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“I’m a Tarot Card Reader and These 3 Tarot Spreads Will Help You Navigate Love — Past, Present and Future!”

Plus learn which cards you should be on the lookout for.


The tarot can provide insights and information about every facet of life. I’ve given readings on topics related to career crossroads, travel plans, health journeys and even personal style. But if there’s one topic that tends to occupy the minds of those seeking answers from the cards, it’s love and relationships. People want advice for calling in a soul mate, guidance on whether or not to ask someone out, clarity on where a relationship is headed, solace after heartbreak and wisdom for moving on. Tarot can provide all this and more. And you don’t even need to seek a reader — all you need is a tarot deck, an open heart and a few tarot relationship spread options up your sleeve.

Of course, there are a few more things you could add to improve results. Create a peaceful space in your home where you can do one of the following spreads undisturbed. If you have crystals, grab your rose quartz. It promotes self-love, healthy relationships and emotional healing and will add a nurturing energy to your experience. Finally, light a candle to set the mood.

And remember that relationship spreads can illuminate connections beyond romantic ties. Use them to examine family relationships, professional connections and friendships, too.

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How to read these relationship tarot spreads: Quick tarot card tutorial

Before learning how to do the spreads, it helps to familiarize yourself with the cards that will make an impact for a tarot relationship spread. You don’t need to memorize the traditional tarot cards to benefit from these spreads. To interpret the cards’ meaning, start with your own reaction to each card. In the context of each spread, what does the image on the card make you think of? Record your impressions in a notebook and revisit them as time goes by.

Keep in mind that no card is strictly bad or good. It all depends on your situation, the spread and what your intuition is telling. These are just some common ways to interpret these cards in a relationship reading.

If you want to know more about a card, refer to the book your deck came with or simply do an internet search on the card in question. Trust that you’ll be connected with the information you need to know. There are unlimited ways to interpret a card in a relationship spread. The right one is the one that resonates with you and helps you think through your experiences.

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These are positive cards to look for in a relationship tarot spread:

The Lovers

Fortuneteller holding Tarot fortune THE LOVERS card of one of the most popular occult Tarot on table.
Suphansa Subruayying/Getty

The Lovers symbolizes a happy and balanced relationship, reflecting a profound spiritual and emotional bond between partners.

The two of cups

the two of cup card

The two of cups shows a meeting of the minds and hearts — a strong connection between two people.

Relationship tarot spread: The ten of cups

relationship tarot spread: The ten of cups card

The ten of cups is sometimes called the “happily ever after card.” It shows love, family and emotional fulfillment.

The ace of cups

The ace of cups card

The ace of cups signals a new beginning in love and the potential for a deep and meaningful relationship.

Relationship tarot spread: The ace of wands

Relationship tarot spread: The ace of wands

The ace of wands represents the passion and excitement of a brand new love affair.

The four of wands

The four of wands tarot card (Relationship tarot spread)

The four of wands shows what could be a wedding — a celebration of love, mutual commitment and community.

Relationship tarot spread: The six of wands

The six of wands tarot card (Relationship tarot spread)

The six of wands suggests that a couple can overcome tough times.

These are the more negative cards in a relationship tarot spread:

The three of swords

Relationship tarot spread: The three of swords tarot card

The three of swords shows emotional pain, including heartbreak or loss. It often signals separation or betrayal in a relationship.

Relationship tarot spread: The ten of wands

The ten of wands card

The ten of wands can mean that someone is feeling burdened in a relationship because they’re doing all the work.

The five of pentacles

The five of pentacles card

The five of pentacles is about being left out in the cold, feeling isolated or neglected.

Relationship tarot spread: The Hermit

The hermit tarot card (Relationship tarot spread)

The Hermit can reveal a sense of loneliness or the need for solitude, which can be challenging inside relationships.

The Tower

The tower card

The Tower represents abrupt changes or events, often traumatic, that can ruin a relationship. Sometimes, it indicates a past or future divorce.

Relationship tarot spread for new relationships

relationship tarot spread: For new relationships spread
Joy Manning

Shuffle your cards and cut the deck with your non-dominant hand. Draw three cards left to right to represent yourself in the relationships you’re exploring. Beneath those cards, draw three more to represent the other person. Here’s what the positions mean:

  1. Past influences, including past relationships.
  2. Present attitude about the relationship and the other person.
  3. What each of you wants for the future of the relationship.

This is essentially a past-present-future relationship for couples. Look at each individual’s journey through the past, present and future positions. The pair of cards in the past position can show you whether the two people are coming to the relationship from a good place or a difficult place. If both 1 cards show happy or peaceful scenes, particularly in the suit of cups, which is the suit of emotions, that bodes well for a new relationship.

On the other hand, if their 1 card is the three of swords, a card that shows heartbreak, they have been hurt before. They may not be healed enough to open their heart to someone new. That’s not to say a happy relationship isn’t possible, but you’ll need to proceed with care.

Similarly, if your 2 card shows The Lovers card while their 2 card shows the seven of swords, you are clearly in different head spaces at the present moment. This could indicate you’re ready for a long-term relationship while they are still fooling around. They may even be seeing other people behind your back.

Some favorable cards to see in the 2 positions would be any of aces, especially the ace of cups, or the twos. From a numerological perspective, these represent the beginning, decision-making and building phases of a relationship. 

The most important part of this spread to consider may be the pair of 3 cards. These positions show both people’s individual desires and hopes for the relationship. Positive cards may appear in either position, but unless you have positive cards in both 3 placements, there will likely be trouble ahead.

For example, if you draw the two of cups while they draw three of cups, it would indicate they aren’t ready to settle down with you or any one person.  

Relationship tarot spread for long-time loves

relationship tarot spread: For long-time loves spread
Joy Manning

This spread is ideal for an anniversary or any time you want to reflect on a longstanding relationship. It can show you how you’ve grown as a couple and what you need to do in the future to keep your connection strong. Pull the cards in the formation above. Here’s what the positions mean:

  1. The foundation your relationship is built on.
  2. A lesson you’ve learned in the past you need to remember.
  3. How you need to support each other now and in the future.
  4. The highest expression of your love.
  5. A challenge you will need to overcome soon.

Relationship tarot spread for breakups

For breakups layout
Joy Manning

Few things bring people to the tarot more often than a terrible breakup. A tarot spread like this one can help you reflect on the experience and find out what you need to move forward. Pull four cards, left to right. Here’s what the positions mean:

  1. Something about my ex that I miss.
  2. A reason I am stuck in the past.
  3. A truth I don’t want to see.
  4. Advice for moving on.

Don’t overlook the power of this spread for understanding friendship breakups. When these important relationships dissolve, it can be every bit as painful as the loss of romantic love. Let the cards show you how you can heal, grow and grieve the loss of any relationship.

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