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18 Best Face Masks for Glasses Wearers That Will Keep Your Lenses Fog-Free


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If you wear glasses, then you’re familiar with the struggle to find a face mask that won’t interfere with your frames. Either they make your lenses fog up, or the mask ear loops and your glasses’ ear pieces compete for real estate — or both. When not wearing a mask isn’t an option, and going without glasses isn’t either, you need one of the best face masks for glasses!

Sure, there are tricks to help stop your glasses from fogging up — but having a mask that’s specially designed with those who wear glasses in mind will nip the problem in the bud. We’ve rounded up a selection of masks that will play nicely with your glasses, while helping keep you (and others!) safe from the spread of Covid-19.

Keep scrolling to shop our picks for adults, kids, frequent travelers, essential workers, and anyone who depends on their glasses to see clearly.

How do I keep my glasses from fogging when I wear a face mask?

The secret to finding a face mask that won’t make your glasses fog up is simple: Get a face mask with a snug fit! If there aren’t any gaps in the top of your mask, then your breath can’t escape upwards, clouding your vision.

The best face masks for glasses have a nose wire, so you can easily mold the mask across the bridge of your nose. It also helps if the mask straps can go around your head, without competing for ear space with your glasses — but a mask with soft, thin straps can peacefully coexist along with your glasses on top of your ears, too.

It might take a little trial and error to find the absolutely perfect mask, and the best one for you might be different from the best masks for your glasses-wearing loved ones. Luckily, the price point of masks is relatively low. You can find many of the best face masks for glasses for under $20, and we’ve made sure to include plenty of budget-friendly face masks on our list, so you can afford to experiment and find your favorite masks.

We’ve already found the best face masks for kids, the best stylish face masks, the best face masks for everyone, and the best masks for people who are hearing impaired. Keep scrolling to shop our picks for the best face masks for glasses!

What are the best face masks for glasses wearers?

Vida Protective Mask

Best selling face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses

Buy on ShopVida ($36 for a 4-pack)

Why we like it:

  • Metal nose piece is glasses-friendly
  • Fits kids and adults ages 5 and up
  • Comes in a wide range of colors and sizes

This 100-percent cotton mask features a hidden, integrated metal nose piece that makes it glasses-friendly. It has adjustable straps to fit heads of different sizes and comes with a multilayered activated carbon filter for added protection. A variety of solid colors with contrasting piping make them stylish and versatile, so pick up a pack and wear the shade that fits your mood!

Promising review: “These are the most comfortable masks we have found and work well for my whole family. The materials and design make them easy to wear for a variety of face sizes, and the flexible nose piece makes them the best I have found for wearing with glasses. There is enough variety of colors that we could each find a color we like and it is easy to keep track of which mask belongs to which person. I have also given these masks as gifts and highly recommend them.”

Food52 Adjustable Cloth Face Mask

Best patterned face masks for glasses
organic cloth face masks for glasses

Buy on Food52 (From $22)

Why we like it:

  • Adjustable loops for a perfect fit
  • High-quality, sturdy fabric that’s still breathable
  • Stylish patterns!

These Food52 masks are some of the most well-made ones we’ve seen, and come in an array of fun patterns, as well. Pull the adjustable loops to tighten, and mold the nose wire to your face — no glasses fog! There’s enough fabric here to cover from your chin up to the bridge of your nose, and one size fits most adults.

Promising review: “The face masks are beautifully made — the ear loops can be adjusted easily. And, comfortable over the nose. Plus, pretty patterns! As a nurse for forty years, I know a good face mask. I feel safe in this lovely mask.”

UTRIPSUNEW Store 100 Percent Cotton Mask

Best cloth face mask for glasses with filter pocket
best face masks for glasses

Buy on Amazon ($19.89)

Why we like it:

  • Nose wire gives a snug fit
  • Comes in 12 different pretty patterns
  • Includes 5 packs of activated carbon filters

These pretty masks have a nose wire, like all the masks we’ve chosen, and also have a pocket to insert an activated charcoal filter, which helps reduce dust, pollution, pollen, smog, vehicle exhaust, and smoke — as well as viruses.

