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Best Sex Toys for Men and Women To Enjoy as a Couple or Solo

It's all about good vibrations with these toys!


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Sex toys may be one of the best inventions of the modern age. They help you get to know yourself and actually have a ton of benefits — besides the big Obvious one. Although bringing a sex toy into the bedroom can sometimes feel awkward, there are many great sex toys for men and women to use together or alone, so there’s no need to feel bashful.

Case in point, the VIM Wand. Recently launched by Fun Factory, the first weighted rumble wand offers a sensational experience that can be enjoyed solo or with a partner.Water-resistant, rechargeable and with a slightly flexible head, the vibrating wand offers five speeds, plus three patterns — all customizable — designed to blow you and your partner’s socks off — metaphorically speaking.

Before getting more into detail about the VIM Wand, let’s briefly discuss some of the benefits of sex toys and how they can be used to enhance your sexual wellness. Then we’ll get into the best sex toys for men and women to use together and where to shop our favorites!

Best deals on sex toys

Sex toys can provide a few health benefits

Although their purpose seems straightforward, sex toys can play an important role in sexual wellness. As you may already know, there are a variety of things that can throw a kink into one’s sex life: low libido, vaginal dryness, medication, to name a few. Finding the right adult toy can help alleviate some of these issues.

In 2022, Dr. Alexandra Dubinskaya, a Cedars-Sinai physician-scientist gave a presentation at the 117th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA) about the benefits of vibrators on women’s pelvic health.

Only recently has the stigma of using vibrators for sexual pleasure started to fade,” said Dubinskaya. “However, vibrator use remains taboo—despite providing a variety of potential health benefits.”

Some of the benefits of vibrators to a woman’s sexual health include improved pelvic floor function as well as pelvic muscle tone. This can reduce incontinence and the inconvenience that accompanies it. The sex toys have also been shown to improve vulvodynia (vulvar pain), and help with overall sexual function.

Although often marketed as devices for women, men can also benefit from sex toys, including vibrators. Sex toys can help men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and other concerns that can make intimacy uncomfortable. Like with women, they can be used with a partner or alone and may help one become more comfortable with their body and overall sexuality.

What are the best sex toys for men and women to use together?

VIM Wand

Best overall sex toy for men and women to use together
Best Sex Toys For Men And Women To Use Together
Fun Factory

Buy from Fun Factory, $169

Why we like it:

  • Gentler on hand, and quieter than other wands on the market!
  • Customizable settings
  • 30 percent lighter than competitors
  • 5 speeds, 3 patterns to enjoy

Most people know about that “other” wand, which definitely has a reputation that proceeds it. And if you’ve experienced it, you know it can be a lot … and heavy…and loud! What makes the VIM Wand the best sex toy for men and women is that it gives that magical wand pleasure in a far more efficient, modern way.

The first weighted rumble wand, the weight and vibration of the device is in the head. This not only means it’s gentler on the hand and wrist but that it’s ideal for those with joint issues in this area. The neck is slightly flexible — another aspect of the design your body is going to appreciate — and the head is ribbed to hold your favorite lubricant. (In our opinion, everything is better with lube.)

If you’re ultra sensitive, you may have found other wands too intense for you or your partner. However, the VIM Wand may make you a convert with its customizable vibrations and full range of speed. To warm up, go with the lower settings to stimulate nerve endings without overpowering them. They’re great to work with in foreplay sessions or if you need help getting fully aroused. The plus and minus signs on the wand allow for vibrations to be adjusted, regardless of what speed you’re at, so you really can design the pleasure experience you’re after.

The VIM Wand is wireless, made with body safe materials and water-resistant — great for shower play! Also, it’s 50 percent quieter than other wands, so you can still enjoy some private time, even when your home is chaotic.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

best sex toy pillow for men and women to use together
best sex toys for women

Buy from Lovehoney, $130

Why we like it:

  • Easily mounts any type of sex toy
  • Washable cover made from hypoallergenic material

Vibrators are not the only sex toys for men and women to enjoy together or alone. Many enjoy the sensation of grinding and this sex pillow is far more hygienic than other high traffic surfaces, such as a mattress. The cover is washable, plus it has a place to hold your sex toy of choice. The pillow’s foam core is firm and can hold up to two people comfortably, and the soft, removable cover is latex-free.

