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9 Best Bidets for Every Bottom

Who needs toilet paper?


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Last year, when Americans prepared to hunker down and stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a few products became must-haves practically overnight. One of those was bidets of all types: bidet toilet seats, bidet attachments, travel bidet bottles, As toilet paper became harder to find on store shelves, people who had never considered using a bidet before were suddenly in search of the best bidet they could get their hands on. (Or should we say their bottoms?)

Soon enough, bidets also began to sell out, as consumers realized that they’re a superior alternative to toilet paper. Luckily, now that the height of pandemic panic-buying has passed, bidets are back in stock and readily available. Also luckily, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites — so if you’re looking for the best bidet for your bottom, you’re in luck!

What are the best bidet toilet seats to buy in 2021?

What is a bidet?

Basically, a bidet is a mini-bath for your nether regions, and back in the days when people used chamber pots — pre-toilet paper as we know it — they were absolutely essential. Beloved by Europeans for centuries (the French invented them in the 1600s), they’ve taken a while to catch on in the West.

Early bidets consisted of basins that could be straddled, allowing one to splash water over areas that needed freshening up. With advances in plumbing, they graduated to standalone bathroom fixtures with taps on the side, kind of like a sink in reverse. (Instead of spraying down, the stream of water shoots up.)

Nowadays, there are many types of bidets to choose from. The most popular ones are sold as attachments for your existing toilet, or as toilet seats with built-in sprayers, but there are also portable bidets, travel bidets, and handheld sprayer bidets.

Using a bidet may seem a little strange at first, but we predict that once you try it, you’ll find yourself hooked on the fresh, clean feeling that only a bidet can give you. Environmentally friendly and more sanitary than toilet paper, we think every bathroom should have one — and with the wide variety of styles available in a range of prices, there’s no reason they can’t.

Keep scrolling to see Woman’s World’s top picks for the best bidets!

What is the best bidet to buy in 2021?

Coway Bidetmega 400

Best bidet toilet seat for women
best luxury bidet

Buy from Amazon, $388.28 (originally $599)

Why we like it:

  • Gentle wash setting
  • Remote control
  • Woman’s World tested and approved

This is the one I have at home, and when they call it “the Cadillac of bidets,” they aren’t kidding. The Coway Bidetmega replaces your old toilet seat and is easy to install (our cat-sitter did it while we were away on vacation), comes with a remote control, and has just about every feature you could possibly want in a bidet. Nightlight? Check. Heated seat? Check. Air dryer? Check. Front and back wash modes? Check. There’s also “gentle” and “active” modes, adjustable water pressure and temperature settings, a self-cleaning function, and even Braille on the control pad, so visually-impaired people can easily operate it. A free 90-day trial means you have nothing to lose, so if you’re ready to level up your bathroom experience, this is the bidet to try.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Smart Toilet Seat

Best smart bidet toilet seat

Buy from Amazon, $699

Why we like it:

  • Available in elongated and round designs
  • Heated seat and water
  • Stainless steel nozzle includes 3 wash settings in one

If you haven’t jumped aboard the bidet train yet, now is the time — your bum will thank you! Not only does this BioBidet smart toilet seat provide a warming and, dare we say, luxurious experience, it’s also eco-friendly and offers an added level of sanitation. The stainless steel nozzle comes with three wash settings, including posterior, feminine, and vortex washes to keep you feeling oh so clean. Another convenient feature is the night light on the touch screen side panel, and you can also adjust the settings via wireless remote. Best of all, since it reduces toilet paper usage, you’ll save money and trees!

GNEGKLEAN Handheld Bidet

Best handheld bidet
handheld bidet sprayer

Buy from Amazon, $32.99

Why we like it:

  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • Can be used in the shower

This handheld option works — and looks! — like the sprayer wand on your kitchen sink, only it’s for your toilet. And instead of cleaning your dishes, it cleans … well, you know. A stainless steel hose with attachments you can switch out, this handheld bidet can be hooked up to use with any water supply in your bathroom, so if you prefer to have it in your shower rather than next to the throne, that works too! This handheld bidet option is not only affordable, it offers flexibility as to how and where you prefer to use it.

TOTO SW2044#01 C200 Washlet

Best heated toilet seat bidet
toto bidet

Buy from Amazon, $517 (originally $715)

Why we like it:

  • Heated seat
  • Self-cleaning features

This bidet does it all. It’s got a heated toilet seat, front and rear nozzles to get you clean from every angle, and not only will it get you nice and clean, it dries you off afterward and deodorizes the air. With a self-cleaning wand and a built-in toilet bowl cleaning feature, this bidet keeps itself as clean as it keeps you. Mounting and connection hardware is included, so you can install it yourself (though you should be aware that many reviewers recommend hiring a professional, both to prevent leaks and save yourself the headache of installation).

Luxe Bidet Neo 320

Best bidet toilet seat attachment
neo bidet 320

Buy from Amazon, $51.57

Why we like it:

  • Two nozzles
  • Washes with hot or cold water

This bidet attaches to the side of your existing toilet and uses either hot or cold water, depending on your preference. There are two nozzles, each equipped with a temperature control lever. A special “feminine” nozzle is designed to aim lower and have a softer spray, and the both sprayers retract for storage when you’re not using them. And everything you need to install the Neo 320 comes with it, no plumber required!

Lotus Smart Bidet

Best affordable bidet toilet seat
lotus bidet

Buy from Amazon ($239.99)

Why we like it:

  • Affordable all-in-one option
  • Air dryer with temperature control

A more affordable option that still offers a transformative bathroom experience, this “smart bidet” has a heated toilet seat, warm water wash, and an air dryer with temperature control. The spray nozzle is adjustable, so you can aim the water exactly where you need it, and it washes itself with a jet stream before and after each use. It’s compatible with both round and elongated toilets and comes with all the hardware needed for installation, plus a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

TOTO SW3046#01 S500e Washlet

Best luxury bidet
toto luxury washlet

Buy from Amazon, $965

Why we like it:

  • Deodorizes the air
  • Self-cleans before and after every use

Designed for the true bidet enthusiast, this high-end option is worth the hefty price tag if you want the best bathroom experience money can buy. Not only does it have a heated seat, a front and rear warm-water cleanser, five adjustable temperature and pressure settings, a warm air dryer, and an automatic air deodorizer, it cleans the wand and toilet bowl before and after every use. The Toto brand has long been known as the best-in-class when it comes to toilets. Bottom line? This is the best of the best. Treat yourself!

HAPPYPO Easy-Bidet

Best portable bidet
portable bidet bottle

Buy from Amazon, $16.95

Why we like it:

  • Affordable!
  • Portable!

Want a bidet you can use anywhere? This portable bidet saves the day — and saves the trees by letting you conserve toilet paper! Just fill it up and give it a squeeze when needed. The BPA-free bottle is soft and easy to grip, and the design makes it easy to reach wherever you need it to go.

Mini Boss Electric Bidet Sprayer

Best travel bidet
travel bidet

Buy from Amazon, $25.99

Why we like it:

  • Two pressure settings
  • Battery-powered

No toilet paper? No problem! This motorized, portable bidet is sweet, discreet, and perfect to pack with you on a weekend getaway or an extended escape from the city. Simply insert batteries, fill the reservoir with warm water (or whatever temperature you prefer), and it’s ready to use. Choose low or high pressure with the touch of a button. Requires two triple-A batteries (not included) and comes in pink, white, or green.

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