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7 Clever Freezer Organization Ideas from Home Pros That Save Space & Money

Plus, the genius frozen food file hack that saves tons of space

Our freezers store everything from leftovers and frozen appetizers to ice cream and meat and if you’re like us, they often get disorganized and crowded. Not only can it be tough to find what you need, but hard to keep track of what can and should be eaten soon too. Thankfully, it’s possible to make the appliance tidy while also ensuring you have enough room for storage. That’s why we asked professional organizers to share their best freezer organization ideas so you can easily outsmart food clutter.  

The best freezer organization ideas

Create more vertical space

Stackable bins for freezer organization
Credit: pantrycoau/Instagrampantrycoau/Instagram

For particularly small freezers, you’ll likely need to squeeze as many items as possible inside. The key to avoiding chaos? “Optimize your freezer space by thinking both vertically and horizontally,” shares Meaghan Kessman, founder of Meaghan Kessman Home Organization. “Use stackable bins to make the most of available space and store flat items like frozen pizzas upright in magazine holders.”

Another way to make the most of what you have? Add shelf risers inside the freezer.  “They help maximize vertical space, which is often overlooked,” adds Tina Priestly, owner and CEO of Ready, Set, Refresh.

Freezer organization ideas: Skip bulky packaging

Frozen foods stored flat in zip-top bags

Since space is such a premium in the freezer, you want to make as much room as you can. The pros say that an easy fix is staying clear of bulky packaging. “Transfer items from their original boxes to more space-efficient containers or bags,” advises Priestly. “For instance, take frozen pizzas out of the box and store them in large freezer bags.”

For homemade items or smaller leftovers, skip larger plastic containers to store them. Instead, freeze items flat in zip-top bags when possible. “Think soups, sauces, or even pre-portioned smoothie packs,” she says. “Once they’re frozen flat, you can stand them up like files in a drawer — super space-efficient!”

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See how this trick kept a freezer organized for a new mom in the video below:


Soups and sauces are easiest. Freeze flat in ziplock bags for easy storage. #fourthtrimestercare #freezermealsforthewin

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Store leftovers side to side

Containers of leftovers are one of the most common items found in the freezer. While this helps them stay fresh until you’re ready to eat them, things can quickly get crowded.

What’s more, it’s common for food to get “lost” in the freezer when you have a lot of containers to store through. A clever way to prevent this: “I rotate the food by date and I do it side to side, instead of back to front,” suggests James Lott Jr., CEO and founder at The Super Organizer. “This assures that you will eat the older items and they won’t be forgotten in the back as you put in newer items.”

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Freezer organization ideas: Keep “need to be eaten” items separate

Even if you don’t keep a lot of leftovers handy in your freezer, you may still find that store-bought items get lost in the shuffle. This can be frustrating when you discover you had something in your freezer that you forgot about — only to find it’s expired!

 “Keep a ‘use-it-up’ section for items that need to be eaten soon,” says Priestly. “It helps reduce clutter and ensures you’re not holding onto things longer than necessary.”

Make groups with containers

An organized freezer with items grouped in bins
Credit: mealplanaddict/Instagrammealplanaddict/Instagram

One of the easiest ways to avoid pile-ups in your freezer? Use clear containers to keep like items together.

“For example: group all the chicken together, steak together, appetizers together and so on,” says Audra George, owner and pro-organizer at Pretty Neat: An Organization Solution. “This prevents having to search the freezer to find that items you are looking for to cook dinner.” Plus it makes it easy to take inventory of what you already have when it’s time to go shopping.

In the case of a narrow freezer, you can also use clear containers and group like items by shelf. Watch how this works below:

Freezer organization ideas: Organize by season or theme

Frozen fruits organized together in a freezer

If you don’t want to group types of meats together, the pros say you can consider designating specific sections of your freezer based on seasons. “For instance, during the festive season, allocate space for holiday baking supplies or pre-prepped meals,” suggests Kessman. “In the summer, keep frozen fruits and smoothie packs easily accessible.” (Making smoothies? Consider this health-boosting add-in).

Repurpose household items

An ice cube tray being used to store herbs
Pete Bemmer/Getty

You don’t have to shell out for pricey organizers to keep a freezer tidy. Plenty of common items can be re-used to get the job done! “Repurpose household items like plastic containers to create custom storage solutions,” shares Kessman. “For instance, an old ice cube tray can be perfect for storing herbs or small portions of broth.”


Dont throw away your wilting herbs, make these olive oil herb cubes! #earthmonth #sustainability #nowaste #foodtips

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You can also create “dividers” to sidestep having to dig through bags of frozen veggies, fruits and leftovers which can be time-consuming and frustrating. “Grab an empty wine box or crate inserts from a liquor store — they’re perfect for stacking in the freezer to designate specific ‘cubbies’ for frozen fruit, veggies, meat and more,” says Christina Colas, owner of Abundance Organizing.”

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