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Organizing Pros Share the Shoe Storage Solutions That Save Space! Ideas for Every Kind of Footwear

Say goodbye to piles of shoes and hello to cabinets, bins, boxes, and more storage-solving items

A messy pile of shoes can be the result of a long day at work or a fun night on the town, as many of us know finding shoe-storage solutions is a difficult hurdle to tackle. Luckily, shoe storage ideas are easier to come by than you’d think, thanks to organizational professionals who revealed their secrets to Woman’s World. “When it comes to storing shoes, there are a handful of great methods that can help keep footwear organized and easily accessible – which is really the most important part,” explains Shantae Duckworth, professional organizer and founder of Shantaeize Your Space. Keep reading to learn more about storage solutions for shoes and how to organize heels, boots, sneakers, and more styles thanks to a variety of hacks.

How to store shoes in small spaces 

As much as we all wish we could be Carrie Bradshaw for not only her classy collection of Manolo Blahniks but also her massive closet, not everyone has that luxury. Luckily, there are a number of shoe storage solutions if you have small spaces and a tiny closet. 

Plastic Bins

While it can be overwhelming to figure out a designated spot for all your footwear, there’s no need to panic since clear plastic bins are a great storage alternative. “I’m a big fan of clear plastic bins with lids, which are a fantastic option as they allow you to see what shoes are inside while keeping them shielded from dust and damage,” says Duckworth. 

Plastic bins are also sturdy. Heather Aiello, CEO & founder at The Organized You, suggests looking for “stackable options to maximize space utilization” so they can easily go under the bed or be neatly assembled elsewhere. You can find affordable storage options at places like IKEA, Target, The Container Store, or Amazon. 

Fabric Storage Bins

Fabric Bins for shoe storage

If plastic is too plain, Duckworth suggests cute fabric bins instead. These “can add a touch of style to your space“ and are a “convenient way to store shoes,” she notes. It all depends on where you’ll be storing the shoes and which type of bin storage you prefer. 

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Shoe storage ideas for entryways, closets, and more 

When you’re looking to be more creative with your shoe storage, bins might not be the best solution. Have a little fun and try one of these shoe storage ideas instead, perfect for entryways, closets, and more spaces around the house.

Shoe storage under the stairs

According to DIY expert and organizer Ally Boldan, more and more people are either cutting open their staircases and adding hinges to make use of the space underneath or using adjacent cabinets for shoe storage. Oftentimes, these spaces remain empty, but if you’re short on room, “this is such a nifty way to store shoes.” Boldan notes that “depending on the size of your stairs underneath you may want to invest in some custom shoe racking inside.”

Hanging shoe storage bags

Investing in some hanging shoe storage bags is a classic, but more unique option than bins or buckets. “These bags can be hung from closet rods or hooks, providing a space-saving solution for storing shoes vertically. This way, the shoes are off the ground and hanging in the closet, but won’t damage the shoe,” says Duckworth

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How to store different types of shoes

Not all shoes are created equally, so they can’t all be stored the same way either. That’s why figuring out how to store them and “keeping your shoes organized properly will help prolong their lifespan,” says Aiello.

Sneaker storage 

Sneakers are likely the easiest kind of shoe to put away. “For sneakers, it’s best to store these on a shelf or shoe rack and you may want to consider shoe stackers — a piece of slanted plastic or metal that allows the shoes to be stacked one on top of the other so they fit in your shoe rack or shoe holder,” says Boldan

How to store heels

Heels on a rack for shoe storage

You should use shoe racks with angled shelves to store heels because it allows them to stay upright without slipping or tipping over. “I like to use shoe organizers with dividers or compartments to keep heels separated and organized, preventing them from getting tangled or scuffed,” says Duckworth. 

Storage ideas for sandals and flip-flops

Sandals and flip-flops can easily be placed in a bin or a drawer because they’re more compact. “They can also be stored using organizing systems like baskets or drawer dividers, just store them in the opposite direction to each other to make the most of your space,” says Boldan.

How to store boots

“Boots should be stored upright to maintain their shape, either with boot shapers or by stuffing them with rolled-up towels,” says Aiello. If you’re storing them on a rack, put them on the highest possible shelf to ensure they don’t get squished. 

Storage solutions for high-end and designer footwear.

Bolden points out that it’s a must to keep shoe boxes and dust bags for your pricier shoes. When you buy expensive shoes, they give you the bags and boxes for a reason. “If you’ve invested say in some expensive Louboutins or limited edition sneakers it’s best to clean them after use and store them in their intended bags,” says Boldan. 

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