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Your 2024 New Moon in Gemini Horoscope: What’s in Store for You Come June 6

Find out how this new moon event in Gemini can strengthen your relationships and resolve

As June begins, you could be feeling an palpable effervescent, lighthearted energy that is undeniably tied to the beginning of summer. And in 2024, the first week of June features a pleasure-bringing new moon in Gemini, offering a blank slate on which you can map out your game plan for achieving a thrilling new aspiration. With so many planets, including lucky Jupiter, hanging out in the sign symbolized by the Twins now, this new moon serves as a defining moment, in which you can truly make the most of the curious, communicative sign’s influence. So, what does the new moon in Gemini mean for you specifically this year?

On Thursday, June 6 at 8:38 a.m. ET/5:38 a.m. PT, this lunar event falls in the mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation and technology. In turn, this is a new moon that provides the opportunity to reflect on how you’re connecting with others, expressing your ideas and soaking up and trading information. Being open minded and adaptable is a strength of Gemini, so this could be a moment in which you’re more apt to experiment, switch gears or pivot away from an existing aim in order to embrace a whole new game plan that serves you even better. Here, all you need to know about this vibrant event so you can make the most of it.

What is a new moon?

The new moon occurs once — and once in a while, twice — a month when the moon and the sun share the same exact spot in the zodiac (for example, this month, they will meet at 16 degrees of Gemini). Because the two luminaries are so close, the sun’s stunningly bright light doesn’t reflect off of the moon at all, and from our point of view on Earth, the moon’s form appears hidden. For that reason, you can think of a new moon as a blank canvas on which you can paint your vision for the future. And you can take advantage of new moon energy by getting clear on and setting those goals for four days before and after the event occurs. 

In astrology, the moon colors your emotions, intuition and nurturing style as well as how you want to be nurtured. When it’s new, you could feel an amplified sense of possibility, anticipation and emotional self-awareness. New moons also present a chance to plant seeds that you can watch grow over the following two weeks (up until the next full moon, which, this time, falls on Friday, June 21) and the following six months (when we’ll experience the corresponding full moon, which in this case will be Sunday, December 15).

What is the new moon in Gemini?

Every new moon is a chance to gain clarity as you consider what you want to strive for moving forward and to then set a concrete intention. But June’s new moon is particularly wired to tap into high mental energy and lean on communicative, social rituals to solidify your goal. That’s thanks to Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, the messenger planet, which fuels how you soak up and disseminate information as well as your thought processes. In other words, Gemini season and this Gemini new moon makes it more likely you’ll have your pick of buzzy, curious, interactive opportunities in which you can talk through what you want to achieve with friends, loved ones or colleagues. You might also process ideas and emotions that come up for you now through other Mercury-ruled practices, like writing, reading or learning something new. And because Gemini is associated with the Third House of Communication, you might also find short-distance trips or your relationships and interactions with neighbors or siblings prove insightful and inspiring. 

The 2024 Gemini new moon invites you to prioritize pleasure and beauty

The new moon occurs at 16 degrees of Gemini, while Venus, the planet of romance, pleasure and beauty, is also at 16 degrees of Gemini, leading the luminary and the planet to form an exciting, powerful conjunction just after the new moon is exact. The meet-up between the moon and Venus can amplify feelings of inner peace, harmony and optimism, especially while you’re connecting with your nearest and dearest. And with this new moon as the foundation for any relationship goal, you could find it’s easier to get on the same page as a loved one or friend. 

Because Venus also oversees earning, this is a moment in which you can trust your intuition even more than usual in regard to money making endeavors. The planet named for the goddess of love can also support creativity and an eye for what’s aesthetically pleasing, so its influence on this new moon makes this an ideal time for diving into any pursuit that involves tapping into your artistic impulses, like experimenting with your wardrobe or beautifying your space. 

The 2024 new moon in Gemini encourages a reality check before embracing the future 

A few hours after the new moon is exact, it will square off against taskmaster Saturn, the planet of hard work and commitment, currently sitting at 18 degrees of mutable water sign Pisces. While this connection can be tense and challenging, it’s an invitation to look at the facts and to strive for pragmatism before hitting the gas on whatever goal you’ve opted to set during this new moon. Saturn requires that we put our nose to the grindstone and look at reality in order to lay a foundation that’s solid enough for our dreams and wishes to flourish from. 

And because this is a lunar event, after all, and the moon oversees emotions while the taskmaster planet requires that we take responsibility, you might find you’re now more aware of emotions and behaviors that aren’t aligned with where you want to go and realize that addressing them head-on might be your best bet. 

Here, how the 2024 Gemini new moon will affect you based on your sign. (Be sure to read both your sun and your rising sign if you know it. If you don’t, you can find it in your birth chart or by using this CafeAstrology calculator.)


Aries zodiac sign

With this new moon falling in your communication zone, you have a unique opportunity to dive into an intellectually stimulating learning experience and to fill your calendar up with exciting social commitments. You’ll also enjoy a surge of high mental energy you can apply to checking just about any to-do off your list, especially if it involves interacting with others. Just be aware that because the moon squares off against taskmaster Saturn in your spirituality zone, taking time to connect with your intuition could be the key to making the most of this moment. 

