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2 Easy Tricks For Getting Rid of Icky Kitchen Trash Can Odors


As far as lingering smells go, our kitchen garbage is definitely one of the biggest culprits for hanging onto icky odors. No matter how often you take the bags out to the curb, the aroma can too often become overwhelming. There’s always the option of banishing it to the garage in between trash pick up days, but that’s less ideal — especially if you start your days with your car parked in there, too. Luckily, there are a couple of easy ways to get rid of that stink even before it becomes a problem.

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Have you ever stuck a box of baking soda in the back of your fridge to absorb food odors? Well, it’s just as helpful when it comes to your smelly trash. The absorbent household staple can be sprinkled onto the bottom of your can before you add a bag to soak up and neutralize any odor that sneaks out. You can also plop it right on top of the trash when you notice smells starting to spread. 

You should only need a couple tablespoons or so for both options, depending on the size of your receptacle. Just keep in mind that metal trash cans will need some sort of barrier between the baking soda to avoid corrosion. A coffee filter or dryer sheet should do the trick!

If you want something that will add a nice aroma while getting rid of the offensive ones, Apartment Therapy recommends reaching for your favorite essential oils. Simply add a few drops to the bottom of the trash bag or soak a few cotton balls in your favorite scents to toss in any time the can gets a little too funky. They suggest trying oils like lemongrass, which is a natural odor-balancer, or tea tree and citrus to battle any bacteria. Or you can experiment with whatever scents you like best to elevate the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

You’ll probably also want to give your can a good scrub with soap and water a few times a year  to get rid of any residue that’s built up over time. If you notice mold has started growing, you’ll need to get out the big guns and wipe it down with a 50/50 mixture of bleach and warm water. 

Now you’ll be able to walk into your kitchen and take a deep breathe without any fear of gagging over smelly trash odor!

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