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Feeling Constantly Fatigued? It Could Be This Common (and Sneaky) Virus

Here's how one woman finally found a natural cure.

Something is really wrong, Carol Gilpin worried, leaning on her mailbox. “I’d made it outside to get my mail,” she recalls. “But suddenly, I felt so tired and weak, I feared I wouldn’t be able to walk back to my house. It felt like my whole body was shutting down.

“Back in my 20s, I started having a lot of health problems: joint and muscle pain, headaches. There were lots of medical visits — blood tests, MRIs and CAT scans — but to my frustration, there were no clear answers.

“I tried cleaning up my diet, but my problems only worsened. Naps became a survival tool. Next, I developed muscle weakness and vertigo to the point where I couldn’t work, which was scary since I was a self-employed graphic designer. When a bout of vertigo hit, I felt like I was tipping to the left, unable to stand up straight. I had a hard time walking and a constant fear of falling. Simple things like rolling over in bed would make the room spin.

“As my symptoms grew each year, my doctors weren’t overly concerned. They’d tell me, ‘There’s nothing wrong. You’re just working too hard.’ Or, ‘You’ve got four kids—of course you’re exhausted.’ But I knew in my heart this was no regular fatigue.

“One day, I even ended up in the hospital with dangerously low blood pressure. I was given fluids and sent home, but for a week after, I felt so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed. During this time, our town learned our water supply had been tainted by an herbicide. Oddly, my whole family had been drinking the water, but I was the only one who seemed sick. We quickly switched to filtered bottled water, but my life didn’t go back to normal. I still constantly felt ill. I kept thinking, heartbroken: Why does my body hate me?

A Life-Changing Cure: Epstein-Barr Virus

“Desperate for answers, in 2015, I came across an advertisement online for Anthony William’s book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Buy on Amazon, $17.39). I bought it and started reading, and by the third chapter, I was in tears. I called my husband and said, ‘I finally know what’s wrong with me: I have every symptom of Stage Four Epstein-Barr virus!’

“Finally, I felt validated in what I’d been feeling for more than two decades. Looking back, my health troubles had all started when I was 27, after I’d contracted a wicked case of mono, which is an Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection. I learned the virus can sit dormant in weak spots in the body — like the scar tissue in my back from an old car accident. I suspected stress kept waking up that hidden EBV, and since my system was already taxed by the virus, it couldn’t handle the extra herbicide exposure. My liver simply couldn’t do its job to clear the toxins.

“With this knowledge, I started following the healing plan that Anthony laid out for me. I took antiviral supplements like lysine, vitamin C, vitamin B, zinc, nettle, and cat’s claw, and also did a 28-day food cleanse, where I basically ate fruit and vegetables for a month. I let my body heal by drinking lemon water and celery juice in the morning, and each day, I enjoyed a wild blueberry smoothie meant to detox my body of more pollutants.

“I admit, the change was hard at first. Detoxing brought up a lot of emotional things as I mourned what my life could have been beyond my illness. But within three weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my muscle and joint pain. From there, I never looked back. After a month, my fatigue lifted. I suddenly had enough energy to get through the day.

“And my mind was so clear, I could follow the plot of a TV show again. During that time, I also noticed my vertigo hadn’t returned. It was amazing. After 10 months of following Anthony’s protocols, I was symptom -free. Now I feel like I’m reverse aging — I finally got my life back!”

Health expert and author Anthony William says…

“The Epstein-Barr virus that Carol discovered was behind her symptoms goes through four stages. Medical research and science are unaware of this. What doctors call mononucleosis is actually only Stage Two of Epstein-Barr virus. The virus doesn’t go away after this stage; it makes a run for the liver, spleen and reproductive organs. It then eventually targets the thyroid, then the nervous system in Stage Four. In Stage Four of EBV, neurological symptoms appear, including fatigue, vertigo, muscle weakness and brain fog.

“The herbicides Carol was exposed to fed the virus. Medical research and science are not aware that viruses feed on foods like eggs, dairy, and gluten, and poisons such as toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and dioxins. The more of these poisons we have inside of us and are exposed to, the more likely a virus like EBV will gain a foothold.

“Carol was able to recover her health using tools in Medical Medium because they are designed to kill viruses, remove toxins, reverse damage to the body, cleanse and heal the liver, and strengthen the immune and nervous systems.

“By focusing her diet on fruit, wild foods, herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables, Carol gave herself the nutrition to allow her body to heal. She excluded the foods that feed viruses, like eggs, milk, cheese, canola oil, soy and corn, starving the EBV. Her naturally low-fat diet allowed her liver, which processes the pathogens we encounter, to cleanse out the virus, its toxic by-products and other toxins inside her body that were making her unwell.

“Drinking lemon water every morning helped Carol’s liver flush out poisons it collected overnight for release. Celery juice, when at least 16 oz. is consumed every morning on an empty stomach, is a remedy with ‘sodium cluster salts’ that help kill off viruses by breaking down the viral membrane that protects them, while also removing viral neurotoxins.

“The Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie contains five ingredients that work together to remove toxic heavy metals from the body that are also behind many symptoms. Herbicides contain toxic heavy metals, like the ones Carol was exposed to when she drank her water.

“Carol chose to take antiviral supplements that she learned about by reading Medical Medium. Lysine helps inhibit and reduce EBV viral load, which then acts as an anti-inflammatory to the nervous system. Zinc keeps the immune system from overreacting or under-reacting to a pathogen such as EBV and helps suppress viral growth. Cat’s claw has phytochemicals that are specifically geared to help destroy all viruses and bacteria that cause inflammation, including EBV. Carol’s great work of implementing these meant she was soon on her way to healing and getting her life back.”

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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