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Melt Up to 19 Pounds a Week by Adding This Favorite Cold-Weather Meal to Your Diet

Sick of complicated diets? Frustrated by keto? Then this new style of soup diet is for you! “We’re seeing massive results, even among type 2 diabetics and others struggling to lose an ounce using ordinary means,” reveals social scientist Amanda Rose, PhD, who lost 140 pounds after creating her wildly popular “Eat Like a Bear” weight loss approach.

Rose was experimenting with options for her tens of thousands of followers, when she accidentally came up with a triple-threat version of her plan — one that layers the ease of soup with two other powerful tac tics: intermittent fasting and keto. “I get so many excited comments. The basic soup is creamy, quick to make, and inexpensive. And it’s no weekend crash. People are going all the way to their goals.” Women report losing up to 19 pounds a week and 100 pounds in 24 weeks!

Rose, who tried and hated the Cabbage Soup Diet and a zillion other plans, gradually yo-yoed her way to 280 pounds. Chronic knee pain led her to prep for weight-loss surgery. “Luckily, I heard people talking about intermittent fasting and got curious,” she says. A lot of the buzz was started by Obesity Code author Jason Fung, MD, who recommends we eat less often — as little as one meal a day — and stick to lower-carb, keto-friendly fare. Why? Both frequent sittings and excess carbs spur the production of insulin, “the main hormone responsible for weight gain,” Dr. Fung says. “When insulin is high, we store fat, we don’t burn it. Get insulin down, and weight goes down automatically.”

Rose researched and decided to give it a go. She’d stuff herself at brunch each day, enjoying a gigantic salad with plenty of protein, keto-friendly toppings, and full-fat dressing. Then she’d just sip water, coffee, or tea until brunch the next day. Was she starving and cranky? Nope! She was a bit tired at first, then energized. Down a quick 50, 75, 100 pounds, “I felt amazing and my doctor was thrilled, but people worried my diet wasn’t safe,” she recalls. “I live in California’s bear country, so I’d explain I was eating like a bear. I load up on natural foods and ‘hibernate’ between meals so my body could live off of its own fat.” Rose shared her experiences on a blog and Facebook group. With fans hungry for new content, “I thought, Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup on a chilly night? ” She added the comfort food to her regimen — and mega fat burn ignited.

Why do keto and intermittent fasting?

As Dr. Fung already explained, both keto and fasting help bring down fattening insulin levels. On top of that, the techniques prevent our bodies from making enough blood sugar for fuel, so our systems start turning to fat burn and produce an alternative called ketones. The more ketones we make, the more fat we burn.

New research shows periodic fasts trigger the release of 42 body chemicals that help us do things like heal faster, optimize hormones, and feel energized. It’s a body response that helped our ancient ancestors survive famine — and it works wonders for keto dieters looking to transform their health, per Dr. Fung.

How does the soup diet aspect work?

How can soup possibly make all that better? For starters, it helps you adjust to eating less. Studies show the suspension of solid food in liquid broth “hacks” mechanisms the body uses to turn off hunger. The effect is so pronounced that on days we opt for soup, appetite shrinks by about 400 calories.

Another huge bonus: Slimming nutrients are easier to absorb from soup than solid food. That means soup helps you soak up more thylakoids, compounds in spinach and kale that act as fat blockers. And you’ll get more flavonoids from foods like onions and broccoli, antioxidants proven to speed metabolism. Women lose huge using Rose’s approach even without soup, but Penn State University findings suggest the addition of soup can boost results by another 200 percent! Our favorite part: “You get these benefits with soup that whip up faster than you can get to the drive-thru!” notes Rose.

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How can you incorporate the soup diet into your life?

To try this approach, simmer up a pot of soup using the guidelines here, then savor a “ridiculously big” bowlful during one hour each day. Many women choose to consume only zero-calorie beverages the rest of the time; talk to your doctor about what’s best for you. Want something besides soup? Prepare veggies, protein, and healthy fat any way you like.

FLAVORFUL BROTH: For each large portion, add 1 quart of broth, plus a quarter-cup of cream or two tablespoons of olive oil and seasoning to taste.

VEGGIES GALORE: Add unlimited nonstarchy options. Tip: Turnips are a great swap for potatoes in soup!

HEARTY PROTEIN: Stick to natural picks like eggs, fish, poultry, beef, and/or pork — and aim for 8 ounces per serving.

FUN EXTRAS: Pile on half a cup or so of low-carb good stuff like avocado, bacon, or cheese.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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