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Are You Using Panty Liners Incorrectly Without Realizing It?


Panty liners can feel like a godsend right before or after your period. Panty liners can also help you feel fresh and clean whenever you’re dealing with pesky discharge. And panty liners can also help you feel secure if you have them on hand, just in case things get a little unpredictable “down there.”

What are panty liners?

what are panty liners

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The most basic definition of panty liners is that they are very thin versions of maxi pads worn inside a woman’s underwear to prevent stains. While most women will recognize this most prominently during their cycle, they might not be aware of everything else that panty liners have to offer — that go well beyond stain prevention.

Are you using panty liners correctly? Should you wear panty liners every day? And are you familiar with some non-period reasons you could use panty liners? We thought we learned everything from “the talk” when we were young, but we were pretty surprised by the latest panty liner facts, tips, and tricks. Take a look through them and see if you are, too.

Tips for Proper Panty Liner Use

panty liner use

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  • A panry liner should be worn no longer than a day, tops. But it should be changed whenever it starts to feel moist.
  • If you wear a panty liner at night, it’s important to put a new one on if you were wearing another one earlier in the day.
  • Generally, you shouldn’t wear panty liners every day. Health experts recommend changing them as often as possible to decrease your chance of a yeast infection.
  • If you’re wearing a scented panty liner, it can sometimes cause itchiness and discomfort during your cycle. If this happens to you often, consider using unscented organic cotton products instead.
  • If you’re trying out a new exercise routine, be aware that you may have some extra discharge because of it. Panty liners can be a big help with unexpected leaks whenever you have a day ahead of you when you know you’re going to be super-active.
  • Panty liners can help manage adult incontinence if you experience that issue as you get older, provided you only have mild or moderate leakage. (Heavier leakage may require a stronger product.)
  • If you’re prone to “camel toe,” you can use a panty liner to fix it. Just place the liner in your underwear horizontally (instead of vertically, like how you normally put it on), and then wrap and secure it around the seat of your underwear. If you do it properly, the layers should have you covered — literally!
  • You can also use panty liners to block sweat stains on your clothes. Place them sticky side down inside your shirt (just make sure it’s not too light of a fabric!), where your armpits hit the clothing. Then, layer your shirt on top of that, and the absorbent stick-ons will act as a buffer to keep them dry. (If you suffer from excessive sweating on a regular basis, it’s important to talk to your doctor about your options.)

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