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How One Woman Lost 75 Pounds Just by Doing Chores Around the House


The house isn’t going to clean itself (especially not when you have kids), so why not kill two birds with one stone and get a workout in while you vacuum and dust? That’s what Talitta Coleman did, and she ended up losing 75 pounds!

Over the past five years, Coleman has slowly shed the pounds by exercising and eating healthy. When she’s tidying up the house, she likes to add extra steps to her cleaning routine. For example, instead of just walking casually around the house while vacuuming, Coleman will do some squats into a calf raise. She says she burns about 250 calories this way.

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Coleman, who has horses and cows at her home in Anderson, TX, has also found a way to turn unloading groceries into a mini workout. Lifting heavy bags of feed is no easy task, but for Coleman, it’s just another simple way to work off a few extra calories. If you have big dogs or livestock yourself, this is a great tip to remember the next time you get home from the pet store. But be careful throwing around those bags; you don’t want to throw out your back!

If you have small or medium-sized dogs that don’t need 20-gallon bags of food, there’s still a way to exercise with Fido.

“Just running back and forth, playing with the dogs, I’m out of breath, my heart rate is up, I’m starting to sweat and I was having fun, it [isn’t] really exercise,” Coleman told Click 2 Houston.

And if you think your little ones are getting a little too much screen time, this is a great way get active and bond with your kids. Plus you’ve just knocked off another 250 calories. So easy!

“You would technically need to burn about 500 calories a day in order to burn that one pound weight loss for that week,” she said. So one intense vacuum session and one romp with the kids is all the exercise you need to do for the day.

Sounds doable, right? Well, it gets better! Coleman says she is able to keep off the weight and get in a good workout without ever having to go to the gym!

h/t Click 2 Houston

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