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2 Short Daily Stretching Routines to Help You Stay Flexible — Loosen Up Those Joints!

Adding these simple stretches to your day will make your body feel so much better!


There aren’t many better feelings than waking up and reaching your arms to the sky, elongating all your limbs and getting your body ready for a new day. But stretching isn’t only for mornings! Whether you exercise frequently or occasionally give fitness a go, it’s important to stretch properly. Unfortunately, many of us often skip this step as we’re already thinking about a million other things. That’s why incorporating stretching routines into your daily life is a good idea for your body.

We’ve rounded up two daily stretching routines that will not only give you a boost but also won’t take up too much of your time. What’s even better is that these movements will help you stay flexible. If you’re not exercising your joints properly, you can easily become stiff — or worse, be in pain.

1. 10-Minute Morning Stretches to Start Your Day Right!

Stretching is perfect first thing in the morning. Want to know the best part? You can do these before you even get out of bed. This series of stretches helps to wake up your muscles and joints, and can also help you achieve better mobility through out the day. Plus, you only need 10 minutes MAX!

Mature woman doing a stretching routine in bed
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Click through to try these 10-Min Morning Stretches to Start Your Day Right!

2. Unwind Your Mind: Gentle Stretches for Serenity

While stretching is great for flexibility and mobility, it also allows you to relax. This routine is designed to clear your mind and help you ease off the worries of the day. Take deep breaths in and out, and immerse yourself in the soothing vibe these stretches bring out.

Woman doing a daily stretching routing outside

Click through to Unwind Your Mind: Gentle Stretches for Serenity.

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