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The Aura App is Offering 3 Free Months of Meditations, Life Coaching, Music, and More

Stay calm. Find peace. Get motivated.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing a lot of us to experience even more stress and anxiety. We’re all going a little stir crazy being cooped up indoors, and so many people are having trouble sleeping. But life during quarantine can be made a little easier with a wellness app like Aura, which is giving a special offer to help us all cope. 

At times when stress is high, experts agree that adopting practices that help cultivate more mindfulness in your life can help. Mindfulness is a state in which you’re not thinking or worrying, but rather, you’re fully immersed in the present moment. Being more mindful in the midst of a global pandemic can help us remain calm and prevent over-worrying. 

With that in mind, makers of the Aura app have decided to offer a free three-month subscription for unlimited access to mindfulness meditations, life coaching tools, inspiring stories, and music, created by leading emotional health and sleep coaches. I’ve been trying it out myself, and I think you’re going to like what the app has to offer!

I’ve been loving using it for a short break three times throughout my day. In the morning I listen to one of the 10 to 15 minutes mindfulness meditations to help center my mind. The practices are so soothing and can really help tame my worries when I feel like my thoughts are running wild.

During my work-from-home lunch break, I use one of the “focus” audio meditations to help me find my center. Stepping away from the computer screen to close my eyes and focus my mind is helping me get through busy afternoons! I’ve also found it helpful to listen to the classical music on the music tab during the workday when I’m buckling down on a task.

At night, I’m enjoying the soothing nature sounds complete with crickets and the rustling of trees to help me get to sleep. Trust me — it’s been much better for taming my anxiety than anything on TV!

To activate Aura’s free three-month subscription, use the code “FINDPEACE2020” at No credit card is required to sign up, but you’ll be prompted to create an account. Once you’ve redeemed your code and logged in, the app will ask you how you’re feeling with a dropdown of choices (including if you’re just feeling “OK”), then will recommend a mindfulness practice for you. 

aura app

If you want to explore the other options or features, you simple toggle to the “Explore” screen where you’ll find meditations, life coaching tools, stories, and music. Meditation topics are wide ranging, and you can find a practice for anything from releasing anger to increasing motivation to feeling more at peace. Practices can be as short as three minutes or longer than 30 for when you have the extra time to spare.


And speaking of motivation, if you’re looking to use the quarantine to brush up on your entrepreneurial skills, build a business, or try your hand at something new, get that extra kick you need with Aura’ “Life Coaching” tool. There, you’ll find recordings to help get you out of a rut and on your feet, ready to make some moves. This tool will teach you how to increase your self confidence and rise to your potential. 

You can also lull yourself to sleep with “Story” feature on the Aura app. There you’ll find bedtime stories — for adults! — that will help calm and quiet a busy mind. The “Sleep” feature also has specific meditations for inducing restful sleep as well as beautiful soundscapes like nature sounds that will soothe your stress away. On the “Music” screen, you can find more nature soundscapes as well as classical music, focus music, and other downloadable music for a variety of purposes, whether you’re looking for an uplifting background beat or a soft, more moody vibe.

“Our mission is to restore the world’s emotional health. We want to lift up our everyday heroes, provide inner peace, and change the world’s culture. This is the very reason why our company exists, and in this critical time, we believe our mission calls us to provide our product for free to anyone in need. We believe in putting people before profits, and offering hope and light to those in need,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Aura, Steve Lee.

I couldn’t agree more, and am so glad to have a tool like this in my pocket at a time like this!

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