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Expert Tricks to Get Even Bigger Bargains at Aldi, Target, Walmart and More

From groceries to home goods, you can save more than you thought possible!

If you’re like us, there are some retailers you come back to again and again because you know you can rely on them for low prices. But what if we told you there’s a way to get even bigger store bargains? From Aldi to Target, Costco and more, we asked the savings experts for their secrets to nabbing the absolute best deals. Keep reading for their tricks and get ready to start saving even more!

For bigger store bargains at Aldi: Look for these price cuts

Aldi keeps its prices super-low by selling mostly private brands and maintaining smaller stores than other supermarkets. But, despite their everyday rock-bottom prices, there’s an easy way to save even more money: Look for markdowns on perishable food products that Aldi wants to move off of shelves because they’re nearing their sell-by dates.

“Aldi is known to discount their bread items exactly 5 days before the expiration date,” shares Kyle James, founder of the money-saving shopping blog, “So, if you’re shopping for a loaf and you notice the expiration date is 6 days out, wait a day to buy and save some cash.”

Shopping for beef, chicken or other meat? Two days before meat products reach their sell-by date, they get reduced by $1 to $2, then by up 50% on their actual sell-by date.

Tip: Arrive early in the day to scoop up these sell-by bargains since they’re repriced the evening before. Also smart: Next time you buy an Aldi Find item (their limited-time food and lifestyle products), hold onto the receipt. If it goes on sale within 14 days of your purchase, you can request a price adjustment by bringing your receipt to the manager.

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To save even more at Target: Open the store app

how to save money while grocery shopping: Woman checking out using digital payment at zero waste store

One easy way to save at Target is by joining its free Circle loyalty program at, which will give you 1% cash back for online or in person purchases. Another way to save: “Always check the online price before buying anything in-store,” recommends money-saving expert Andrea Woroch.

“Sometimes, prices for select products are cheaper and the store will price match its online deals,” she explains. “I’ve saved a lot and it doesn’t take a lot of time as long as you use the Target Circle app and its barcode scanning feature.”

Also smart: “Look for deals that come with free Target gift cards,” advises Woroch. Target frequently offers these bonuses when you make certain purchases, for example, they might give you a free $5 gift card when purchasing 3 personal care products. Find the current gift card offers at, then tap “Deals” and “Top Deals” in the dropdown menu.  

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To get the lowest price at Amazon: Beat dynamic pricing

Frustrated when you see a certain price for an item at one day, but then it’s different the next time you log on, for example, a day or even an hour later? “This is called dynamic pricing, which is something Amazon and other retailers do to account for supply, demand and other factors,” explains shopping expert Trae Bodge of

Luckily, there’s an easy way to be sure you’re paying the lowest price despite these frequent ups and downs: Add PayPal Honey to your computer for free. “Once you’ve installed their browser extension, it will alert you to historical pricing as you browse so you can see if the current price is low or high at that moment,” says Bodge. “This tool will also let you know If there are available coupons. I use this all the time when I shop on Amazon!”

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For bigger store bargains at Walmart: Spot price drops fast

Walmart knows that you’re tired of paying high prices for food, so the popular retailer has been putting pressure on its suppliers to lower their costs so they can pass the savings onto you. And it’s working! Some foods are, indeed, coming down in price. And you can find out which ones in an instant by visiting, then using the filter option to see the “food” department. You’ll get a list of all the grocery items whose prices have been reduced so you can stock up.

Another way to save on food and household goods: Opt for Walmart’s private label goods. “I really like Walmart’s house brands, like Equate and Great Value,” says Bodge. “There are many dupes of your favorite household staples, and the price is definitely right.” For example, a 4-pound bag of Domino sugar recently cost $4.54 at while a 4-pound bag of Great Value sugar cost just $3.12. And 24 slices of Kraft Singles American cheese recently cost $4.98 online while 24 slices of Great Value American cheese cost only $2.48.

Bonus: Save big at warehouse clubs without a membership

Aren’t a member of BJ’s, Costco or Sam’s Club because you don’t shop at these wholesale clubs often enough to justify paying their annual membership fee? Non-members can still buy groceries and household goods from these stores (for example, when you need bulk items for a party) by shopping through or the Instacart app! While there is a delivery fee and some prices may be higher through Instacart than with a membership, you could still save cash on purchases.

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