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Dazzle Dry Review: Getting a Manicure Has Never Been So Efficient

Once you go Dazzle Dry, you may never go back.


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For years, I’ve gotten a gel manicure on my nails. I like how you don’t have to wait for the polish to dry, the color selection, and how much longer a gel manicure tends to last. But my visit to the Paige Reese Salon & Spa in Cinnaminson, New Jersey changed all of that! I’m a proud #DazzleDry girl now, and this review might convince you to make the switch, too.

Dazzle Dry Polish was created by Dr. Vivian Valenty

Dazzle Dry Polish comes from the brilliant mind of Dr. Vivian Valenty, who began her career as a chemist in 1964. Throughout her work, Dr. Valenty was always hired to solve a problem or invent something no one else could. Her many ventures ultimately brought her to Dupont where she developed the near-impossible; a molecule to replace phosphates in detergent using carbs and soybeans.

Dr. Valenty was then poached by GE where she went on to develop and patent a polymer for use in electronics/semiconductors. After relocating to Phoenix, AZ and starting with GE, Dr. Valenty’s husband started a chemical consulting firm. A client of his had a wife who was a nail tech and was in search of a polish that could dry in under 10 mins. Vivian’s husband knew his wife could create this, and he was right.

She developed the first-ever topcoat that used UVA rays to dry nails quickly. At the time, everyone thought UVB was the dangerous one, but it came out by the FDA that UVA is another culprit that causes damage to the skin. So, she abandoned the idea of using any dangerous rays to dry the polish and went on to spend the next 10 years designing a system that would change the industry forever. Dr. Valenty was the first to use polymers in the nail space and formulate a very unique base coat that dries in just five minutes.

What is Dazzle Dry?

Dazzle Dry polish solves three major “problems” traditional and gel manicures present:

  1. The polish dries slowly
  2. The polish doesn’t last beyond two days
  3. The polish yellows on the nails

Dazzle Dry is a game-changing manicure polish. It’s simple to apply and goes on with a flexible base coat that expands and contracts with your nails. This lack of flexibility in traditional and gel polish is what causes chipping, peeling, and cracking.

Dazzle Dry Review

The Paige Reese Salon & Spa is the closest one to my location that offers Dazzle Dry manicures. Elaina (@styledbyelaina) is a lash artist and nail tech certified in Dazzle Dry manis. I went into the salon with all the questions about the Dazzle Dry system and Elaina had all of the answers!

A pre-manicured hand.
The pre-Dazzle-Dry look. Lauren Anderson

After choosing my Dazzle Dry polish — I went with Checkmate, a Robin’s Egg/sky blue — Elaina prepped my nails and applied a cuticle softener, a step that’s different from the traditional “soak in a small bowl with beads” I’m used to. From there, the manicure proceeded as expected: a shaping of the nails, cuticle removal, and a quick buff. There was also a hand massage, which Elaina and I agreed was the best part of any manicure.

We both work with our hands, OK?

Then came the base, which requires two coats instead of the usual one. Elaina removed the polish from a small dish of shallow warm water. As she explained, it’s supposed to be clear when applied, and temperature can cause the base coat to become cloudy. Per Dazzle Dry’s site, “if Base Coat is cloudy or jelly-like, stand the bottle in one inch of hot water until the product becomes clear.”

While Elaina was beautifying my nails, we talked about the differences between a Dazzle Dry mani and my usual gel manicure. I’ve come to the conclusion that Dazzle Dry allows for all of the convenience I’m used to with gel polish, but without all of the damage. Even traditional polish and remover can be damaging to the nails, but not with Dazzle Dry.

I also wondered about cost. Paige Reese Salon charges $36-$44 for a gel manicure. I imagined the Dazzle Dry manicure would cost slightly more, what with all the science behind it. But it’s actually the same price (at least at Paige Reese)! If I were torn between the two, it’d make sense to go with the option that’s better for my nails in the long run and is supposed to last as long (if not longer) as a gel manicure.

Here’s what else Elaina shared with me about my Dazzle Dry manicure:

  • Dazzle Dry polish can be removed with any nail polish remover
  • The polish doesn’t expire and it doesn’t yellow the nail or skin around it
  • Dazzle Dry manicures last up to 14 days (and 30 days for a pedicure!)
  • It’s the cleanest polish in the industry that’s non-toxic and vegan

The best part about my Dazzle Dry manicure was that there was little to no dry time. In just five minutes, I was good to go without any fans or UV lights. We went with three coats of polish because the color I chose is pretty light, but even then that only added an extra minute of drying time, after Elaina applied the top coat of course. I even washed my hands afterward and my nails were still perfect!

An image of manicured nails.
The completed Dazzle Dry manicure in all of her glory.

If you’re local to the area, Paige Reese Salon and Spa offers a variety of other services in addition to Dazzle Dry manicures. From lash extensions to hair, facials, and massages, Paige Reese is truly a one-stop-shop for self care.

Dazzle Dry Manicure near me: Find out where you can get Dazzle Dry!

Looking to get a Dazzle Dry manicure in your area? Use this Dazzle Dry Mani Locator! Various salons around the U.S. offer Dazzle Dry manicures. Book your appointment today!

You can also purchase the Dazzle Dry System (and various other products) To give yourself a manicure at home.

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