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Garage Sale Tips That Let You Flip Your Way to Big Bucks


Looking to make extra money? These garage sale tips may just inspire you to hit the local sales–and start making extra cash. Garage or yard sales are brimming with steals that are actually worth big bucks—and they’re probably not what you expected!

We asked master flipper George Yung for his top hidden gems and the best places to resell them–and you might be surprised by his best tips. The long and short of it? Seemingly useless junk–old VHS tapes, kids’s toys, even out-dated kitchenware–can rake in top dollars online. Keep your eye out for these big-money items next time you hit the pavement and start shopping.

Garage Sale Tips: What to Look For

1. Disney VHS Movies. Almost every garage sale has a box of movies for sale, says Yung. But set your sights on Disney VHS tapes, which have become bona fide collectibles. Look for covers that are in good condition, and if you find any sealed tapes, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Snag ‘em for: Pay 50 cents to $1 for each good condition tape. Offer $2 or $3 for a sealed movie.

Flip ‘em! Sell on eBay. Expect to get $15 to $20 per tape. Lucky enough to have found a sealed movie? They have an extremely high resale value and can sell for $40 to $200 each, says Yung.

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2. Fisher Price Power Wheels. Garage sale brimming with toys? Keep an eye out for Fisher Price Power Wheels—mini cars, trucks and ATVs that have batteries and motors. Make sure they have good batteries and battery chargers. Snag ‘em for: Pay $10 to $20 for working ones with good batteries.

Flip ‘em! Sell locally on Cragislist. Clean up the power wheel, give it a good charge and look to get anywhere from $40 to $60!

3. Vintage Pyrex bowls. “When you see a pile of old bowls, take a look at the bottom and see if you see a Pyrex stamp,” says Yung. “Not a sticker or ink, but an actual stamp within the ceramic. Pyrex bowls were stamped between the 1920s and the 1970s; the older the bowl, the more valuable it is.” Only pick bowls that are in perfect condition—no chips or cracks.

Snag ‘em for: Pay $1 to $2 each, depending on the size.

Flip ‘em! Sell on Etsy or eBay. Nested sets can go for $40 to $50, while individual pieces will get you $5 to $20, depending on the size.

4. Old video game systems. Look for complete Nintendo and Super Nintendo systems, Atari, Gameboys, Sega Genesis systems, complete with power cords, video cables and controllers. Games available, too? They’re a bonus!

Snag ‘em for: Shell out $5 to $10 for the systems and haggle to get games included. If the seller has a lot of games, go for the bundle, offering 50 cents apiece (i.e., $10 for 20 games).

Flip ‘em! Sell on eBay. These vintage video game systems are rare and collectible, with complete game systems going for anywhere from $40 to $100. Some games alone will fetch $5 to $50!

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