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Taurus Compatibility: Best and Worst Matches for Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taureans might be steadfast, but they don’t invite just anyone to their inner circle.


So, you’re a Taurus, and you want to know what compatible signs of the zodiac you should seek out as a soul mate. Or perhaps you’re trying to set up your Taurus woman friend with the next love of her life. Either way, learning everything you can about the love compatibility of these earth signs is a good idea. Taureans might be steadfast and enchanting, but they don’t invite just anyone to their inner circle. Read on for everything you need to know about the Bull and their best and worst matches.

What are the personality traits of a Taurus?

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and fortune. This cosmic influence shines through in nearly every aspect of a Taurus’s personality, including how they approach their home life, career, finances, and love. Taureans know how to relax and enjoy themselves, and they aren’t ashamed of it — there are few things a Taurus loves more than sinking into a bubble bath infused with essential oil or enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch. Above all else, Taureans enjoy using their senses: pleasant sensations of touch, scent, taste, and sound energize them for hours. The best gifts for a Taurus are items that incorporate this trait, such as a luxury candle, cozy sherpa blanket, or a beautifully curated cheese board.

Working hard or hardly working?

Perhaps one of the reasons Taureans enjoy relaxing so much is because they know the value of hard work. The Taurus sun sign is represented by the Bull, a tough and persistent working animal known for stubbornness … and that’s not by accident. When they put their minds to it, Taureans can be as persistent and stubborn as fire signs Scorpio or Aries. They also know how to put their heads down and work towards a goal, be it retiring early, getting a promotion, or building their dream house. Taurus might have a well-deserved reputation for being chilled out and focused on pleasure, but don’t underestimate them — these earth signs know what they want, and they aren’t afraid to work for it.

Safe and Sound

One of the key traits of an earth sign is their need for stability and security, and Taurus is no exception. Thanks to Venus’ influence, Taureans deeply understand the value of money, especially what it can do for their sense of security. Finding a partner who makes them feel safe is crucially important for Bulls, and they’ll drop someone at the first sign of inconsistency. For this reason, Taurus gets along best with fellow earth signs and water signs — the airiness and explosive passion of fire signs and air signs usually aren’t for them.

Best Match: Taurus and Cancer

A stability-seeking romantic meets a heartfelt homebody — could there be a better match than Taurus and Cancer? Cancer is a water sign, meaning they wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to be deeply in tune with the needs of others. Cancers care first and foremost about making sure their partner is happy and comfortable … and what does Taurus love most? Comfort! Neither Taurus nor Cancer is afraid of commitment, and they’ll dedicate themselves to building a home together that is equal parts cozy and classic. A word to the wise: Never turn down a dinner party invitation from a Taurus-Cancer couple, because it’s sure to be a well-curated and delicious event. 

Taurus and Cancer are great in romantic relationships, but they can also make fast friends. Picture cozy nights on the couch binging a Netflix thriller with a bowl of popcorn, or catching up over wine and cheese by the fire. These are the nights you sign up for in this friendship. Though you won’t catch this duo partying until dawn, their friendship is deeper and richer than most because it’s built on the kind of understanding and camaraderie that only comes when two people really click. Whether in a platonic or  romantic relationship, Taurus and Cancer is a pair that works.

Another Great Match: Taurus and Capricorn

Capricorn is another earth sign, which is why they understand Taurus in ways that other signs might not. Both signs crave stability and reliability in their partners, and both are financially motivated — Capricorn is ruled by taskmaster Saturn, a sign of persistence, responsibility, and commitment to the pursuit of their goals. Capricorns don’t shirk a heavy workload, and Taurus understands this. Both Capricorn and Taurus can be described as down-to-earth, and as a couple, their relationship is typically harmonious.

Taureans tend to be the homemaker in a couple, and this dynamic works well for a Taurus-Capricorn pair. After a long day at the office, it’s nice to come home to a cozy and thoughtfully decorated home. However, Capricorns don’t understand the appeal of certain sensual experiences the same way a Taurus does. They two might get into it when Taurus wants to relax on the couch all day (while Capricorn is chomping at the bit to get chores done around the house). While this can create friction, it’s usually solved with good communication — let each other know what you’re feeling and why, and issues become a lot easier to resolve.

Worst Match: Taurus and Sagittarius

No matter how much they may try, Taurus and Sagittarius just can’t get in sync. Sagittarius is a bold and spontaneous fire sign who makes decisions based on how exciting they sound. Taurus, meanwhile, is perfectly content to lounge at home, baking brownies in their pajamas. In fact, these signs may be each other’s worst nightmare. Sagittarius is ruled by their independence and passion — think of your friend whose lived in three different countries and regularly tries out a new extreme sport. Chances are, she’s a Sag. The only thing that can scare these feisty fire signs is the prospect of being tied down in a long-term relationship. Unfortunately for her, that’s exactly what Taureans seek. 

Taurus and Sagittarius might be able to find more common ground in friendship — they’re both highly intelligent and care deeply about the wellbeing of their loved ones. But when it comes to actually picking something to do together, these two just can’t seem to agree. Considering a Taurus-Sagittarius match? It’s your call, but I’d urge you to reconsider. This pairing is among the worst in the zodiac.

Also Not a Great Match: Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign so right off the bat, these two have wildly different approaches to life. Social butterfly Aquarius wants to be out in the world, surrounded by people — and while Taurus is okay with that now and then, these homebodies need to be surrounded by their creature comforts. As one of the most forward-thinking signs, Aquarius tends to embrace change whenever it comes. The Bull, on the other hand, finds comfort in consistency and prefers a reliable partner and environment to one that is constantly in flux.

As if that weren’t enough, the traits that both Taurus and Aquarius do have in common predispose them to butting heads. Both signs can be extremely stubborn, attached to their perspectives and feelings about an issue, and generally slow to compromise. They also struggle to open up, making it hard to establish the intimacy that’s vital to a long-lasting relationship. Fights between them can be explosive and may create a rift that never heals.

Although exceedingly rare, the dramatic differences between these signs can occasionally foster chemistry — opposites attract, after all. If they do overcome their differences, this pair can turn into a power couple (just look at Amal and George Clooney). Don’t get too excited, though — more likely than not, this relationship will end in flames.

Taurus Compatibility Recapped

Taureans are earth signs and fixed signs on the birth chart, meaning they value security, consistency, and the joys of earthly pleasure. What a Leo or Virgo might perceive as getting stuck in a rut is likely the preferred state of being for a Taurus man or woman. As such, they pair best with other earth signs and water signs — most notably Cancer and Capricorn. On the other hand, relationships with fire and air signs, such as Aquarius and Sagittarius, are a bit of a struggle. Anything is possible, but in general, these couples mix like oil and water. 

At the end of the day, though, the best partner for a Taurus is whoever makes them feel the most loved and secure. Whether that’s a Cancer, Aquarius, or even a Taurus & Taurus match, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are happy! 

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