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Pisces and Pisces Compatibility: Are They Compatible in Love and Friendship?

This romance is like a watery fantasy.


It’s not necessarily easy to get along with someone who is just like you. So, you might assume that a Pisces-Pisces relationship is not a match made in heaven, but rather in the deep, dark, blue sea. However, when two fish come together, the union can be a beautiful and harmonious one. Of course, as with any love match, there are always going to be some bumps along the way. (Even soulmates have problems.) But when it comes to Pisces compatibility with Pisces, these two have a natural understanding that can make even the most challenging of times easier to navigate. Interested in learning more about this celestial pairing? Read on to get the scoop on all things Pisces and Pisces compatibility. 

What makes a Pisces a Pisces?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of a Pisces-Pisces relationship, let’s take a look at the sign itself. Pisces, like all zodiac signs, is associated with certain traits and characteristics. Specifically, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, imagination, and spiritual enlightenment. This means those born under this sign tend to be highly sensitive, creative individuals with a passion for helping others. They are often compassionate and empathetic, able to put themselves in other people’s shoes and view things from their perspective. Pisces also have strong intuition, making them excellent problem-solvers and creative thinkers (and maybe even mind-readers).

Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces are often torn between different desires and paths. This can make them seem indecisive or scattered at times, but it can also help them see things from different angles. As a result, Pisces are more patient and understanding of the struggles of others, making them especially supportive and wise partners.

Something else you should know about the celestial Fish is that it’s a water sign. This means that those born under Pisces are naturally drawn to the emotions and feelings of others. They tend to feel everything extremely deeply, which is probably one of the reasons they have a penchant for retreating into fantasy — to avoid the pain of the world. Pisces is also mutable in nature, meaning these individuals are constantly adapting. This makes Pisces open-minded and able to go with the flow.

Pisces and Pisces in Friendship

So, can Pisces find friendship in another Pisces? You betcha. Pisces-Pisces friendships tend to blossom quickly, as both people share an immediate understanding of each other’s emotional needs (they are both water signs, after all). As companions, these two can provide each other with the support and comfort that comes naturally to them. Pisces are proud dreamers, so their friends should make sure to listen and support their goals and aspirations. Encouraging your friend’s daydreams — even if you find them silly — can create a stronger bond between you.  

Pisces are known for communicating dreamily and poetically, so it’s important to be clear about your needs and wants in this friendship. Make sure to express your feelings with precise words so that there is no confusion or misunderstandings. Luckily, Pisces are quite flexible too, and willing to negotiate and compromise in order to keep the peace; so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to stay on the same page.

Pisces may be the oldest sign in the zodiac, but they are also one of the most idealistic — so it’s good to remember that all relationships take time and effort. Don’t expect too much from yourself or your friend, as this can lead to disappointment down the road. Pisces are natural people-pleasers and can be overly passive or prone to following along — so you’ll do well to remember that you need to take care of yourself, first and foremost. Don’t be afraid to take a break or cancel plans with your pal to spend the night alone if you need it. 

Pisces and Pisces in Love

When it comes to compatibility in love and romance, a Pisces and Pisces are a match made in zodiac heaven. Not only do they instantly validate each other’s feelings and needs, but they also have a shared love of art and beauty; so it won’t be uncommon to find them teaming up on a creative project in their spare time. They can both be wildly romantic, creating an atmosphere that is full of gentle, stirring passion.  

As already mentioned, Pisces are incredibly sensitive and compassionate. This makes them not only great listeners and problem-solvers, but also sympathetic partners. They are often willing to work through any issues that arise and are perpetually eager to compromise in order to please their partner. However, Pisces also tend to over-introspect, meaning they can get stuck in their own heads and lose sight of reality in favor of fantasy; two Pisces must help each other stay grounded by engaging with the world around them and making an effort not to retreat into Dreamland together too often, or for too long.

In addition to being open-minded and flexible, Pisces are immensely imaginative. This makes them great innovators, since they have the tendency to think outside of the box; and they won’t be afraid to approach a relationship from a more unconventional perspective. Lastly, Pisces are likely to be truly devoted when it comes to a romantic bond, and they will always put their partner’s needs first; they are perfectly willing to change their life for their partner, if it means staying together and making them happy. While this makes them wonderful people to rely on in any situation, putting your partner’s needs before your own can also result in built-up resentment or frustration. So, both Pisces in this pairing need to make sure to take care of themselves.

Potential Problem Areas

Pisces can easily become too sensitive in a relationship. A simple comment they perceive as negative can lead them to feeling overwhelmed or anxious; and if their partner is having a bad day, their day could be ruined too, since they are constantly taking on the emotional burdens of others. Acknowledge each other’s feelings, but don’t take them too seriously or internalize them. In order to avoid codependency (something Pisces is prone to), both partners should take breaks from each other and pursue their own interests. Maintaining their own unique, individual identity will be crucial for any Pisces who enters into a relationship. 

Pisces have a tendency to be overly trusting. This can sometimes lead them into difficult situations wherein they get taken advantage of. On the other hand, people close to a Pisces may also find that this sign is too idealistic or impractical a lot of the time, leading them to expect more from their lover (or their family, friends, job, etc.) than is possible or fair. 

Pisces are skilled at avoiding conflict, but this can lead to underlying issues that never get addressed. Two Pisces in a partnership will have to push themselves to talk openly about problems or disagreements in order to keep things healthy. Still, while all of these qualities may make a Pisces-Pisces relationship challenging at times, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should jump ship for a grounded Capricorn or Taurus when the going gets tough. This love match can be an incredible ride — or swim, deep beneath the ocean — with proper communication and patience.

Written in the Stars

Your birth chart is good for more than just pointing you toward the right career, and your daily horoscope can help you do more than avoid accidents that day. Zodiac compatibility can help you find your perfect love match, whether that’s a Mercury-ruled Gemini, a Venus-ruled Taurus, or a sign a little closer to home. Two Pisces have a great deal of understanding between them, though there are still potential pitfalls that can arise. If these mutable signs are open and honest with each other, practice sincere communication and conflict resolution, and maintain their individual identities within the relationship, then the connection between them can be strong. Whether it’s a match made in the stars or a fishy situation, only time will tell.

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