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Taurus

New moon in gemini horoscope for Taurus

The new moon activates your money zone, nudging you to get clear on an income-related goal you’d like to move toward making real. If you’re not quite sure how to go about reflecting on this, know that you’ll be even more in touch with your five senses than usual, so enjoying any kind of practice that amplifies mindfulness and being present could be particularly helpful. And with your ruling planet, sweet Venus, linking up with the moon, you’ll be truly empowered to pinpoint a new path to thriving even more.  

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Gemini

Gemini zodiac sign

Welcome to your annual new moon, which invites you to explore and nurture your self-image, identity, perspective and confidence. Whether you’ve been wanting to tweak something related to how you’re presenting your biggest, boldest ideas or experiment with your look, this lunar event is your opportunity to trust your heart and be more playful all in the name of standing even more strongly in your sense of self. And with the moon squaring off against Saturn in your career zone, doing the work to be true to yourself could also benefit your public image.

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Cancer

New moon in gemini horoscope for Cancer

This new moon falls in your spirituality zone, which means it could feel like a more restful, meditative moment for you than other lunar events. But it’s also a chance to care for your psychological well-being and to make sure that you have enough time set aside for grounding activities that fill your cup. You may realize that committing to a new self-care plan would benefit your well-being in more ways than one. And with the moon squaring off against taskmaster Saturn in your adventure zone, you might also feel more centered by exploring a new philosophy or having an eye-opening experience. 

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Leo

Leo zodiac sign

Falling in your networking and friendships sector, this new moon highlights your desire to feel more connected to a group of friends or colleagues or community of like minded people. You’ll be motivated to make new friends or to lend your skills to a team effort that allows you to feel like you’re contributing to something outside of yourself. Either endeavor is sure to offer reverberating effects that could also positively impact your long-term wishes. Venus’ meet-up with the moon amplifies your creativity, to boot. 

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Virgo

New moon in gemini horoscope for Virgo

This new moon in your career zone is a chance to get laser focused on a big picture aspiration you want to research and then take practical steps toward achieving. Whether you’ve been wanting to earn recognition from higher-ups, take on a leadership role or make your mark in another way, you can own the spotlight! Just know that with the moon’s square to taskmaster Saturn in your partnership zone, managing any tensions within a one-on-one relationship could be key to moving the ball forward on whatever aspiration you’ve chosen to pursue.  

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Libra

Libra zodiac sign

This new moon happens to fall in your higher learning and adventure zone, encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace a whole new, horizon-broadening path. You could feel restless, as though your typical day-to-day routine just isn’t satisfying you right now for whatever reason. In turn, tune into your gut and consider moves that might prove satisfying now and moving forward, whether that’s advancing your skill set, working closely with a mentor to soak up new knowledge or traveling. Given that your ruling planet, artistic Venus joins the moon, you have a head start toward making your vision a reality.  

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Scorpio

New moon in gemini horoscope for Scorpio

Falling in your intimacy zone, this new moon presents a shot at kicking off a whole new chapter within your closest emotional bonds. You could be eager to share your deepest feelings in a heart-to-heart or to talk through an important money-related undertaking, as this is also the sector of joint resources. Either way, whatever route you go down now, you’ll be laying the groundwork for feeling even more in sync with someone special. And thanks to the moon’s square to taskmaster Saturn in your self-expression zone, owning your voice is even more of a must.

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius zodiac sign

With this new moon falling in your partnership sector, your focus will be on pairing up with a loved one, colleague or friend to work toward a shared aim. You might also find it’s easier than usual to meet new people, negotiate contracts or kick off a bold plan alongside a like minded companion. And you’ll be even more conscious of which of your relationships are truly reciprocal — and which might require a bit more work to get there. Thanks to the moon’s square to Saturn in your home zone, you’ll want to be sure that, along the way, you’re also tending to your inner emotional well-being and sense of security. 

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Capricorn

New moon in gemini horoscope for Capricorn

This new moon falls in your wellness and daily routine sector, making it one in which you can certainly channel your signature industriousness into concrete results, especially when it comes to feeling more accomplished and on track with your mind-body practices and everyday hustle. If you’ve been wanting to streamline your schedule or take your health regimen to the next level, you can set a powerful related intention now. With the moon’s square to your ruling planet, taskmaster Saturn, in your communication zone, research and talking through your plan could be essential to its success.

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius zodiac sign

This new moon occurs in your romance and self-expression zone, which means that your creativity and desire to be spontaneous and lighthearted is bound to soar. Hitting pause on your everyday to-dos in order to spend more time with your nearest and dearest can do wonders for your spirit — now and down the road! And with the moon joining forces with relationship-oriented Venus, you’ll also want to connect with loved ones and friends by expressing yourself artistically. You might also be more inclined to speak from the heart and, in turn, nurture bonds all around. 

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New moon in Gemini horoscope for Pisces

New moon in gemini horoscope for Pisces

With this new moon falling in your home zone, you have a sweet opportunity to kick off new traditions with your loved ones or have meaningful conversations that set a healing tone for your family. Because this sector also deals with your emotional well-being, you may do well to explore whatever feelings are coming up for you through journaling or therapy. What you learn could ultimately bolster your sense of security. And thanks to the moon’s square to Saturn in your sign, caring for your self-image and confidence will be integral to fostering more harmony in your familial relationships and enhancing your inner peace. 

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