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This Miracle Oil Is the Natural Cure for Your Chronic Cough

Bonus: It also normalizes blood sugar and can help you lose weight!


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Severe coughing was causing Shameeca Funderburk physical and emotional pain, and with COVID-19 raging, she worried about her lung health. Then she discovered an amazing, inexpensive ‘miracle’ cure!

”Sorry for keeping you up all night again,” Shameeca Funderburk apologized to her husband after yet another night of nonstop coughing. A month earlier, in February 2020, the Philadelphia 47-year-old had battled a respiratory infection that progressed into bronchitis. Antibiotics knocked out her fever, congestion and body aches, but after taking two different cough medicines, her cough persisted.

Shameeca Funderburk

Shameeca coughed so often and so violently that her chest and rib cage ached and she’d end up gagging. Her coughing interfered with eating, watching TV and sleeping. And sleeping only a few minutes here and there during the night left Shameeca exhausted all day. Her doctor told her to be patient, that the cough from bronchitis can linger for weeks. But as spring approached, Shameeca’s cough hadn’t shown any signs of letting up. And while she was relieved that she did not have COVID-19, she was very concerned that her poor lung health made her more vulnerable to the virus.

“I’ve got to find a way to boost my immunity and get rid of this cough,” she told her husband.

Relief at last

Shameeca began researching remedies for respiratory ailments online and found several studies and videos about the benefits of black seed oil. She learned the oil is extracted from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, also known as black cumin, which is native to southwest Asia and is commonly used in cooking. The oil is rich in antioxidants and has been used for centuries to ease asthma symptoms and clear mucus from the lungs.

Hopeful, Shameeca started taking 1 tsp. of Plnt Organic Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil ($45 for 16 oz., a three-month supply, Amazon) each day. It’s also available in affordable capsules (like Life Extension Black Cumin Seed oil, $12 for a two-month supply,

After just a couple of weeks, Shameeca was amazed how much her cough had lessened. Maybe I’ve found a cure, she hoped.

As the weeks went by, Shameeca’s cough continued to improve. Her coughing episodes were less frequent and less severe. And come Fourth of July, as they watched fireworks from their apartment window, Shameeca’s husband noted he hadn’t heard her cough in days. That’s when she realized she’d also been sleeping through the night.

Today, Shameeca still takes black seed oil during allergy season and if she gets the sniffles or symptoms of a sinus infection. “The chronic cough was wearing me down,” she says. “Black seed oil was a miracle cure that gave me relief, peace of mind and, best of all, it gave me back my life!”

More amazing health benefits of black seed oil:

  1. Faster slimming: A study in the journal Food & Function found that subjects who took black seed oil and ate a low-calorie diet lost 67 percent more weight and had a 103 percent greater decrease in waist size than those who had the same diet but took a placebo. The researchers credit the oil’s anti-inflammatory effects.
  2. Normalizes blood sugar: Studies show regularly taking black seed oil helps to stabilize blood-sugar control in the body and can stave off common complications of diabetes, like neuropathy. According to Vincent Pedre, M.D., credit goes to the oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory compounds.
  3. Reduces blood pressure: Black seed oil with 3 percent thymoquinone lowers systolic pressure by 11 percent and diastolic pressure by 12 percent, says a study in Food Science & Nutrition Research. “Thymoquinone is an ant-iinflammatory that makes vessels more pliable,” says Daria Davidson, D.O., “so you need less pressure.”

This story originally appeared in our print magazine.

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