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The Doctor-Approved Way to Solve Your Gut Issues and Slim Your Waist

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When it comes to taking care of your gut health, you’ve probably heard of the importance of taking prebiotics and probiotics, but did you know that you may be missing out on the real secret to long-lasting digestive relief and even a slim waist as well? 

Enter POSTbiotics. Matthew Olesiak, MD, the Chief Medical Director at SANESolution, believes that more people will get the digestive help they need — not to mention, a slew of other benefits — if they incorporate POSTbiotics into their lives. 

“Gut health has recently been recognized as critical for long-term, positive health outcomes and disease prevention,” he says. In fact, research shows that when the gut bacteria are unbalanced, it can lead to many dangerous health problems, including allergic reactions, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

Dr. Olesiak says Viscera-3™, a revolutionary POSTBiotic supplement, can not only transform our digestive health, it can also help us lose weight by turning on what he calls your “slim gut switch.” Below he answers all our questions about POSTbiotics and the science behind them. 

Why take POSTbiotics instead of probiotics?

While many people are familiar with taking probiotic and prebiotic supplements for gut health, most are unaware that POSTbiotics are a key part of digestive well-being. POSTbiotics are excreted by probiotics (bacteria) and eat prebiotics (more commonly known as dietary fiber) in the lower colon. 

Research suggests that it is actually POSTbiotics that produce many of the beneficial effects people have often attributed to probiotics, such as improved digestive health. Dr. Olesiak says that POSTBiotic supplements offer gut-healing benefits on their own directly, whereas probiotics require prebiotics to ferment in the gut to be beneficial.

For a long time, an effective POSTBiotic supplement was impossible to produce because it was destroyed during the digestive process and couldn’t get to where it was needed in the lower colon. “Due to a major scientific breakthrough, Viscera-3™ is the first and only synergistic gut and immune POSTBiotic formulation to survive digestion and successfully deliver what doctors call the ‘optimal’ POSTBiotic directly into the gut,”  Dr. Olesiak explains.  “In fact, over 70% of the cells that make up the immune system are in the gut so a healthy gut is critical to a strong immune system as well.” 

How do POSTbiotics help people with digestive issues?

An imbalance of gut bacteria can lead to many challenging digestive problems. “Research shows that one particular POSTbiotic called butyrate can directly influence gut bacteria, suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria, soothing gastrointestinal upsets and infections, while helping to support and maintain the gastrointestinal barrier.

“Unfortunately, butyrate is what’s called an unstable molecule that dissolves long before it gets to the colon where it’s needed to do its job,” Dr. Olesiak notes. But TRIButyrate™, the main patented ingredient in Viscera-3, is a breakthrough patented solution that uses three butyrate molecules attached to a glycerin support molecule to deliver butyrate directly to the lower colon. That’s how you get all of those incredible results!

How do POSTbiotics aid in weight loss?

When your digestive system is in good and working order, your waistline gets slimmer, too. “Issues like gut inflammation and imbalanced gut bacteria not only can cause bloating, constipation, and other uncomfortable gastrointestinal issues, but can even lead to excess fat accumulation, particularly in the midsection,” Dr. Olesiak confirms. 

The POSTBiotic TRIbutyrate featured in Viscera-3 has been demonstrated in clinical research trials to reduce gut inflammation, heal a leaky gut, and improve the way the body uses insulin, all things that could lead to significant weight loss.

Who should be taking Viscera-3™?

Those who want to increase daily energy, improve mood, sharpen the mind, or just maintain their health can take Viscera-3™. If you’re already taking a probiotic, Dr. Olesiak says they can be replaced with Viscera-3™. Even people who don’t think they have digestive issues can take Viscera-3™. “Due in part to poor quality diet, many people have leaky gut and gastrointestinal inflammation without realizing it, many common foods in fact tear small holes in the gut lining without us even realizing it” he highlights. “Viscera-3™ can help fix these issues before digestive symptoms occur.” 

How long does someone need to take Viscera-3™ for?

“Achieving and maintaining a healthy gut is an ongoing process for most people, so Viscera-3™ should be taken well after symptoms improve or dissipate as it helps support all aspects of health,” Dr. Olesiak advises. As with any gut-health formula, the best results come from long-term usage. Even better, he says Viscera-3™ is suitable for lifetime usage.

Should you still consume extra fiber when taking Viscera-3™?

Great news: With Viscera-3™ it is no longer necessary to take prebiotic or probiotic supplements or consume excess fiber to enjoy all the incredible health benefits. 

However, Dr. Olesiak says you shouldn’t avoid fiber altogether when you add Viscera-3™ to your regimen.Dietary fiber is tremendously important for regular and productive bowel movements, blood sugar regulation, and other functions…and fibrous foods contain a variety of nutrients that your body needs,” he confirms. Eat a moderate amount of fiber, but don’t worry about going overboard. Plus, he says you can focus on sources of fiber that do not cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

What else should you do in addition to taking Viscera-3™?

“Along with taking Viscera-3™ daily, it is important to eat a well-balanced diet that includes non-starchy vegetables, protein, and whole-food good fats while also reducing or eliminating  overly processed foods, fast foods, and foods with added sugar,” Dr. Olesiak concludes. His other pro tip: Get a moderate amount of physical activity and drink plenty of water every day.

With a healthy diet, exercise, and a daily dose of Viscera-3™, you’ll reduce that belly bloat, slim down that waistline, and boost your mood in no time, all while supporting the 70% of your immune systems cells in the colon to help protect you from disease as you age gracefully.


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This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

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