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We Found the Weird, Easy Way to Unclog Your Ears in Seconds


Anyone who’s ever hopped on a flight, taken a long elevator ride, or battled major congestion has probably wondered how to unclog ears. In other words, most of us have battled clogged ears at some point in our lives. And most of us can say that there’s nothing more frustrating than an ear that’s all plugged up. The good news? As we know, clogged ears typically don’t last long. And even better news? There are ways you can learn how to unclog ears before they unclog on their own.

How to unclog ears?

Try to “pop” your clogged ears. This method involves closing off your nose and mouth and gently blowing by forcing the air into the middle ear. Take extra care not to blow too hard, as this can actually cause damage inside.

Another method of “popping” involves moving your jaw. Try moving your jaw from side to side and swallowing. It will help equalize the pressure.

Start chewing. There’s a reason why so many people bring chewing gum on planes with them. As annoying as the smacking sound can be, this trick works wonders for releasing sinus pressure.

If your clogged ears are due to a cold or flu, try a decongestant. In times like these, over-the-counter meds that have decongestants, or nasal spray antihistamines, can be your best friends.

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_Important: Don’t use anything to stick into your ear to clear out earwax—not even a cotton swab. It could actually have the opposite effect and push the wax even further into your ears. If your natural home remedies on how to unclog ears aren’t working properly, give your ears a few hours to unclog on their own. Sometimes, it’s best to just wait these things out. But if it lasts much longer (like, into the next day), it’s best to consult with a doctor. _

Happy unclogging!

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