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Can CBD Oil Help You Recover From A Hangover?

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CBD oil has become the new “hangover savior” for a few hemp fans. That’s right, many party-hardy guys and gals are reaching for a bottle of CBD after a boozy night. Supposedly, CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory effects help bring some semblance of normalcy to folks fighting off a massive migraine.

So, do CBD products work that well for hangover symptoms? Are CBD extracts a valid “cheat code” for the pounding headaches that follow a night of frivolity?

Can CBD Oil Get Rid Of Your Hangover?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but CBD oil isn’t powerful enough to get rid of a hangover. Honestly, it will take time and hydration to get over this painful side effect.

However, just because CBD can’t “cure” a hangover doesn’t mean it can’t help in the recovery process. It’s true that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, which may help reduce the pain patients feel during a hangover. There are also plenty of migraine patients that use CBD oil.

Don’t expect CBD oil to magically get rid of your symptoms the second you take it. A bit of CBD oil may decrease your pain, but it’s probably not enough to get rid of a hangover. Please combine CBD oil with plenty of pure water, fresh air, and carbs on your hangover recovery day.

How Should People Use CBD Oil For Hangovers?

When you’re in the throes of a hangover, you want fast-acting relief. Unquestionably, the fastest way to get CBD in your system is to smoke a CBD hemp joint or vape a CBD e-juice. However, these methods may be too intense for CBD newbies, especially if you already have a side-splitting headache.

To stay on the safe side, take CBD oil sublingually. Measure your product’s recommended serving size of CBD and place it under your tongue before swallowing. This technique gets CBD into your ECS almost as fast as smoking CBD without aggravating your lungs.

It’s also worth mentioning CBD oil is more effective if you take it with a high-fat breakfast. In fact, there’s a test out of the University of Minnesota that found people who took CBD while eating a breakfast burrito had significantly greater absorption versus participants who took CBD on an empty stomach. So, if you’re thinking of adding CBD to your “hangover cure” toolkit, you’ll have better success during breakfast.

Pro Tip: Check Out The Latest CBD-Enriched Beverage Brands!

There’s no way to overemphasize hydration, especially when you’re fighting off a hangover. Interestingly, there are now CBD-infused bottled waters that may provide extra relief while you’re trying to re-hydrate. Even if you don’t have a hangover, CBD water might be a fun option to add hemp to your daily routine.

For info on the latest and greatest CBD water brands, you should check out the reviews on Real Tested CBD. Our team of hemp experts tests products in various categories from some of North America’s biggest CBD brands. After combing through our independent lab reports, you’ll have a good sense of who’s telling the truth in today’s CBD market.

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