Promising review: “The Humphrey toy mount pillow does exactly what I wanted. It holds toys in place, freeing up hands for other activities, and raises the height of the toy, making things easier for me.”


Best vibrator sex toy for men and women to use together
Best Sex Toys For Men And Women To Use Together
Fun Factory
Award winning!

Buy from Fun Factory, $140

Why we like it:

  • Loop handles for controlled use
  • Travel lock
  • Color options
  • Great for oral

Planning a getaway for two? Don’t forget to pack the Volta. Besides having a travel friendly lock — there’s nothing less sexy than being stopped at customs — the external vibrator has fluttering tips that are absolutely titillating for both men and women. Made for the major erogenous zones, there are six speeds and six patterns to play with, so don’t be afraid to get adventurous. If you’re curious about ways to enjoy, check out all the helpful tips on Fun Factory’s product page. It will definitely get your creative juices flowing!

Promising review: “As we grew older, my husband and I found our sex lives greatly diminished from falling testosterone, estrogen [and] the way some medications affect libido. Enter sex toys. OMG…what a game changer. I ordered the Volta along with another toy because it could be used by both my husband and me, solo and together. Best.Orgasms.Ever. It also introduced play into our sex lives. We’re still discovering the many ways to use this extraordinary toy. Not only has the Volta brought pleasure back into our sex lives, it’s brought us closer together again. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Je Joue Mimi Vibrator

best small sex toy for men and women to use together
best sex toys

Buy from Amazon, $67

Why we like it:

  • 5 vibration settings and 7 pulsation patterns
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof, even when fully submerged

If you’re not comfortable bringing a large sex toy into the bedroom, maybe this unassuming vibrator will set the mood. It has seven pulsation patterns, plus five vibration settings to go between. It’s also waterproof! Use alone for some sexy private time or use with a partner. It’s perfect for clitoral stimulation, as well as to target the perineum — whatever your pleasure.

Promising review: “This is the first toy I have purchased and it really does the job. It’s simple and sleek in design, easy to clean and handle.”

We-Vibe Chorus App and Remote Control Couple’s Vibrator

best we-vibe vibrator sex toy for men and women to use together
best sex toys for women

Buy from Lovehoney, $209

Why we like it:

  • 10 vibration settings
  • Waterproof, and comes in a variety of colors
  • Great for solo or couples

Mismatched schedules keeping you and your love apart? The We-Vibe Chorus with the free We-Vibe app allows your partner to control the vibration from anywhere in the world, no matter how far apart you are. Can it be used alone? Absolutely, but the real fun happens when another plays, so don’t be shy about gifting to your sweetie. If anything this tech feels the opposite of sexy, rest assured that the super-helpful manual and website make quick start a breeze.

Promising review: “Perfect toy to spice things up and feels amazing for both of us.”

Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator

Best flexible sex toy for couples
best sex toys for couples

Buy from Dame, $99

Why we like it:

  • Flexible design fits your body’s shape and movements
  • 5 patterns and intensities
  • Gorgeous design

It’s easy to see why the Pom vibrator is one of Dame’s bestsellers. Along with fitting in the palm of your hand, it’s super soft and flexible, conforming to your body’s unique shape. Use the intuitive controls to adjust the intensity and pattern settings to your liking (or have your partner do it!), and be prepared to bliss out. Another feature we love about the Pom is that it’s on the quieter side, so you can enjoy the moment without distraction.

Promising review: “Amazing, soooo velvety, flexible, and tiny. I haven’t had a new toy in probably 10 years (I know sad). This was a perfect . Great orgasm during sex! Perfect for together and on your own!”

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