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Does Fish Oil Lower Blood Pressure?


Yes, you can lower your blood pressure—naturally–with fish oil supplements. Did you know that 50 million of us have high blood pressure—and the odds go up with age? Luckily, small steps can keep yours low—or improve it fast—in turn, lowering your risk of other age-related issues, including stroke, heart and kidney disease. Begin benefitting today by taking fish oil for high blood pressure.

Surprise: Multivitamins haven’t been proven to improve health—but taking 1 gram of fish oil every day has. It’s rich in anti-inflammatories that help lower blood pressure if yours is already high or on the verge of becoming a problem, reveals British research. The bonus? Fish oil can also help you slim down: Researchers found that fish oil somehow triggers ordinary fat tissue to morph into special brown fat tissue that burns calories and fat to generate heat.

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Looking for more ways to lower blood pressure naturally? Try these:

Drinking an extra cup of water. Upping your intake by as little as one glass of water a day can flush enough sodium from your system to notably lower blood pressure, reveals a University of Illinois study. “Staying hydrated also keeps your capillaries healthy, which allows for better blood flow,” says cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, M.D.

Eating chocolate. Eating dark chocolate is shown to lower blood pressure in people who already have hypertension or are at a high risk for it! Scientists theorize that unique compounds in cocoa help form nitric oxide, a substance that widens blood vessels and eases blood flow!

Drinking coffee. That’s no typo! Caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea actually lower blood pressure, reveals a new French study of 200,000 people. Researchers suspect that the abundance of powerful antioxidants in both beverages work their magic by defusing inflammatory compounds in the bloodstream!

Breathing deeply. It counteracts your body’s stress response and adds oxygen to your system, which lowers blood pressure, say Harvard researchers.

Petting a pet for just few minutes. The simple act can reduce your odds of dangerous blood pressure spikes, research reveals.

Closing your eyes. Combine it with sitting still while letting your thoughts drift through your mind. You’ll help bring your blood pressure down, according to hundreds of studies.

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