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This ‘Supercharged’ Vaginal Probiotic Could Help With Discomfort, Odor and More

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Vaginal health may be an uncomfortable topic for the dinner table, but that doesn’t make it any less important — especially as we age. The vagina may clean itself, but it isn’t immune to harmful bacteria.

As succinctly explained by O Positiv, “The vagina has a naturally diverse microbiome. If there aren’t enough Lactobacillus probiotics, the vagina’s pH can become too basic, making it more susceptible to harmful bacteria, which ay lead to discomfort and unhealthy odor.”

O Positiv isn’t just here to educate us though. The brand is here to help!

URO Vaginal Probiotic

O Positiv Health uro Vaginal Probiotic

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Why You'll Love It

  • Five billion CFUs
  • Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free
  • Over 2,200 reviews

First things first. How do you know if URO is for you? O Positiv lists four potential situations:

  • You’re sexually active
  • You’re concerned about your vaginal scent and taste
  • You often feel vaginal discomfort
  • You’re prone to vaginal imbalance

If you check any of the above, URO is for you! So, what exactly does it do? In short, it claims to “supercharge” your vagina to bring about healthy odor, pH and flora as well as everyday comfort. If you’re looking for the more intricate details, let’s dive in.

The URO Vaginal Probiotic contains four Lactobacillus strains along with five billion CFUs of XOS probiotics for effective, long-lasting results. These probiotics help “crowd out harmful bacteria” to keep you balanced, comfortable and confident. Another plus? The capsules are pink!

Adding URO to your daily routine is easy. Simply take two of the pretty capsules once daily with water. Store the bottle in a cool, dry place. You may even want it on display, as the packaging is stunning. And remember, consistency is key! URO claims to take full efficacy about eight weeks in. Consider signing up for a subscription so you can keep up with your new wellness routine!

Remember, use code 15OFF for a discount on your purchase of URO or whatever else you need from O Positiv Health!

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