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Are You Seeing the ‘Angel Number’ 444 Everywhere? This Is What It Means

Hint: Your commitment to your own health and wellness is about to be rewarded.


You wake up in the middle of the night and glance blearily at the clock…it’s 4:44. The license plate on the car in front of you as you drive to work ends in 444. The receipt from your morning cup of coffee reads—you guessed it—$4.44. What does it mean? When you start to see the numbers 4, 44, or 444 popping up throughout your daily life, you’re being shown an angel number!

My journey with the angels started over 35 years ago, when I was awakened in the middle of the night by a visit from my guardian angel. The remarkable feelings of unconditional love and peace I experienced started me on a journey of connecting with the angels and my own intuition that has continued to this day. I began to see and feel a variety of angels and deceased loved ones, and my intuition expanded in ways I couldn’t deny. I was blessed to have had experiences with the angels at an early age, which encouraged me to live my purpose. I came to realize that teaching others how to connect with their angels, know their spirit guides and see the signs from their deceased loved ones was truly my calling.

We all have the ability to connect with our angels, but I have found that one of the most powerful ways to begin is to start noticing when angel numbers appear around you. Here, how to decider angel numbers’ incredible messages, and what one of the most frequently-seen and beloved numbers—444—means when you see it!

What are angel numbers?

If you’ve ever noticed a repeating or sequential number, like 1111, 444, 999, or 123, pop up over and over again, be sure to take note—it is an angel number! The numbers might appear in ordinary ways, like on license plates, clocks, receipts, or even price tags. In numerology, there is a belief in the divine connection between numbers and events, and the angel numbers are seen as signs from your angels, God, or the higher power of your understanding.

When you repeatedly see an angel number around you, it’s a sign from your own personal team of angels and usually it will show up by catching your attention in several different ways over a short period of time. They come through to either get your attention, remind you of something important you may not be paying attention to, guide you in a direction that is for your highest good, or to validate an intuition.

If you see a series of numbers repeatedly—don’t ignore it! The numbers are there to guide you and offer you positive energy, support, and inner confidence. Angel numbers are all about tapping into your gut feelings, taking a moment to get quiet and opening yourself up to listen to the guidance your angels are offering you.

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What does the number 4 represent?

The angel number 444 is very well known in the spiritual community, but before we dive into its meaning and why it is the most loved of the angel numbers, let’s start by breaking it down to the single number 4 on its own. The energy of the number 4 invites you to take the time to pray, meditate and bring yourself closer to the angels and the spirit world. The number 4 is a sign of dedication and determination and well as stability and balance. When 4 shows up in your life consistently, please take it as a reminder that to feel peace within, you need to trust your intuition and strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm.

The number 4 is also feminine energy. The female 4 brings a highly sensitive energy, anchoring in wisdom and presence. This helps to balance out the chaos and brings in more nurturing, intuitive, and caring energy.

What is the meaning of angel number 444?

The angel number 444 comes to you as a sign that your angels are with you, guiding you step by step, and your prayers have been heard. You are not alone! Remember that God and the Universe sees all you have done and all you have gone through and attracts that positive energy back to you. Your commitment and determination towards physical and spiritual health and wellness will be well rewarded. 444 also recognizes that you have surrendered to receiving assistance—you may even recognize the work of the angels through serendipitous or unexplainable moments.

What should I do when I see angel number 444?

When you see 444, your angels are asking you to watch for the signs from them, and when you see those signs, give thanks and feel gratitude for the help you are receiving from your angels. God is guiding you toward more spiritual practices and reminding you that you have a solid connection to the angelic realm. Stay open to the high vibrational energies that bring you a sense of peace and balance which will also support your physical and spiritual health.

What is the message I need to hear when I see angel number 444?

The message when you see angel number 444 is that your angels are with you. Trust that the signs you are seeing are indeed messages from them to you. Be open to your intuition and listen to its guidance, especially regarding spiritual connection. Most importantly, pay attention to your body. It is the home of your Spirit and must be treated with loving kindness. Does your body need more nutrition, a walk, or other movement? Now is the time to listen to your body’s messages. It’s talking to you.

What colors are associated with the angel number 444?

Blue is the color that brings out the best energy when connecting with angel number 4. This color is also associated with Archangel Michael and is considered protective energy and good luck.

What is the significance of the date 4/4?

The date 4/4 is a portal to the angelic realm. It is a reminder that you are completely loved and supported. April 4th is a great day to step into the dreams and visions you have held in your heart. You are 100% supported by the Universe.

So now, when you see the angel number 444, you know to listen to your body, heed your intuition and know that angels—and miracles—are surrounding you!

Sunny Dawn Johnston is a global authority on the angelic realm, a committed spiritual mentor, and an inspiring speaker who has made a significant impact in the world of personal development. With a portfolio of 22 books, including popular titles such as “Invoking the Archangels”, “The Love Never Ends”, and “365 Days of Angel Prayers”, Sunny’s contributions to the field are marked by her remarkable ability to fuse profound wisdom with a genuine connection to the metaphysical. Sunny has created two unique platforms Intuition 365 and Elev8 Your Life designed to empower individuals, these thriving online communities offer a haven for like-minded people in search of growth, connection, and healing. To explore Sunny’s work further or engage with her on a more personal level, visit, and

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