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Virgo Compatibility: Best and Worst Matches for Virgo Zodiac Sign

They need someone who'll appreciate their neat-freaky nature and love of practicality.


August 23 to September 22 babies, this article is all about you. If you were born during this time frame, congrats — you’re a Virgo! As a highly practical earth sign, you like to live a meticulous and well-planned life. Though it might take time for you to get to know someone, once  you decide they aren’t for you, no time is wasted — they’re cut off. For that reason, there are certain signs that just won’t work with Virgo, and others that will feel like a match made in heaven. To learn more about Virgo compatibility, check out this list of the best and worst pairings for these fascinating earth signs. 

What are some common Virgo traits?

Virgos are earth signs (read: grounded, practical, reliable). Along with Taurus and Capricorn, they’re the friends you can count on for anything; stability is practically their middle name. (Virgo is Beyoncé’s sun sign, for what it’s worth.) Whether you’re downsizing your home and need help moving or you’re crafting the first draft of your retirement email, earth sign Virgo will be there to hold your hand through it all. Their number one motivation in friendships is to help others — they want to provide whatever support and guidance you need when you need it. And unlike emotionally-driven water signs, Virgos provide practical help, actually helping you pack your belongings when you move and delivering soup when you’re sick. 

Virgos are also known for being materialistic. They enjoy the world they live in and take pleasure in their senses, whether enjoying delicious food, smelling fresh flowers, or adding a new statement jacket to their wardrobe. This has earned Virgos a reputation for being shallow, but what this trait really indicates is that these earth signs are in touch with the world they live in (and aren’t afraid to enjoy it). 

What Signs Are Most Compatible With a Virgo Personality?

Virgo’s ruling planet is the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, and intellect. Understanding this is key to determining compatibility with a Virgo, and it’s why many horoscope readers believe that some of the more compatible signs for Virgo are signs of the zodiac like Aries, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

You might think that Virgos would pair well with Gemini, another Mercury-ruled sign. However, Mercury’s manifestation in these signs is so different that the pair is more likely to get sick of each other than become best friends. The key here is to look for signs that can keep up with a Virgo man or Virgo woman’s energy and intellect without getting annoyed by their neat-freaky nature and love of hard work and practicality. For the best match — whether in friendship or love — Virgos should seek out fellow earth signs and emotionally-driven water signs.

Best Match: Virgo and Taurus

There might be no better match for Virgo than their fellow earth sign, Taurus. Taurus is known as laid-back and reliable, the perfect counterbalance to detail-oriented, high-standard Virgos. Taurus also shares Virgo’s appreciation for the finer things in life and their devotion to loved ones. Think of that couple you know that’s always dressed to the nines and lives in a stunningly decorated home. They’re likely a Virgo-Taurus pair who doesn’t shy away from expensive clothing, strategically planned home decor, and materialistic joy. (Those two might make a great match, but the Taurus in that relationship deserves a medal of honor for putting up with Virgo’s obsessive cleaning tendencies and control freak habits.) 

One possible obstacle in this pairing is the tenacity of both Taurus and Virgo. These earth signs are stubborn and tend to be overthinkers, and when it comes to conflict, they both want it their way. The key here — as it always seems to be — is communication. If both signs express their needs and feelings, they have nothing to worry about. Taurus and Virgo easily build a bond of trust and responsibility, and this bond forms the bedrock of their relationship. No matter what, they have each other’s backs.

Second Best Match: Virgo and Cancer

As empathic water signs, Cancers make a good match for sensible and caring Virgo. One of Virgo’s biggest priorities in life is to be a supportive and compassionate friend, making them a great companion for oft-sad Cancers. Meanwhile, Cancers provide a level of emotional depth and intimacy to Virgo’s life — something few other signs can offer. While Virgo might bring Cancer back to Earth, Cancer helps Virgo turn their dreams into reality with an almost-psychic level of emotional omniscience and wisdom. Virgo partners and Cancer partners make strong friends as well as strong couples, and they’re some of the most compatible signs; you’ll most often see them in long-term relationships, as neither is afraid to commit to the other. 

Unfortunately, as two deeply caring and sensitive signs, it’s easy for Virgo-Cancer pairs to get stuck in ruts of moodiness or mutual discontent. Cancers may project their unhappiness onto the relationship, while Virgos may not provide the level of emotional support a Cancer needs to feel truly heard. The important thing to remember in this pairing is that each needs to be an individual first and part of a couple second. If they bring their full selves to the relationship, they’ll be able to weather whatever storm comes to pass. 

Honorable Mention: Virgo and Scorpio

Although many people think of fierce Scorpio as a fire sign, they’re actually water signs with a deeply hidden emotional core. This hidden sensitive side is one reason why tough-as-nails Scorpios get along so well with Virgos. Once a Virgo’s love gets a Scorpio to open up, they make fast friends with an enviable level of intimacy. Both signs like to be prepared for anything, with Virgos meticulous in their planning and Scorpios playing their cards close to the chest. This makes it easy for this duo to plan a future together. Even if that future is just their next date, Virgos and Scorpios have a strong foundation of shared traits to build upon. Both Scorpio and Virgos pride themselves on their wit and intelligence, which makes this pair a great intellectual match, as well. 

One possible area of tension between these two signs is the level of perfection Virgos expect from everyone around them (including, most of all, themselves). A Scorpio may find these high expectations exhausting and demanding, while a Virgo may be exasperated by their partner’s refusal to contribute their definition of “enough” to the relationship. But while Virgos are perfectionists and Scorpios are not, not all hope is lost. Clear communication is the path to this pair’s enjoyment of a long and rewarding relationship.

Worst Match: Virgo and Leo

Earth signs don’t pair well with fire signs — a fact that you’re likely acutely aware of if your zodiac sign is Earth or Fire. Fire signs are competitive, spontaneous, and creative souls who require constant stimulation, which is a complete contrast to steady and persistent Earth signs who can become exhausted and annoyed by a fire sign’s constant need for excitement. 

As the fire sign of all fire signs, Leo does not make a good match for Virgo. Virgos like to keep a low profile, while Leos flourish in the spotlight and need non-stop attention. Meticulous Virgos also tend to micromanage the people in their lives, which can cause Leos to feel smothered or controlled. All in all, these two signs don’t make the best pairing, either in friendships or love. 

Second Worst Match: Virgo and Aquarius

Just like fire signs and earth signs tend to clash, so do earth signs and air signs. If earth signs are grounded and practical, air signs are high in the sky, daydreaming about their plans for the future and the high-minded ideals they hope to make a reality. This is especially true between Virgo and Aquarius. Aquarians often come off as detached or cold in their pursuit of making change. This rubs sensitive Virgo the wrong way. Additionally, Virgos find Aquarians overly fussy and scattered. While this duo may be able to overcome their differences in friendship, they will not likely succeed in romance. It’s best for realistic Virgos to stick to their tried-and-true water or earth signs and leave impractical Aquarius to someone else. 


Whether you’re a practical Virgo or you’ve been entranced by Virgo’s charms, remember that sun signs are just one part of the story. The more you learn about astrology, the more you can use it to your advantage… and that’s something Virgos can definitely get behind.

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