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Recovery Pajamas Could Ease Your Arthritis and Joint Pain While You Sleep

Recovery pajamas just might be the antidote for all your aches and pain. Seriously, if you hate waking up sore, you may be intrigued to learn there’s a type of sleepwear that claims to not only help you rest better but also recover faster after workouts — though it’s not just athletes who can benefit from these jammies.

It’s not surprising that recovery pajamas were dreamed up by designers at Under Armour who were collaborating with NFL quarterback Tom Brady to create PJs that help you recuperate after grueling workouts. What was unexpected was learning that older adults who suffer from chronic pain could potentially reap the same benefits as elite athletes.

Stitched on the insides of the fabric is a bioceramic print that absorbs body heat and throws back far infrared, which aids sleep and speeds up post-workout recovery. (Bioceramics are typically used in the body in the form of rigid surgical implants.) According to a 2015 paper published in the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine, more and more evidence suggests that far infrared rays “improve the health of patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and chronic kidney disease.”

Additionally, a 2009 study published in the journal Clinical Rheumatology found that participants with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis responded very well to infrared sauna treatments. Patients in both conditions saw pain and stiffness decrease without any adverse effects. Experts aren’t quite sure the exact mechanics of far infrared therapy, but it’s possible that the heat produced essentially loosens up joints and connective tissues so body parts move more easily.

The one downside to recovery pajamas is that Under Armour is basically the only company selling them — and they’re pretty pricey. A top and a bottom will set you back almost $200, which may seem exorbitant for technology we’re not totally sure about. That said, the holidays are coming up, so now’s a great time to have someone else buy them for you. The worst-case scenario is that you end up with some comfy, albeit expensive, PJs. 

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