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Brighten Up Your Home With Festive Ceramic Christmas Trees


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With the holiday decorating season in full swing, one classic decoration going up around homes everywhere is the ceramic Christmas tree. A staple and cherished family heirloom for many, this festive piece of art makes a lovely addition to any Christmas display. But where did this Christmas tradition start?

The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of the Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas trees are such a holiday staple that it’s hard to remember a time when they weren’t atop every mantle and at the heart of every centerpiece. However, it’s thanks to a certain art boom that these trees became synonymous with the holiday: the ceramic craze! In the 60s and 70s, ceramics became extremely popular with women across the country as a fun way to give stunning handmade gifts. After falling out of fashion in the early 90s, ceramics has seen a bit of resurgence lately with a new found interest in the art and pop-ups of numerous “paint-a-plate” ceramic studios, leading to a new demand for all things ceramic, especially–you guessed it–Christmas trees!

Ceramic Tree Pin

Whether you’re an avid collector looking to add more, or searching for the perfect ornament to start your own family tradition, we’ve scoured the web and rounded up some great finds so you don’t have to. With so much choice — from vintage beauty to modern interpretations, there’s a ceramic Christmas tree to suit everyone’s taste. Here are some of our absolute favorites.

Classic Ceramic Christmas Trees

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 1

Glazed Classic Green Ceramic Christmas Tree

Nothing adds a classier touch to any home that a handmade piece of art. This ceramic Christmas tree takes brightening up your home for the holidays to a whole new level with its intricate tea light design. Instead of colored plastic lights, this tree has subtle openings to create a warm glow, making this one of the coziest decorations in your display.

Where to buy: Amazon, $24

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 2

Handmade Lighted Ceramic Christmas Tree

Another handmade beauty is this lighted ceramic Christmas tree. Made using a vintage mold, this tree is fitted with its own lighting kit and easy-to-use dial. Multi-colored miniature light bulbs gleam brightly, making this a popular choice for older kids’ bedrooms.

Where to buy: Amazon, $39.99

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 3

Santa & Friends Ceramic Christmas Tree

By day, this ceramic Christmas tree is a festive figurine, but at night it comes alive with a cheery Christmas glow! Featuring a snowy winter scene with Santa and a snowman beside their favorite decorated tree, this ornament is lit from a central bulb in its base and illuminates any room with an array of translucent tree lights.

Where to buy: Amazon, $39.95

New Ceramic Christmas Tree

LED Ceramic Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for something a little more original, this is as close as you’ll get to a singing and dancing Christmas tree! Not only does this battery operated tree emit a soft glow thanks to its beautiful multicolored lights, it also plays a popular holiday carol.! We literally can’t think of anything else you might want from a Christmas ornament. Fun for everyone!

Where to buy: Amazon, $44.95 $34.95

New Ceramic Christmas Tree 2

Blue & White Ceramic Christmas Tree

Who says a blue Christmas can’t be a merry one? This delicately hand painted tree has snow-tipped branches and beautiful icy white lights to make your home feel like a true winter wonderland. Plus it will remind the kids of Disney’s “Frozen”, so it’s bound to be a big hit!

Where to buy: Etsy, $49.99

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 6

Small Vintage Style Ceramic Christmas Tree

Whether you’re chilling in the snowy mountains of Colorado or baking on the sun-drenched shoreline of Florida, you can bring festive joy into your home with this vintage ceramic Christmas tree. While it doesn’t light up like some others on this list, the detailed decoration fills any room with Christmas cheer (and without taking up too much space!)

Where to buy: Etsy, $16.09

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 7

Nostalgic Green Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas trees bring about a nostalgia that stems from childhood. You know what we’re not nostalgic for? Visible cords and burnt out lights! Forget the hassle of disguising those long power cords and searching endlessly for the right light bulbs with this cordless tree. Combine this porcelain classic with a battery operated base and have the best of both worlds this holiday!

Where to buy: Walmart, $18.40

Unfinished Ceramic Christmas Tree

Unfinished Lighted Ceramic Christmas Tree

Christmas is a great time for crafts with your loved ones (especially the little ones!) so why not design your own ceramic Christmas tree this holiday? Complete with a battery operated tea light, tree lights, a star tree topper and a paintbrush, this kit is perfect for hanging out and making some treasured memories this family holiday.

Where to buy: Amazon, $39.95

Contemporary Ceramic Christmas Trees

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 9

Black Ceramic Christmas Tree

For some, even the holidays won’t break their aesthetic. Perfect for your favorite neighborhood minimalist, this tree will make an understated and incredibly lovely addition to any Christmas display. Best of all, it’s neutral color is bound to complement any decorating scheme!

Where to buy: Target, $12.99 $12.34 Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 10

White Star Ceramic Christmas Tree Set

Starlight, star bright, if you’re looking for a starry night then look no further! This ceramic Christmas tree set puts a contemporary spin on the classic ceramic tree with its unique “starlight” tea light design. Simply arrange the trees as you like, place a lighted tea light in the base and voila! The star cutouts will illuminate any room, giving the star atop your Christmas tree a run for its money.

Where to buy: Amazon, $49.99

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 11

Large Bright Ceramic Tree

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your holiday display, try incorporating this hip, colorful decoration. Featuring an array of holiday colors and a sleek cone design, this ceramic Christmas tree is definitely the most unique tree in the branch . . . uh, bunch.

Where to buy: Target, $19.99

Best Ceramic Christmas Tree 12

Green Glass Ceramic Tree

Put a fun, modern spin on the ceramic Christmas tree trend with this gorgeous glass tree. Featuring a unique quilted design, the beautiful green color and modern sleek design will add a beautiful accent to any room while still screaming, “Christmas!”

Where to buy: Target, $14.99

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