Promising review: “I really like this mask. The fabric is beautiful and soft and the workmanship is excellent. This has a nose clip and adjustable ear straps, so you can get a really good fit. First mask I’ve purchased that doesn’t fog my glasses. The filters are excellent. When this came in the mail, I wanted to go somewhere so I could wear it! Great value for the price.”

Honeywell Dual Layer Face Mask with Filter Inserts

best face mask for glasses with extra filters
best masks for glasses

Buy on Amazon ($74 for a 4-pack with 32 replacement filters)

Why we like them:

  • Nose clips helps keep your glasses fog-free
  • They come with extra filters
  • Breathable and adjustable

If you’re like us, remembering to order new filters for your masks always gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. So why not buy a set of masks that comes with a whole stack of filters, so you always have a fresh one ready for your next adventure? These Honeywell masks (which have over 600 five-star reviews on Amazon) feature a nose clip to keep them in place and a hidden pocket for the filter. They’re also stretchy, breathable, adjustable, and contoured to fit your face. Honeywell also makes air purifiers, so you can trust that they know a thing or two about keeping the air you breathe clean!

Promising review: “Got this today and it’s honestly the best face mask I’ve ever tried! It’s heavy and durable. It doesn’t slip around your face, the nose piece stays in place and the adjustable ear straps make for a tight fit.”

Slip Pure Silk Pleated Face Covering

Best silk face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses

Buy on Nordstrom ($39)

Why we like it:

  • 100 percent silk with a cotton inner lining
  • Available in 6 colors and patterns
  • Adjustable nose wire and ear loops

Feeling glamorous? Then this silk mask is what you need! In addition to being great for glasses-wearers, it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin — the silk is gentle on your face, while a 100 percent cotton inner lining is breathable and hypoallergenic. An adjustable nose wire and ear straps ensure a snug fit. Comes in pink, black, or leopard print, and is machine washable.

Promising review: “This mask is actually breathable and comfortable! The ear things are adjustable, and there is a metal piece at the nose which you can shape to your face comfortably. The mask also comes with replacement metal pieces and replacement ear adjustments. It’s a nice mask to have since Covid isn’t going away anytime soon, and it’s very fashionable!”

California Tot Triple-Layered Fabric Face Mask

Best kids face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses

Buy on Amazon ($15.95)

Why we like it:

  • Available in two kid sizes, plus adult size
  • Comes in 20 different cute patterns
  • Reversible

This cute cat mask comes in child and adult sizes, has a nose wire, is machine-washable, and is lightweight and breathable. Not a fan of cats? It comes in a plethora of other patterns, including florals, unicorns, and dinosaurs — perfect for kids! Did we mention it comes in two different child sized, for little and big kids, plus adult size? Get one for you and your favorite pint-size four eyes, and you can match!

Promising review:Since I have to wear a face mask, this one so far is the most comfortable and it didn’t fog up my glasses! So it’s a WINNER!!”

Caraa Sport Mask

best athletic face mask for glasses
best sports face mask for glasses

Buy on Caraa ($25 for a 3-pack)

Why we like them:

  • Embedded nose wire for a snug fit during your workout
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Dual-layer, breathable mesh exterior and 100% cotton interior lining

Need to wear your glasses so you can keep your eye on the ball — or see the treadmill readout? These Caraa masks are made especially for sports and fitness, and have a nose wire to keep your glasses from fogging up when your heart starts pumping. Adjustable elastic ear loops keep them comfy and well-fitting, they have a pocket to insert a filter (sold separately), and they’re washable, so you can toss them in the machine after you work up a sweat. (Just skip the dryer and hang them up so they won’t shrink.)

Promising review: “This is the perfect mask for tennis. It’s not too big, easy to adjust. The swoop design from the nose down eliminates fogging problems and limits heat and moisture buildup. I’m buying more.”

