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This All-Natural Solution Gets Rid of Pesky Perimenopausal Body Odor and Under-Breast Rash


Working in a small boutique on a hot July night, Joani DiCampli was dashing from fitting room to fitting room, helping customers with outfits, when she suddenly got a whiff of a foul odor… wafting up from between her own breasts! Though the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 48-year-old had never had this problem before, Joani was perimenopausal and sweating more and more. If I can smell myself, my customers must be able to smell me too! she thought, mortified.

Desperate to control the problem, Joani began applying talcum powder under her breasts. But the “boob sweat” continued and also caused a painful prickly heat–type of rash. The irritation and discomfort added to an already annoying problem.

After six months with no relief, Joani was at her wit’s end.

She thought about using deodorant, but worried products made for underarms would be too harsh for her breast skin, which was red and raw from the rash.

There has to be a gentle product that helps, she reasoned. But she couldn’t find one. Not willing to just “live with it,” Joani decided, I’ll just have to make my own!

How to Fix Under-Breast Body Odor

Joani began researching ingredients in underarm deodorants that nurture the skin and stop sweat, as well as natural home remedies to heal rashes. And she came across some promising — and surprising — finds.

One of the most powerful was arrowroot powder, used by Native Americans for centuries to heal wounds because of its anti-inflammatory and moisture-wicking properties. Inspired, Joani combined arrowroot with cornstarch, to absorb sweat, and mixed it with skin-soothing vitamin E, plus shea butter and coconut oil — both excellent moisturizers with antimicrobial properties. She also added antibacterial essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil to help reduce odors, then molded the mix into a spreadable stick and applied it under and between her breasts each morning. To Joani’s delight, in just two days, the prickly heat vanished.

And with continued use, on even the hottest days, though she may get a little moisture, there is no more body odor.

I need to share this with other women, Joani realized, so she offered samples to friends and co-workers and soon received rave reviews. Thrilled, Joani dubbed the deodorant Boobalicious ® and began selling it on (Buy on Boobalicious, $15). A two-ounce stick lasts eight weeks with daily use.

Today, thanks to her homemade deodorant, 55-year-old Joani is free of her rash and odor, and so are thousands of other women. “No matter what the temperature is, I’m so happy not to have to worry that I might start to sweat — and smell!” she says. “I’ve never felt more confident.”

Other Ways to Tame Body Odor

How else can you get rid of odors? Here are a few ideas.

Get rid of stinky feet fast.

Canadian scientists say hand sanitizer destroys the bacteria that trigger foot odor, erasing smells for up to 24 hours. Simply massage a dollop over feet and between toes until evaporated, then wash feet with soap and dry well.

Say goodbye to smelly pits.

Dab clean underarms with diluted tea tree oil at bedtime. Australian researchers say the oil’s antimicrobial compounds kill 90 percent of underarm bacteria. Just mix 30 drops of the oil with 3 ounces of rubbing alcohol; shake well before using.

Keep it fresh down there.

Baking soda can keep you odor-free for 24 hours, say British researchers. Simply shake one teaspoon onto a washcloth, mix in water to make a paste, and gently wash your groin area for one minute, rinsing thoroughly when done.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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