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3 Ways to Declutter Your Home for Summer! Plus the Importance of Having a Clean Space

Organization experts share the best solutions for getting rid of your extra stuff


We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but what about decluttering for summer? Each season brings about change not just in the weather, but in your mindset, attitude and well-being. “Decluttering, in conjunction with a new season, brings peace, calm, clarity and order to your home,” says Sara McDaniel, designer and home renovation expert with Simply Southern Cottage. Approaching clutter one season at a time also makes it less overwhelming and fortunately Woman’s World turned to the organization pros for their solutions. Now, three ways to declutter your home for summer and how clearing your space can impact your well-being.

Why is decluttering your home good for your well-being?

When your space gets too cluttered it puts a damper on your productivity, your mood and your overall well-being. “Decluttering creates a physical sensation of stress relief and reduces overwhelm,” explains Kris Hargrove professional organizer and founder of Organized By Kris.

McDaniel agrees and notices that her stress levels are higher when a space is chaotic. “I feel a greater sense of peace and calm when my home is in order,” she says.

Quick ways to declutter your home for summer

Every person approaches cleaning and organization differently, and it’s important to find the decluttering method that works best for your space. Briana and Erica Spruille, professional organizers and founders of Just BE LLC say that “decluttering is a reset, of sorts, allowing you to prepare for the hustle and bustle of summer, while also ridding your home of things you just don’t need or use at the moment.”

1. Trash, relocate and donate to declutter for summer

When you have a lot of things to declutter, Hargrove recommends grabbing a trash bag, a tote, or a laundry basket for relocation, and a box for donation. Focus on one space at a time and get to work.

“‘Toss all the trash in the trash bag. Anything that doesn’t belong in the space goes in the relocation basket, and anything you no longer want should be added to the donation box,” says Hargrove. When you are done with that take all the items in the relocation basket to the proper space. Ultimately, this keeps you centered on the room or space you’re working in.

Go through this process in every space that needs to be decluttered and “don’t forget to drop off your donations at the closest place to your home.”

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2. Switch out items based on the summer season

With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to evaluate clothing, decor, travel items or entertainment. “Swap out heavier clothing for summer wear, go through luggage and travel items… in preparation for vacations, and simplify common gathering areas to welcome more people into a relaxing, inviting space,” says Spruille.

Your routines change with the seasons and you won’t need a puffy coat or boots to be so readily on hand. Instead, prioritize items for the time of year, store away what you don’t need and get rid of anything that’s worn, old or expired.

3. Incorporate the two-year rule when cleaning for summer

Mom and daughter decluttering for summer
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This solution may require more thinking, but it’s useful, especially for your clothes, shoes and accessories. “As you transition your wardrobe, donate any clothing from the winter by using the two-year rule,” says McDaniel. “If you haven’t worn it in two years, donate!”

The two-year rule also applies to decor you haven’t put out, things that have been sitting in the garage or products with an expiration date that are unused. Ask yourself if you still need the item and if not, then it’s time to part ways.

How can you make decluttering your home for summer more fun?

Decluttering doesn’t have to be such an arduous chore. You can always listen to an audiobook or cue up your favorite playlist to make the time go faster. Once you’ve got your tunes ready, “take a minute or two to let the music settle into your body,” says Hargrove. Additionally, “set a timer and dedicate that time to moving your body as you declutter your space. The music cues your mind for fun, and the timer holds you accountable.”

You can also make a game out of decluttering your space. Set a timer and “challenge yourself to see how many of [a certain item] or which areas of the home, say junk drawers, you can declutter in the time set. And if you have kiddos, see who can clean their room the quickest, for a prize,” adds Spruille.

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