Sanctuary Organic Cotton Washable PPE Masks

Best organic cotton face masks for glasses
best face masks for glasses

Buy on Sanctuary (4 for $28)

Why we like it:

  • Affordable and stylish
  • 100 percent organic cotton
  • Machine washable

If you care about using only organic fabrics, you’ll like these 100 percent organic cotton, machine-washable masks from Sanctuary. They come in a four-pack with lavender, black, beige, and dark green, and have everything you need: adjustable ear loops, a nose wire, and a filter pocket. Need a mask for a little one, or want a fun print? Check out their whole collection!

Sanctuary Fashion PPE Masks

best stylish face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses

Buy on Sanctuary (5 for $28)

Why we like them:

  • Nose wire provides a secure fit
  • Sewn-in filter for extra protection
  • Comes in an assortment of fun spring patterns

These Sanctuary masks feature a nose wire for a secure fit and come in packs of five with assorted fun patterns. Besides the spring set (which includes the sweet daisy print mask pictured here), there is also a pack for men, one especially for kids, a “party pack” and a junior set that’s perfect for tweens. All masks are unisex, and adult masks are one size fits all.

Lady Pepperell Triple-Layer Face Mask with SILVERbac Antimicrobial Technology

Best antimicrobial face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses
WestPoint Home

Buy on WestPoint Home ($12.99)

Why we like it:

  • Pretty floral pattern
  • Machine washable
  • Reversible

These pretty floral face masks are reversible, so you get two sweet patterns in one! Made of a breathable cotton blend that’s infused with antimicrobial silver fibers, it’s as comfortable to wear as it is lovely to look at. The ear loops are made from soft elastic that can easily be knotted to make them more snug, and the masks come in regular or oversized versions, so you can find the best fit for your face.

Promising review: “Great quality masks, comfortable to wear! Can’t believe I like a mask so much! Really pleased with these. I bought the “oversized” size and they’re honestly not that large. Fit just fine – I’m an average size lady and they’re perfect. Love the prints so much I actually like wearing these and they’re so comfy I’m happy to do it.”

Rendall Co. Ace Mask

Best cooling face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses
Rendall Co.

Buy on Rendall Co. ($19 each, $65 for a 4-pack, or $120 for an 8-pack)

Why we like it:

  • Minimizes heat trapping
  • Comes in 7 classic colors and patterns
  • Built-in filter pocket

If wearing a face mask makes you hot and uncomfortable, you’ll love the Ace Mask from Rendall CoIt’s made with high density 100 percent cotton that stops the mask from trapping heat, keeping you nice and cool underneath. A built-in pocket lets you add your own filter for extra protection against viruses, and it comes in striped and dotted versions as well as this stylish denim chambray that goes with practically everything.

41 Winks Adjustable Fabric Face Mask

Best adjustable face mask for glasses
41 Winks

Buy on 41 Winks ($15 each or $40 for a 3-pack)

Why we like it:

  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Soft and breathable
  • Embedded filter

These 41 Winks Fabric Face Masks have sold out multiple times, and the newest design is based on customer feedback asking for an adjustable version. These fit the bill, with elastic ties that easily knot behind your ears to ensure a perfect fit. Manufactured in Pennsylvania and made with three layers of fabric for extra protection (the side against your face is made of breathable cotton), they’re available in four soft pastel colors you’ll love.

Promising review: “I loved my masks. The ear loops were fully adjustable and different then other masks. They are great for the whole family. Everyone should have one.”

Nano Air Mask

best disposable face mask for glasses
best disposable mask
Nano Air Mask

Buy on Nano Air Mask (10 for $25, originally $45)

Why we like it:

  • Anit-fog venting so it won’t steam up glasses
  • Choice of white or black, regular or small sizes
  • Filters more than 95 percent of airborne particulate matter

It’s a good idea to have some disposable masks in your arsenal as well as some reusable cloth ones, and we think the Nano Air Mask is a great choice. These lightweight disposable masks filter out bacteria, allergens, mold, dust, smoke, and other fumes and allergens, all while keeping your face cool and dry underneath. It expands to cover the chin and up to the bridge of the nose, won’t fog up your glasses, and comes in a child size as well as the adult version shown here.

