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The Best Infrared Sauna Blankets to Majorly Upgrade Your Wellness Routine

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The health and wellness benefits of infrared saunas are widely known, but lately, an easier (and more affordable) at-home solution has begun to rise in popularity: the infrared sauna blanket.

This isn’t just your typical heated blanket. According to 2019 research, infrared sauna blankets work by using electromagnetic radiation to stimulate living tissues, which could lead to a slew of mental and physical health benefits. Research has shown that infrared thermal blankets may “improve blood circulation and the metabolism of the whole body, accelerate the detoxification, trigger the consumption of calories and fat burning” and more. (Science Direct) Would you believe us if we told you that was just the beginning?

Find out more about the benefits of infrared sauna blankets, what to look for when shopping for one, and which models we recommend you buy!

Are there benefits to using an infrared sauna blanket?

Using an infrared sauna blanket may have any or all of the following benefits:

  • May be beneficial for those with decompensated heart failure
  • May be beneficial for certain musculoskeletal conditions
  • May help with chronic pain and muscle damage from injuries
  • May help burn calories and enhance metabolism
  • May help you sleep better
  • May help you feel calm and relaxed
  • May improve your mood
  • May improve your skin
  • May detox your body via sweat
  • And more!

According to infectious disease expert and family physician Dr. Casey Kelley for The Healthy, sweating via a sauna blanket may help rid your body of toxins “such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.” It also just feels amazing — especially when it’s cold outside!

What to look for when buying an infrared sauna blanket

Infrared sauna blankets range in price, especially depending on what you’re looking for. But if this is your first sauna blanket purchase, what should you be looking for in the first place? Here are a few considerations we kept in mind when searching for the best of the best:

  • Price and budget. Are you looking for the bare essentials with a more affordable option, or do you want to go all out with a luxury pick? Somewhere in the middle?
  • Sizing. Will you need a longer design for someone on the taller side?
  • Safety. Are there timers/auto-of features? Are the materials safe?
  • Cables and remotes. Is the cable long enough for where you want to use your blanket? Is there an easy-to-reach remote control?
  • Temperature range. Are there multiple options? Is it hot enough?
  • Comfort. Will you be able to properly relax? Do you want to be able to take your arms out?
  • Appearance. It’s always nice to have a look you love!

10 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets

Now that you have a nice background of what infrared sauna blankets do and what you might want for yourself, we’ll show you five of our absolute favorite options below, all available to buy online!

Sun Home Infrared Sauna Blanket

Customer Favorite Infrared Sauna Blanket

Buy the Sun Home Infrared Sauna Blanket for just $499!

Coming up on 3,000 reviews is the Sun Home Infrared Sauna Blanket, our all-around favorite choice. It’s a luxurious pick that still costs hundreds less than other top brands and has a multitude of potential benefits. It’s made with premium non-toxic fabrics featuring EMF-shielding technology — and its PU leather shell is super sleek and easy to clean, which is a big plus. It also has two timer settings and ranges from 95 degrees to 167 degrees. It’s packable too!

Using this Sun Home pick could have positive effects on chronic pain, blemished skin, your stress levels, your immune system and more. It’s truly a top-tier pick you’ll love using day after day, whether you go for a full-body sweat or simply wear it on your lower half while you read or watch TV. This will be an undeniably excellent addition to your daily life!

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket


Buy the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket for $699!

This sauna blanket is well-known in the industry, but it’s easily one of the priciest picks. It adds in the potential benefits of charcoal, clay and magnetic layers, plus crystal therapy to truly bring the healing vibes to each session. It has eight temperature settings and a one-hour timer as well. If you’re up for a splurge, this could be a fantastic pick!

LifePro Sauna Blanket

Budget-Friendly Sauna Blanket

Buy the LifePro Sauna Blanket on Amazon starting at $180!

Looking for a more budget-friendly option that will still be a proper bang for your buck? This LifePro pick may be a little less fancy than the above options, but it’s still a bestseller in its category. It comes in numerous colors and sizes to help suit your needs, and we love that your purchase includes two disposable sauna wraps to help improve your results!

MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket by Gravity

Calorie-Burning Sauna Blanket

Buy the MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket by Gravity for $500!

This sauna blanket claims to help users burn 300 to 600 calories per session — along with other benefits. It’s made for people up to 6’4” and comes with a nice carrying bag so you can bring it on trips. It could truly be a game-changer for traveling. Grab it on sale!

Surnuo Sauna Blanket

Skin-Rejuvenating Sauna Blanket

Buy the Surnuo Sauna Blanket on Amazon starting at $180!

Great for sensitive skin, this portable sauna increases your body temperature from the inside out, accelerating sweating and the expulsion of metals and toxins that help reduce your recovery time, diffuse tension, and lessen stress. Plus, the infrared frequencies can help stimulate the regenerative properties of your skin cells and result in improved skin wellness and resilience within 30 minutes.

Gorapture Infrared Sauna Blanket

Space-Saving Sauna Blanket

Buy the Gorapture Infrared Sauna Blanket for Detoxification Sauna on Amazon starting at $136!

The Gorapture sauna blanket was developed with extensive research and innovation and is the perfect for those who don’t have access to a traditional sauna or want a more convenient option. The innovative design provides the same benefits as a traditional sauna without taking up all the space. It’s designed to increase your core body temperature, detoxify your body, promote improved skin health, and reduce inflammation. With a temperature range of 95–176 °F, this portable heating blanket offers a calming oasis for your body and mind. 

LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Age-Reversing Sauna Blanket

Buy the LifePro Sauna Blanket for Detoxification Sauna on Amazon starting at $406!

Reverse the flow of aging and enjoy an energy boost with this portable sauna blanket which stimulates tissue regeneration and vitality. It’s lightweight, easy to fold small, and comes with a carrying bag so you can enjoy detoxification therapy, enhanced recovery, and pain relief anytime, anywhere!

REVIIV Infrared Sauna Blanket v2.0

New & Improved Sauna Blanket

Buy the REVIIV Infrared Sauna Blanket v2.0 on Amazon starting at $249!

Lose weight, detoxify, and release stress with this new and improved sauna blanket that can increase your metabolism and burn up to 600 calories in one session. It’s made of high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for your skin and comfortable to use, plus durable and easy to clean. A few of the standout features of this sauna blanket include the low EMF levels, longer cable, and temperature range of 85-185°F which allows you to customize your sauna experience to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a gentle, soothing heat or a more intense, sweat-inducing session, this sauna blanket has you covered.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna

Ultimate At-Home Spa Experience

Buy the Relax Far Infrared Sauna on Amazon starting at $1,500!

With the ability to heat up in just 30 seconds, relaxation is never far with this sauna. ​​​The far infrared (FIR) energy is distributed evenly so your entire body benefits from the heat. The width of this one-person sauna gives you the freedom to turn over and lie on your side, but the reflecting mat makes it so you can get the benefits on every side of your body at once. all sides at once. It’ll help open the pores of your skin, sweat out waste from the body, and improve circulation all in a comforting, relaxing position! Plus, since the sauna tent is designed not to touch your skin, it’s easy to clean up and maintain.  

Sauna blankets offer an expensive experience at a fair price

While each sauna blanket we chose has its own benefits, when we look at the best features for the price, the Sun Home Infrared Sauna Blanket is easily our number one recommendation.

Every little consideration was taken into account when creating this innovative choice, from the easy-to-use remote control to the waterproof layers and even the aesthetically-pleasing design. It’s our top pick for an expensive experience at a fair price, and once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Wind down every day with your Sun Home blanket and see how waking up the next morning just gets better and better!

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