers to the brain,” Celeste Robb-Nicholson, MD, told Harvard Women’s Health Watch. “After several applications of capsaicin [cream], local stores of substance P (and possibly other chemical pain messengers) become depleted, and the nerve fibers in that area transmit fewer pain signals.”

are chili peppers a natural pain reliever?

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Who knew getting rid of aches and pains could be so simple?

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