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Tuxedo Cats: Everything You Need To Know About These ‘Well-Dressed’ Felines

Plus, photos that can't help but put a smile on your face!

Tuxedo cat cartoon character. Funny cat in black tie suit holding martini glass. Cute vector illustration.
Sudowoodo/Getty Images

Is there anything more charming than a tuxedo cat? These cats are so-named because their two-tone coloring makes it look as if they’re wearing a spiffy tuxedo. And they aren’t just popular pets full of purr-sonality, tuxes are also pop cultural icons. Read on for some truly fascinating facts about the most stylish cats around plus photos that will make your day just a little bit brighter!

1. Tuxedo isn’t a cat breed

Tuxedo cat
No two tuxies have the same coat!Svetlana Popova/Getty Images

Unless you get your cat from a breeder and know its pedigree, it’s likely your tuxie is a domestic longhair or domestic shorthair cat with a bicolor coat. A bicolor coat refers to any two-color fur on a cat, whether the cat is a fancy breed or adopted from a shelter.

Tuxedo cat standing up
What a classy tuxAkimasa Harada/Getty Images

While a black-and-white cat is, of course, most closely associated with the tuxedo, there are tuxedo cats in other color combinations, including gray-and-white and orange-and-white. And no two tuxedo cats ever have the same pattern!

2. Tuxedo cats are found in many cartoons

Tuxedo kitten
Yep, this is basically a cartoon cat!tommyscapes/Getty Images

If you grew up watching cartoons, you probably saw a lot of tuxedo cats. Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Tom from Tom and Jerry and Felix the Cat, to name just a few iconic examples, are all tuxies.

Tuxedo cat on worn-out green chair
Tuxies are so cute, you won’t mind if they destroy your chairAkimasa Harada/Getty Images

Wondering why this is? Well, Felix was created way back in 1919, during the silent film era, when even cartoons were black-and-white. Felix’s tuxedo made an instant visual impression on the screen. There’s also just so much goofy personality that comes with a cat that appears to be wearing a suit, so it makes sense that more cartoon cats would be tuxies over the years.

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3. There’s a grading system for tuxedo cats

Tuxedo cat outside
Tuxedo cats usually have more black than whiteMartin Tosh/Getty Images

While all tuxedo cats get an A+ in our book, it may surprise you to learn that there’s actually a way to grade your tuxedo cat’s coat. Experts report that the gene that produces the bicolor coat leads to different grades of white spotting, from 1 to 10 — 1 being the most white and 10 being the most black. Typically, tuxedo cats get a low grade from 1 to 4, as they have less white than black in their coats. The white parts are usually found on their chests, bellies, paws, tails and/or faces in varying degrees, while the majority of the body is black or another color.

4. Tuxedo cats have been in some surprising places

Tuxedo cat in a box
Tux in a box!Nils Jacobi/Getty Images

Cats have a way of showing up in the places you’d least expect them — especially if they’re tuxedo! In 2012, a tuxedo cat named Stan ran for mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Well, sort of — he couldn’t formally run because he lacked a birth certificate, but it’s the thought that counts, right? His candidacy was meant to raise awareness of the feral cat population in Halifax, and was a product of the Tuxedo Party of Canada, a political party created just for the occasion. Stan may not have become mayor, but he won a lot of media attention, including endorsements from Anderson Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres.

Terrific tuxedo cats

Tuxedo cat in a tree
Treetop tuxPeter Zelei Images/Getty Images

No matter what kind of tuxedo your kitty has, you have to admit it’s pretty special. We think they’re the cat’s meow!

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