Space Mask

Best breathable face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses
Space Mask

Buy on Shop Space Mask ($19)

Why we like it:

  • Great reviews from essential workers
  • Available in several different adult and kid sizes
  • Approved by the CDC

People rave about this CDC-approved mask, which is made of specially-engineered nanotech fabric with holes too small for tiny microbes to pass through, yet big enough to allow easy air flow. Doctors, nurses, and other essential workers who have to wear masks for hours at a time are particularly fond of the Space Mask — and if they love it, we believe them! Available in a rainbow of solid colors, pastels (as pictured), black, white, beige, and a combo pack of stripes, dots, and checks.

Promising review: “Glad to finally find a mask that I feel safe in when I’m wearing it! I’m impressed. I like the nose clip, the three-layered air filter system, with the outer-layer being antibacterial. The fabric is breathable and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating when I wear it!”

NxTSTOP Bamboo Face Mask

best face mask for glasses for traveling
best face masks for glasses

Buy on NxTSTOP ($14)

Why we like it:

  • Breathable and comfortable for long periods of time
  • Bamboo naturally combats odors
  • Nose wire for glasses-wearers

Does the thought of having to keep your mask on during an hours-long airplane trip make you break out into a cold sweat? Try this bamboo face mask, which frequent globetrotters swear by. Bamboo is one of the softest and most breathable fabrics around — and it’s also extremely sturdy, with natural hygienic properties that make it odor-resistant. Available in black, navy, pink, light green, and heather gray, it has comfortable, stretchy, adjustable ear loops and a nose wire to keep your glasses from fogging up. Comes in kid sizes, too!

Promising review: “Best shape of any mask I have! I like the way this mask cups my chin, and the little metal strip encased in the cloth cups my nose. I do not have to keep adjusting it. It passes the breath test, in that the cloth moves in on an intake. It is very light and feels thin, which will be good in the summer. If I am really going to be around other people I use a disposal surgical mask under it.”

Look Human Face Mask

best affordable face mask for glasses
best face masks for glasses

Buy on LookHuman (From $9.99)

Why we like them:

  • Available in a vast variety of patterns and colors
  • Affordable
  • Choose from flat or accordion style masks — neck gaiters also available

LookHuman has a mind-bogglingly diverse selection of cloth face masks to suit every possible style. We love this Japanse-inspired print, which is available in several shades, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From pretty patterns and solid colors, to animal faces, rainbows, and silly sayings, there is truly a mask for everyone here. Plus, you can choose from accordion-style pleated face masks, neck gaiters, or flat masks, depending which feels more comfortable to you. Happy shopping!

Promising review: “Fits great. People love it.”

Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

best face mask for glasses with carbon filter
best face masks for glasses

Buy on Casetify ($15)

Why we like them:

  • Two carbon fiber filters included with each mask
  • Available in 4 colors
  • One mask donated for every mask sold

Available in black, white, pink, or navy, these sleek masks are made with breathable cotton, fitted with a filter, and can be washed and worn over and over again. Casetify donated 10,000 masks to relief efforts when the pandemic began, and continues to support the cause by donating a mask for every mask it sells, so you can feel good about your purchase!

Promising review: “I have ordered these masks three times. I have kids and grandkids and sent two of them off to college with a Casetify mask and extra filters. I gave the black one to my husband. I kept a white one and the beautiful blue one for myself. They are SO soft and comfortable. Feels very good on my face, and has a pocket for a filter. I feel very safe with my mask on. I hand wash them and they are dry in the morning.”

MaskClub Mask

Best face mask for glasses with fun prints
best face masks for glasses

Buy on MaskClub ($14.99)

Why we like it:

  • Available in dozens of fun prints
  • Save up to 30% and get free shipping when you buy multiples
  • Affordable

Want to share your love of classic Peanuts cartoons with the world? MaskClub has you covered (literally). With officially-licensed prints in nearly any theme you can dream up (the American flag, Wonder Woman, and Hello Kitty are best-sellers), as well as a rainbow of solid colors and a plethora of stylish patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find plenty of picks you love. Only $14.99 each, so you can afford to stock up — plus, you can unlock free shipping and discounts when you buy multiple masks!

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